Volume 1, Issue 2

December, 2007

With calendar year 2007 rapidly coming to an end, we want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! In this issue we decided to recap a few of the questions cardholders have called about and review some procedures. As always, we welcome your feedback—please contact us at pcard@duq.edu with questions, comments, or future topics you would like to see covered.

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Have you ever looked at your procurement card and realized the expiration is only a few weeks away and wondered what day the card actually expires because you have a lot of ordering to do? The answer to this question is cards are valid through the end of the month in which they expire. For example, a card with an expiration date of 12/07 is good through December 31st, 2007. JP Morgan Chase automatically sends replacement cards to Purchasing several weeks prior to the expiration dates. We notify cardholders via email when the new cards are available for pickup. If you have not received your new card by the 15th of the month in which the card expires, please call Lisa at x1722 or Linda at x6359. Cardholders can either cut expired cards in pieces and send them to Purchasing OR cut/shred the cards and dispose of the pieces themselves.

Did you know you can request a temporary monthly limit increase? If you are planning travel or if your purchasing activity is higher for a given month or months, you can use the P-Card Maintenance Form to request a temporary increase or have your supervisor send an email request to pcard@duq.edu. Just tell us the amount you want your monthly limit increased to and the length of time you want the increase to be in effect and we’ll take care of that for you. At the end of the designated period, your monthly limit will revert back to the original amount.

We receive many calls asking how to change a budget number on a transaction that has posted to the general ledger. In this circumstance, reallocating cannot be done through PaymentNet. Once a charge posts to the general ledger, the only means of moving the expense to another budget number is via a journal entry.

All charges are to have a description of the purchase in the transaction notes area of PaymentNet.

For General Commodity purchases, transaction notes should include:
∗ ∗ ∗

WHAT was purchased? WHO was it for (if applicable)? WHY (if applicable)?

T & E Transaction notes are for business expense reporting and are to follow the IRS guidelines below:
∗ ∗

DATE(S) travel and/or entertainment occurred WHO traveled or was entertained (names, titles, business relationships for both people and groups)? WHAT was the event? WHERE did the event take place? WHY? What was the business purpose of the travel or the business reason of the entertainment?

∗ ∗ ∗

Missing Transaction Notes
There may be times when your P-Card transactions post to the general ledger and you realize you’ve not entered transaction notes for some of the charges. When this occurs, posted transactions can be retrieved by a query and transaction notes entered. To create a query: From the welcome screen, click PaymentNet, then click the blue “Create Query” button. You will see a series of drop-down boxes with the following default information:
Accounting Cycle is equal to Dec 2007

If you’re missing transaction notes in the August 2007 billing period, for example, use the drop-down menus to select the following parameters:
Billing Cycle is equal to Aug 2007

OR For transactions in the December 2006 billing period, the parameters will be:
Billing Cycle is equal to Dec 2006

After the parameters are selected, click the blue “Process Query” button. Transactions for the selected cycles will list on screen. Click on a transaction and you will advance to the detail screen. Enter the transaction notes, click “Save” and you’re set. Next, print the PaymentNet report “Transaction Detail w/Notes” and your records and report will be up to date.

Occasionally cardholders may not receive their JPMC monthly statement through the mail or the statement is misplaced. Whenever you’re missing a statement, you can print a replacement from the PaymentNet Web site. To generate and print a statement: Click the Electronic Statement and Payment link from the PaymentNet welcome screen. The last billing cycle date will populate under Billing Date. Use the drop-down box to choose a different billing date if needed. When you have the billing date, click “Print With Detail.” You will get a message “Your report has been added to the queue. This message will update when it’s available.” The screen will refresh when the report becomes available. You will see a message “Click to view report” along with a green arrow button. Click the green arrow; the statement will open in PDF format. Click the Adobe print icon to print the report. Close the Adobe screen when finished. Click the “Home” button to return to the PaymentNet welcome screen.

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