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									List of Frequently Asked Questions
1. please be so kind and send us the 10th anniversary logo in EPS format (as OLAF & Hercule II) as the supplied BMP file is not of sufficient quality to prepare quality samples. In case this is not possible, I kindly ask you to prepare us 300 dpi version of the BMP file. For technical reasons OLAF can't design the logo in .eps format or any other high quality format. Tenderers are invited to find the best suitable solution which gives the best result on the item. 2. on the product it is mentioned several times that "offices's web address" should be printed - which web address is this exactly? Maybe -> ? Correct 3. promotional pens (no. 1.) - you require metal pen, but also "eco-friendly". So far we know on the market only plastic pens that are "eco-friendly" as they are made of recycled plastic or bio-degradable plastic. Is this an error (metal pen) or do you really require "eco-friendly metal pen"? Eco-friendly = economical friendly 4. for Post-it blocks (no. 4., 5. & 6.), is the design ready or do we propose also the design? Same for 7. (hardback notepad A4 size) Design has to be proposed by tenderer 5. for Post-it blocks & hardback notepads A4 (no. 4., 5. 6. & 7.) A) what is required sheet count (50 or 100 pcs for Post-It 100 for A4 hardback notepads? ) Both 100 pages B) what is required dimensions of the Post-It (usual "office" size is 7 x 10 cm, but can also be bigger/smaller) Rectangle: standard dimensions C) hardback notepads A4, please specify binding: glue in the "head", spiral, etc. or do we suggest? Glued on top of page

6. for gift bags (no. 8.) it is not clear: A) is this bag supposed to be made of paper (glossy). Cardboard (glossy) B) What does it mean "strong"? Does it refer to a stronger/thicker carton or "normal" paper bags with glossy foil (which are stronger than without the glossy foil, btw)? It may not tear at first use. 7. A4 cardboard folders (no. 9.): A) what is the thickness of the folder, or the material that will fit inside (5, 10, 15, 20 mm?) Material which fit inside: see item 7 of ToR B) is the design ready or do we propose it? To be proposed 8. A4 VIP document folder (leather, no. 10): A) is the leather meant to be in dark blue color? "OLAF-blue" B) what is the inner design - plain (like for signing documents) or with "compartments" ? As described in ToR (no compartments) C) same as 7A - what is the thickness of the folder, or the material that will fit inside (5, 10, 15, 20 mm?) As described in ToR : notepad 9. ID badge holders (no. 14. & 15.), what is the dimension of the ID badge so that we know the size of the badge cover? To be proposed. Dimension of badges isn't known yet and will be adapted accordingly. 10. sweets (no. 17.) A) as the 1-color logo of OLAF is not available - do we "simplify" it by ourselves (see below picture) or do you supply the 1-color logo? Monocolor logo to be designed by tenderer

B) can samples be sent without your logo (or with different logo) and with picture of how your logo will look on the paper. As it is very expensive to make "real" sample printed wrapping without an actual order. Yes

11. plastic carry-case (no. 18): A) OLAF 10th anniversary logo should be printed in white (so 1-color), but supplied is only "full-color" and in BMP. Please send us also the 1-color version and if possible in EPS format. See question 1 B) logo positions are not clear, please clarify: OLAF 10th... 1-c logo will be printed on front side and European Anti-Fraud Office, Unit D1 ... with OLAF 10th anniversary logo will be printed on the back side? As described in ToR : no logo on the back 12. Badges (no. 19) A) referred is "OLAF full color logo" - but "OLAF" logo is in 3-colors, did you thought "OLAF 10th anniversary" logo instead? Badges = metal pins OLAF logo in full colour B) what is the dimension of the badge, round? Rectangle: same shape as logo 13. Must the OLAF logo appear on every samples? No, but a print proof (photo, image, etc…) has to be attached to the offer 14. Who was your previous provider of promotional objects? Mainly M&AD and ARPACO 15. Which are the colours of the string handlers of the gift bags Both in OLAF – blue

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