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					Introductory note: This document was created for 'azhagi' ( users - to get their valuable

Remember to read footnotes at bottom before you send in your suggestions on this transli

a अ ka क ka क cha च ta ट tha त pa ऩ ya

aa, A आ kaa, kA का kha ख Cha छ Ta ठ Tha थ pha प ra

i इ ki कक ga ग ja ज da ड dha द ba फ la

ee, ii ई kee, kii की gha घ jha झ Da ढ Dha ध bha ब va

u उ ku क ु nGa ङ Gna ञ Na ण na न ma भ sha

म Sha ष K ़ Ma १ OM ॐ

य sa स Kh ऽ Mb २ I (capital I) । (stroke)

र ha ह G ा Mc ३

व ksha ऺ J ज़ Md ४

श Gya ऻ w ड़ Me ५

II (2 capital IIs) ॥ (double vertical stroke)

Some sample words in Hindi and what was typed in English to get them:

mazgal = भॊगर. mzgal also will do maqgaanaa = भॉगाना. mqgaanaa also will do please note that mangal and mangaaanaa will resp. give भन्गर अनाय anaar आभ aam इभायत imaarath ईक eek उल्रू ulloo ऊट ॉ ooqt ऋषष HrShi

एड़ी ऐनक ओखलर औयत अॊगूय अ् शॊख रक्ष्मभ ऻानी ऩकड़ ऩढ़ा

ewee or aewee or Ewee ainak okhali, oakhali, Okhali aurath, ourath (please note that owrath wo azgoor aH shzkh lakshmi Gyaanii, Gyaanee pakaw paWaa

Sample words to show ALL of Hindi conjuncts (e.g. ऩुन्म-punya, ऩक्का-pakkaa, ऩुत्र-puthra, given. You can type out and see for yourself whether they are coming out correctly (in 'Ari 2000' and 'Mangal' or in any other Unicode Devanagari/Hindi font) and let me know the pr them are handled by Unicode automatically and hence later corrective actions on these de


The above link is a great resource for downloading various Unicode fonts in various Indian time/interest permits, please do have a look. Please note that you have to look for "Devan to download a font for Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi or any other language which uses Devanag

How to transliterate in external applications (Wordpad, MS-Word, etc.) in Hindi, Malayalam 1. After Azhagi starts, press F9 to bring the language selector screen. You have to select start typing in Hindi. The button 'set selected language as default startup language' will be build.

2. Once you press F9, the language selector will appear. Next time you press, it will disap to keep it that way. Suggestions are welcome.

3. After you press F10 in a certain application and select a language in the language selec shift to your working application. I have kept it so so that user can try out diff. languages (o fully) quickly. One can select a language by pressing F9 and pressing the starting letter of itself. At present, T and M map to 2 diff. languages. I shall do something about it.Anyway, designs. Anything can be changed with your valuable suggestions.

4. After selecting Hindi, to type in Hindi, you have to do the same thing as for Tamil. i.e. Ju in Wordpad and not in MS-Word as it will be easier and also Wordpad does not need 'lang enabled. By the by, the procedure to type in MS-Word is same as for Tamil but instead of the Hindi-US keyboard layout and while pressing Alt-Shift, you have to see that Hindi is sh MS-Word instead of Tamil.

5. Right now, I have given F9 as the hotkey. If you feel some other hotkey can be used, le the reasons too.

How to transliterate in Hindi, Malayalam, etc. in Azhagi's in-built Unicode Editor? Please see for instructions


1. Can I use R, Rh for ड़ and ढ़ resp.? Becos in some 'learn hindi in 30 days' books and a they have written 'ra' and 'rha' to represent ड़ and ढ़. I don’t know how exactly ड़ and ढ़ are expert opinion is needed. If you feel 'R' and 'Rh' will be appropriate, I shall give those map odd 'w' and 'W'. I can't give 'r' and 'rh' as 'r' is already used for 'य'.

1a. I see that both the under-dotted and regular forms 'of 'da' and 'Da' appear at the middl know any specific rule exists which tells where under-dotted and where normal form of da middle of words. So, I had to give a separate mapping for ड़ and ढ़ which are at present w suggestions.

2. I understand that K, Kh and G (़, ऽ, ा) are not used by the common hindi writers. Is th

2a. Also, I don't know whether all of ़, ऽ, ा, फ़, ज़ and य़ are used in Hindi or only ज़ and differently about this.

3. Can I make 'shri' also to give श्री itself or let it give लश्र itself. Is लश्र existing in hindi to wri shringeri?). Right now, to get श्री, one has to type shrii or shree or shrI

4. What about 'sri'? Right now, sri will give लि but does लि exist in any word? If not, can I to श्री? 5. I understand that 'ऻ' is pronounced as Gya in Hindi instead of jna. So, I have given the same. Otherwise, one can get it by typing jGn also.

6. I see that the dot (as in भॊगर) and chandrabindu (as in भॉगाना) appear according to no s appear before certain consonants ofcourse but in the consonants before which they appea follow a specific rule. Thats what I mean. Thats evident from the words I have mentioned i any such rule is available, I can have some intelligence in-built into azhagi for hindi also (a wherein I have built in lots of intelligence. for e.g. for typing words like அண்டம், மஞ்சு, etc.). So, if any such rule exists let me know. As of now, since I dont have the knowledge rules, I cant help giving a specific mapping for dot and bindu which are z and q (or Q and charm of naturalness/intuitiveness of azhagi is lost but, as of now, thats the situation and some specific and implementable rules are made known to me.

7. I have given z and q for dot and bindu so that one need not use shift. At the same time, easy to have the same letter (small and caps) for both dot and bindu. So, what I did was to and bindu so that whoever wishes to use 'q' alone or 'z' alone can get benefitted. Persona convenient.

8. Next in line is malayalam for me. So, give your suggestions for Hindi which I will try to in possible and then move on to malayalam 9. You can try typing in other languages (malayalam, telugu, kannada, gujarathi etc.) also any perfection in them, because, as of now, I have done my work for Hindi only

users - to get their valuable feedback.

uggestions on this transliteration scheme for Hindi

oo, uu ऊ koo, kuu क ू

e, ae, E ए,ए,ए ke, kae, kE क े

ai ऐ kai क ै

o,oa,O ओ ko, koa, kO को

W ढ़ Mf ६

F फ़ Mg ७

Y य़ Mh ८ Mi ९

l resp. give भन्गर and भन्गाना

ote that owrath won't work as w is mapped for ड़)

क्का-pakkaa, ऩुत्र-puthra, भद्य-madhya, etc.) are not ming out correctly (in 'Arial Unicode MS', 'Code ) and let me know the problematic areas. Most of ctive actions on these depends on this factor.

de fonts in various Indian languages. If your have to look for "Devanagari" fonts if your need is age which uses Devanagari script.

etc.) in Hindi, Malayalam, etc.? een. You have to select Hindi each time before you startup language' will be made operable in the next

e you press, it will disappear. This is my initial idea

ge in the language selector, the focus will at once try out diff. languages (once they are all ready sing the starting letter of the language's name mething about it.Anyway, all these are preliminary s.

thing as for Tamil. i.e. Just press 'F10'. Please try dpad does not need 'language settings' to be for Tamil but instead of Tamil-US, you have to add ve to see that Hindi is shown at the status bar of

r hotkey can be used, let me know which one and

Unicode Editor?

in 30 days' books and articles on hindi phonetics, how exactly ड़ and ढ़ are pronounced. So, your e, I shall give those mappings instead of the very

'Da' appear at the middle of words and I don’t where normal form of da/Da will appear at the ढ़ which are at present w and W, pending your

mmon hindi writers. Is that so?

ed in Hindi or only ज़ and फ़. Diff. books/articles say

श्र existing in hindi to write any words (say to write shrI

n any word? If not, can I make sri also to transform

na. So, I have given the mapping of 'Gy' to the

appear according to no specific rule. They don’t before which they appear, they don’t seem to words I have mentioned itself - भॊगर and भॉगाना. If o azhagi for hindi also (as in the case of Tamil like அண்டம், மஞ்சு, நமஸ்காரம், நீங்க etc. ont have the knowledge of Hindi language and its h are z and q (or Q and Z). And becos of that, the , thats the situation and it can't be helped unless

e shift. At the same time, some people may find it ndu. So, what I did was to make Q and Z to be dot get benefitted. Personally, I find 'z' and 'q' itself

Hindi which I will try to incorporate as early as

ada, gujarathi etc.) also now itself but don’t expect for Hindi only

ou, au (ow can't be used) औ kou,kau कौ

a+z अॊ kz,kQ क ॊ

a+H अ् kH क्

Mj ०

Hr ऋ kq,kZ क ॉ

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