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					IPSWICH SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION INC GENERAL MEETING 11.09.07 Opened: 7.00pm Present: Steve Muller, Don Pickwick, Christine Denkel, Valerie Horne, Craig Holmes, Mark Llewellyn, Audrey Taylor, Vicki Hockins, Russell Denkel, Raymond Warwick, Chris Griffiths and Danny Griffiths Steve welcomed everybody to the new season and expressed the wish that all Management members would enjoy their time in fostering softball within the Association. Visitor: Sherri Beauchamp – Queensland Softball Regional Support Officer Sherri arrived at 7.10pm was introduced to the Committee and she then outlined her role within the Queensland Softball structure. Sherri’s role is offer support to District Association in a number of areas, ranging from regional and district academies, playing surfaces and support letters for grant applications to name a few. Information is to be supplied to the Association regarding Regional Academies and Oz Pitch. Oz Pitch is aimed at the softball player who wishes to play a more social game and it is user pays with much more relaxed rules. It is designed as a ‘fast food’ version of the game similar to Flexiball. Coaching Levels will increase in price from December and Associations are asked to inform their affiliates of this. Level 2 will only cost $33.00 prior to December. Minutes of Previous meeting: V. Hockins moved that the minutes of the August meeting be accepted. Motion was seconded by C. Holmes.


Business Arising:  Shade structures – nothing further has been heard from the Council following a meeting with their representative. A letter to be sent to the Mayor seeking his help in having the structures erected.  Tenders – Canteen. A. Taylor moved and V. Hockins seconded the motion that the tender from Kylie Ryder be accepted. 1 abstention. CARRIED  Tenders – Grounds. C. Holmes moved that the tender from Steven Chandler be accepted. Motion seconded by V. Hockins. 1 abstention CARRIED Areas of concern are to be noted and forwarded to the groundsperson.  Tenders – Mowing. C. Denkel moved and R. Warwick seconded the motion that C. Holmes be awarded the mowing tender. 1 abstention CARRIED Quotes for having the tractor repaired are to be obtained.  Tee Ball rules: M. Llewellyn moved that the rules as set at the Special General Meeting be ratified, motion seconded by D. Pickwick. AIF

 Fridges: Prices for single door refrigerators were received but purchasing this has been put on hold as Coca Cola have donated another 2 door fridge. V. Horne is donating a freezer to the canteen as the hinges of the one presently in use are not fully functional. Correspondence: Inwards
From Steve Chandler Kylie Ryder Craig Holmes Giants Fastpitch Softball Clubs - Victoria Stars Softball Clubs Rebels Softball Club Muskratz Softball Club Commission for Children Riverlink Queensland Softball Regarding Tender for Grounds Person Tender for canteen Tender for mowing Unfinancial players – Leah, Darren and Grayson Rolleston and Scott Andriske New Committee members New Committee members New Committee contacts Blue Card notice for C. Holmes Advertising  Events minutes 11.07.07  Copy ISA Annual Report – omitted from Qld. Annual report  Board minutes 31.07.07 Price increase for coaching accreditation from December  Level 1 - $75 plus $25 for manual  Level 2 $40.50 plus $25 for manual plus $2.50 NCAS fee if completed within 12 months of Level 1 - $14.50 NCAS fee if after 12 months of Level 1 Commentating for State Championships – price on application Suspended persons  Lionel Tukapua – 12 months  Brett Williams – 6 matches (filled)  Wayne Williams – 2 matches (filled)  Tyron Bartorillo – 11.07.07 to 20.08.07 Unfinancial members Payment required for – Danny Griffiths, Chris Griffiths and Adrian Noon No to request for S. Kaatz for Open Women Request for payment for Charmaine Kaatz and Ethan King Flyer for Star Card – e-mail to Clubs Yes to white shorts for Open & U19 Women Unfinancial players – Ashleigh Hansen (now financial) and Karen Sala from Redlands Request for Constitution, By Laws and Ground Rules - Sent Request for NOAS forms for Stars Expiry date in September for coaches Statements. Treasurer Account. Treasurer Invoice for photo copier repairs Request for Tee Ball & Rookie Ball rules - sent Request to look at Rookie Ball rules. G. Bulow was consulted at the coaching coordinator who feels that the rules are fine as they are. Simple Softball flyer

Sherri Beauchamp

Dave Horne Queensland Softball

Rebels Softball Club Queensland Softball Association Queensland Softball Association Queensland Softball Association Kim James Queensland Softball Association Kim James Karen Masterman and Wendy Berry Wendy Berry Sherri Beauchamp Commonwealth Bank Origin Office National Stacey Champs Ron Ward

Roland Ng

Suncorp Ipswich Waste Queensland Softball Giants Softball Club Ipswich Superbowl Queensland Softball Association Queensland Softball Association
South Brisbane Association Queensland Softball Association Mayor Paul Pisasale Ipswich Parents & Old Boys Incorporated Stars Softball Club

Insurance renewal. Treasurer Monthly account Treasurer Risk Management Policy templates sent to Clubs Committee members $13.00 payment for fundraising vouchers Flyer re Abuse of Host Association facilities. Rep, coaches Expired coaching accreditation. D. Denman, L. Brown, M. Cleary
Permit for Maurice Paraha – umpiring summer season Ballot paper for board position – Steve Wagner. Posted Donation of $500 for U16 Girls Sorry for donation End of Season Trophy night. New season and no further correspondence to be entered into.

To Queensland Softball Association Clubs Queensland Softball Association Stars Club Ipswich City Council Queensland Softball Association Queensland Softball Association Qld. Affiliated Associations Queensland Softball Association Aiden Bell Ipswich Clubs Regarding Request for white playing shorts for Open & U19 women Tenders Payment for Danny & Chris Griffiths, Adrian Noon and Ethan King Constitution, Ground Rules and By Laws plus resending NOAS form New Committee members Request to include Sharni Kaatz into Open Women’s team Uniform numbers and request for Janelle Campbell to Open Women’s team Invitation to Open Men Copy of Open Men’s invitation Transfer to Toowoomba Association Risk Management templates

C. Denkel moved and M. Llewellyn seconded the motion that the inwards correspondence be received and the outwards endorsed. AIF Treasurer’s Report: Current balance as per the Bank Statement $13105.06 Canteen Account $ 3547.04 General Account V. Horne moved that the report be accepted and all accounts passed for payment. Motion seconded by D. Pickwick. AIF Representative Report: The U16 Girls have a pick up player for Brisbane – Sophie Blackshaw. This will enable them to participate. Registrar’s Report: C. Griffiths presented the report. Requests from the Games and Grading meeting Minutes:  Giants seeking permission to play double headers every fortnight and when they play each other the game is able to be held at their home grounds at Beenleigh. This request is due to the distance that players need to travel from their place of residence and that the players are spread from Caboolture, Gold Coast and areas between. V. Horne moved and R. Warwick seconded the motion that permission

be granted for Giants to play double headers and their games against each other will be held at Beenleigh with a review at the end of the half season. AIF Members of the Management Committee have been invited to these games.  Season Start. After a review of the possible teams for the season it was moved by C. Holmes and seconded by M. Llewellyn that the start of the season be put back one week to the weekend of the 13th October. AIF  Grand final games. The decision of whether to hold all finals games on a Saturday only has been held over.  Possible teams for the season: Men – 4 A, 3 A2 and 7 B Women – 4 A, 4 A2, 8 B and 5 C U16 8, U14 9 and U12 8 Rookie Ball 6 and Tee Ball 8 C. Holmes moved the report for adoption and that the Minutes from the Games & Grading meeting of the 4th September be ratified. Motion seconded by R. Denkel. AIF M. Llewellyn departed at 8.30pm Umpiring Report: Danny will be visible throughout the junior games by wearing an orange vest if he is needed by any member.  Scorecard request. Scorers are asked to ensure that the umpires name is printed on the scorecard as this will help Danny keep a record of who has umpired for the season.  Meeting with Club umpiring coordinators: If Clubs would like to have Danny visit their Club trainings please contact him to arrange a suitable time.  Payment of umpires: The payment due to each umpire will be recorded on the roster so that Clubs will know exactly how much they have to pay. The figure is to be divided between the 2 teams playing.  Illegal Pitching: Blue umpires will make this call.  Jewelry: Clubs are asked to manage this matter with their members General Business:  Blue Cards: A. Taylor (Association Blue Card Coordinator) has asked that all current Blue Card holders complete the attached Authorisation to Confirm form and return it to her. It is not necessary to record the card number if Audrey sights the card. If you have any queries please contact Audrey.  Coaches and Blue Cards: A query was received about whether coaches are required to hold a current Blue Card. Yes they do regardless of a family member being in the team.  Open Women’s Managers Report: Report was tabled by C. Griffiths. 9th October 2007 9.00pm ……………………………….. Date

Next Meeting: Meeting Closed:

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