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AELERT MEETING MINUTES Thursday 12th June 2008 Attendees Greg



Thursday 12 June 2008


Greg Sullivan, Sheryl Krome, Bryce Hertslet, Troy Collings (teleconference) Peter Mann, Jason Brewer, Peter Dusha, Michael Kohne, Paul Samios, Brett Turville, Ron Thomas, Paul Davidson, Janelle Parker, Helen Tynan, Peter Bell, Daran Marteene, Bev Tyrer Bronwyn Bourke Shelley Squires Phillip Notaro, Pauline Dunn, Jason Smith, Mike Smith, Craig Elliott, Grant Pink, Andy Gaze, Andrew Voigt Item/Action Action Officer

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Item No. Morning Tea 1. 2. Welcome

Sheryl welcomed all members to the AELERT Meeting


Review Previous Actions Items        Update on the AEH conference – Convention centre on May 08. It was well attended. AELERT presentation - Greg Sullivan US EPA enquired about AELERT they are keeping in touch Macrory report regarding best practice to regulatory services Legislation which will state that best practice must be adhered to. Working groups for the reform of the local government act Generic powers to the LGAQ – similar to police powers.

Action Look at the drafted generic powers to the LGAQ and provide an update on how. Website  Website update – Angela indicated that there was no organised approach to sourcing info for website  Resource library updated  Hits to the website are increasing  Concerns with Toolbox it has now gone to the Council of Mayors  Basic issue of cost  Consultant to put together a report to the Council of Mayors  Potential for toolbox is huge  Greg stated that we may need to look at letting ToolBox go and look at another model which works more efficiently and incorporates the fundamental principles that Toolbox offers

Sheryl Krome


AELERT National Committee Report – Troy Collings National committee members will meet on the 26th July 2008 in TAS.  Important committee meeting which will set the future direction of AELERT to help on a national level become more strategic  17th June Governance structure for AELERT. Seeking agreement to formalise AELERT  Looking at more sustainable performance indicators that are used by the US EPA  Best practice committee. Looking at juristically prosecution approaches  Electronic templates which a number of agencies would like to adopt for briefs  Looking into proceeds of crime legislation  Best practice framework pictorial representation to enforcement and compliance  Ordered sub committee Cert IV in Audit National Sub Committee Update on INECE conference in South Africa  Bilateral and lateral networking relationships  Opportunity for cross-pollination  Executive opportunities for employment to the UK and US  Presentations from conference available as a link on the AELERT website. Practical Outcomes  Paul Leinster - Acting CEO for the UK Dept of Environment will be coming out to Australia and speak to AELERT members as a keynote speaker  He will update the group on environmental protection in the UK  Environment UK is the highest environmental regulator in the UK  Qld AELERT will organise for Dr Leinster to present to the group in Oct AELERT into the future – Greg Sullivan QLD AELERT forum. Governance working group – Natasha Patterson QLD EPA, will be concentrating on governance. Nominate Bev Tyrer as the QLD Juristically Representative. Consensus agreement for appointment of Bev into the position. Bev Tyrer elected as the new QLD Juristically Representative Issues  At present AELERT is not a legal entity.  There is a fundamental finance issue that needs to be addressed  At present all funds are deposited in a trust by the National Committee  There is no voting model in place  In the beginning it was voted that AELERT would have a consensus model  Need to look at the voting model at the national level  In Nov 2004 there were 5 foundation members now in 2008 there are 38 members across Australia and NZ.  Sustainability of the secretariat funding is half from the Commonwealth and half from Greg Sullivan.  Idea to get AELERT to become a working group that reports to the standing committee reporting to the ministerial committees that then report to COAG.  AELERT would still have its own secretariat but the NEPC would hold the money. Greg Sullivan


Question Should NZ be part of AELERT?  7 regional councils from NZ have already signed the AELERT Charter  There is talk to change the Charter to become an Australasian committee. Exchange Program  Bryce is looking at an exchange program between other agencies  Opportunity for 2/3 AELERT members to do an exchange in the UK  Look to see who would be interested in working O/S and nominate  This is a way of rewarding staff  This can be an opportunity for State and Local government agencies QLD AELERT  Making the training calendar up to date  Prosecution database is up to date  We need to look at practical achievable issues we can focus on Bryce acknowledged that he is finding the role of secretary increasingly difficult due to his continuing work commitments. Sheryl Krome has provided her Personal Assistant for secretarial support today – Action Sheryl to look at the possibility of providing continued secretarial assistance to QLD AELERT.  Suggestion that an email be sent around to local government to educate on what Sheryl AELERT does. Krome  Documents and templates that are available on the AELERT website are a great source of information  Sharing of all templates for investigation across all the agencies  Suggestion that we look at cross authorisation and the potential to put together a task force with agencies for investigations  Work together with other agencies  AELERT is that conduit for building networks between all agencies of government Action Add all templates on to the AELERT website Action Bryce to get Angela to put on the AELERT Website an invitation for members to provide details on the investigations and projects they are currently working on. Action Create a register Note: A spreadsheet detailing what agency is working on what, who leads the investigation/project. Group common interests together Angela



 List of all the internal policies for each agency – the alignment of these policies will work to strengthen AELERT.  Building the relationships for LG to communicate with the EPA and other agencies  LGAQ contacted the AELERT secretariat about joining AELERT they would like to become associate members Training  AELERT Cert IV great results – opportunity to have the QLD AELERT CERT IV course where all agencies participate and share the responsibilities  Commitment from all agencies that they will use the AELERT Cert IV courses  There are 18 spots available  Cert IV is generic and applicable to all agencies and jurisdictions  This ensures that all attendees will be able to recognise the subjects Seamless Cross Jurisdiction Are we in the position to enforce seamless cross jurisdiction?  If any member are running a course please advise Angela



Bronwyn Bourke We need to broaden South East QLD’s monitoring plan. How do we evaluate the impact enforcement has on natural resources.

SEQ Management Plan
SEQ Management Plan Infrastructure Social Statutory Plan Pre-eminent plan for SEQ provides the head of power. High level policy statements. Sets out desired regional outcomes tells us what we need to know from Politicians and CEO’s who are accountable

NRM Framework (Plan)

Non statutory (25-30yr) give meaning to high level broad plans. Outlines outcomes = resources coordination. Alignment and coordination.

Water Quality Bio diversity Action plans Action plans Action plans Climate change

 This level sets out the steps we need to take to make outcomes (1yr -5yr).  Expression of commitment of partners – LQ, SQ Catchments

 Doing stuff on the ground floor (1yr).  Guide investment, identify duplication, monitor, evaluate, report, learn & improve

Bronwyn presented and explained the SEQ monitoring plan.  Looking at the outcomes rather than output based data.  Aligning our KPI in order to align with the outcomes Greg asked whether Bronwyn would lead a workgroup of AELERT members currently involved in projects – Performance indictors working group. Bryce Possibly Sep-Oct Bronwyn accepted and stated that she would be happy to lead the first workshop in late October 2008. Action Follow up with Bronwyn Bourke RE her leading a working group with AELERT Members in late October 2008


AELERT Conference iOn the 17th October 2008 the CEO of the UK EPA will be coming to Australia to speak with AELERT member. AELERT is currently considering charging $30.00 per person for the forum . Bryce has suggested that we charge the reduced fee of $30.00 - $40.00 for AELERT members.

 Discussion around opening the forum up to the public. Open the forum to the public and charge extra to non members of AELERT.  Surplus funds to be given back to the QLD AELERT Action Surplus funds from forum to be given back to the QLD AELERT - Greg to propose this suggestion to the national committee Action Email Greg as you come up with ideas about the upcoming forum on the 17th October 2008. All attendees happy with Bryce and Greg to work out costs for the day. All Greg Sullivan

8. Prioritisation Working Groups  Conference philosophy shifted to interactive training opportunities  Convene prioritisation working groups in the next 2 months Action Helen to prepare an agenda in 8 weeks time for the prioritisation workshop 9. NRW Regulatory Compliance Research Project  NRW is doing some regulatory compliance activities  There is no research available that explains why people don’t comply with the legislation.  Using social science principles there will be a case study done on why people don’t comply in order to help regulators design compliance models that work  3 factors that interplay  Pre condition  Intrinsic motivation  External influences This research project will aim to identify why people do not comply. Hopefully from this research a compliance program tailored. The compliance framework works together to understand the relationship between each. Helen

10. Feedback on Diploma Course We delivered the 2nd diploma course. It is a 10 day live in course at $3500.00 per person. Pre course component - delivery, post course component - assessment. This course aims to take people from being an operator to becoming a team leader. Helps students to think strategically in a regulatory environment. Core skills Looks at the regulatory science, ministerial correspondence/briefs notes, media communications, operational management Course did achieve it’s aims. Peter Mann from SCRC was involved in the course and explained that it was an intensive course over the 10 day period. Attendees were from all over Aus and NZ and the networking and potential was amazing. Extremely high quality high level lecturers Great tools from the Regulatory Science area was invaluable Networking with other students was a significant advantage Not a lot of components of investigation – it is implied that those attending the course will already have prior knowledge and experience in this area. Anyone interested in delivering the Course again is asked to work with AELERT.

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