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1 Captain Phillip Smith Salinas Public Hearing, Salinas CA


1. Who is eligible to apply for funding? 2. When will funding opportunities be released?

Staff Response
1. All non profit agencies are eligible to apply for funding. 2. We anticipate releasing RFP's in December of 2009 for contract year FY10-11.


Kalah Bumba


Public Hearing, Salinas CA

1. I am here to speak about the Senior Center of Salinas, which is currently just a dream. We do expect that there will be a Senior Center Bond Act sometime in the future. We are currently in Operational Mode to get ready to start a Capital Campaign. We would love to have some verbiage in the Area Plan about becoming 2/19/2009 a shovel ready project. Although I haven't read the Area Plan Draft I see you've included disaster response and we plan to make the Senior Center a sanctioned disaster shelter once the money is raised and the center is built. 2. I have a comment on Page 29, Taxi Script Voucher Program: I think that is a fabulous idea. 3. Question: Page 32, Objectives 2.3 and 2.4, Why isn’t Salinas listed as a city? Cultural competency is mentioned in the area plan. In what ways does the AAA plan to address cultural competency? The AAA 2/19/2009 should collaborate with the Non Profit Coalition, they are also looking at cultural competency issues. 1. We need contracts or MOU's with Skilled Nursing Facilities and/or Residential Care Facilities or the Drake House for use in an emergency or for In Home Protection. Could the AAA collaborate with nearby counties? Santa Cruz, San Benito etc. An out of the box 2/25/2009 idea to help with emergency placement could be to create Emergency Placement Homes like they do for children. 2. What happened to the Senior Farmers Market Coupons? Our clients really liked those and used them a lot. They should be allowed to have more than $20 worth per year. 1. Add the word “influence” to Objective 3.1. 2. Edits objectives 2.3 and 2.4 to include the word “annually”, and an edit will be made to objective 2.2 to replace the word “cities” with the word “area”. 3. Council members should be encouraged to join staff in attending the SSTAC meetings. 4. Ensure the target areas clearly include the underserved areas of Salinas.

1. The AAA council has drafted an Area Plan that enables us to support all funding opportunities that may arise for seniors in Monterey County. 2. Thank you for your comments. 3. The areas identified are rural, and where the needs assessment findings indicated a need for more activities. Salinas areas may have been an oversight staff will look into it. (Upon review, the Salinas Senior center at the Firehouse Station was added to each of the objectives.)


Charles Chambers

Public Hearing Salinas, CA

The AAA plans to link contracted providers to available training opportunities, to share best practice information from other areas throughout the nation, and to build relationships with agencies in rural areas that may already be serving our target population that could offer insight to cultural competency.


Adult Protective Service and In Home Various Supportive Service Providers

Provider Comments

1. AAA Staff can research what other cities/counties have in place for providing Emergency Shelter and In Home Protection. 2. Coupons were distributed in September and October this year due to the delay in the state budget. We will make sure social workers have access to the coupons when/if they are released again this year.


AAA Committee Member Comments


Legislation and Advocacy Committee, Planning, Evaluation and Advocacy Committee

February 2009 committee meetings

1. Edit Complete 2. Edit Complete 3. Council members asked to contact staff at 2/19/09 Council Meeting if they would like to participate in the STACC meetings 4. Complete

Attachment 6: 2009-2012 Area Plan Public Comments City of Number Name Residence Source



Staff Response

1. Yes, it is surprising to see the changes in print. The 1. It is hard to believe the figures shown in Charts 3 and 4. Perhaps figures are reliable, from the California Department of a statement stating that these figures will be reviewed after the 2010 Finance and are updated annually. CDA also requires us to Census. update our demographic data in our update report each year. 2. Table 7 Col 5 What do the dark boxes mean? Col 6 Add %. 2. Dark boxes indicated the areas with the highest poverty Might want to add state unemployment rate rates. 3. This table shows by age the number of Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual people vs. the number of people identifying themselves as Heterosexual; then it shows the number of people in a same sex couple vs. the number of people in opposite sex (married) couples in the State by age. 4. Edit Complete 5. Yes, we worked closely with them to ensure that when seniors call they are directed to the appropriate resources. Edit Complete

3. Table 8, I do not understand this chart. What does it mean?

4. Ryan Ranch was never a part of Fort Ord 6 Marvin Wolf, Advisory Salinas Council Member Email 2/14/2009 5. Should the 211 program from United Way be mentioned?

6. The State, County and City financial situations will require serious 6. True, and we have focused on the impact of this coupled cuts. The poor economy will inhibit local fund raising. The economic with the burdensome oversight requirements that are never package just approved will have unknown benefits reduced even when funding is reduced. 7. The Nominating Comm is a standing committee. Should a 7. Edits Complete mention be made about AD Hoc comm.? 8. Information about our continued work with 211 has been 8. Objective 1.2 The new 210 program should be shown. We included on page 12. Our partnership is not included in this should show cooperation with this program with less reliance on our goal because it focuses on the 2007 printed guides (about printed guides. 1500) need to be distributed. 9. Objective 3.1 Our legislative policies are in conformance with County policies. We make recommendations to the Board Of Supervisors. 9. This objective speaks to the work done by the Legislation and Advocacy Committee. Once chosen by the committee and approved by the council they are submitted to the BOS for inclusion in the County Legislative Platform. 10. We are referring to the "recurrent need" for a workforce that has the capacity to serve a growing and diverse senior population. Specifically, we heard about the need to better serve Hispanic seniors; an area of the population that is currently underserved and growing. And yes, cultural competency extends beyond that to other ethnicities, LGBT issues etc.


Becky Mann, (AAA Advisory Council Member)



10. Under recurrent themes, item 2. Cultural Competency: the definition doesn’t seem to match the title. I would have thought it 2/18/2009 would refer to multiculturalism, LGBT and disabilities.

Attachment 6: 2009-2012 Area Plan Public Comments City of Number Name Residence Source
8 Joanne Kennedy Prunedale Public Hearing in Prunedale



Staff Response
Thank you for your comments. Thank you for your comments. Eventually we'd like to develop a program that will offer high school students credit towards their community service graduation requirements by helping seniors in their home. Would you be comfortable having a student help you around the house? (Yes-- was the response from the group, with a qualified "if they do a good job" from one person) Thank you for your comments. Our plan includes closer work with TAMC and MST to ensure your needs are met and we'll pass this information along to them.

3/11/2009 "We need more protein and less carbohydrates in our lunches."


Jackie Sawyer


Public Hearing in Prunedale

3/11/2009 "I need help with housekeeping and yard work."

10 11 12

Dorothy Grow Audrey ?

Prunedale Prunedale Prunedale

Public Hearing in Prunedale Public Hearing in Prunedale Public Hearing in Prunedale

3/11/2009 "I need help with yard work." "The bus will not pick me up and bring me to the Senior Center. I live on Dolan Road by Moss Landing." "Transportation is a problem - I live on Dunbarton Road and MST 3/11/2009 said they don't go out that far to pick up people." 3/11/2009


King City

Written Testimony

I am a bicultural and billterate Latina who resides and works in South Monterey County. I am a Social Worker that serves the aged and disabled population. The majority of South County population that I serve are Latino, bilingual English/Spanish, or monolingual Spanish speaking individuals. I have come across many individuals with many health issues and needs. There is a lack of current programs and resources in South County. The need for services are: Adult day care, Dementia support for caregivers, Shelters, Affordable 3/17/2009 counseling, More low income/senior disabled housing, A more active Thank you for your comments. senior centers that promotes wellness/exercise/socialization activities, A community based rehabilitation program for adults with physical disabilities such as the REAP Program. South County residents need to travel to Salinas/Peninsula area to access the majority these services. By offering these programs in South County there would be a reduction in traffic and pollution, thereby not only benefitting the individuals receiving these local services but would also benefit the environment. 3/16/2009 How can I volunteer for Meals on Wheels? 3/16/2009 How can I get help with filling out forms? 3/16/2009 Are the home delivered meals frozen? Provided the number for MOW and a copy of the Senior Resource Guide. The AAA contracts with the Alliance on Aging to offer this service. Contact information given. Yes, The Salinas Valley Meals on Wheels Program provides Frozen meals that can be heated in a microwave.

Tina M. Romero 14 15 16 Josephine Koester Esparaza Portilla Josefina Alcantar King City King City King City Public Hearing in King City Public Hearing in King City Public Hearing in King City

Attachment 6: 2009-2012 Area Plan Public Comments City of Number Name Residence Source
17 John McElmoyl Greenfield Public Hearing in King City



Staff Response

Thank you so much for coming here. The plan looks great. I would You're welcome, we'd be happy to do a presentation in 3/16/2009 like to invite you to speak in Greenfield as well. We appreciate your Greenfield. Provided staff contact information. helping us and the food and services you provide. Thank you for your comments. Our plan includes closer work with TAMC and MST to ensure your needs are met. 4 new accessible taxis have been ordered and our plan includes researching ways we can help reduce your costs for using taxis. Thank you for your comments, we recently provided input to the Annual Housing Report about this need. Thank you for your comments. Our legislation and advocacy committee is working hard to help make people aware of the challenges for seniors living in high cost areas like Monterey County. We support legislation to adjust the federal poverty guidelines so that more people in your situation will qualify for services.


Phil Tantillo


Public Hearing in Marina


"We need more handicap public transit vehicles for those of us who need help getting around."


Ann Harliner


Public Hearing in Marina

"Senior housing is not handicap accessible - storage is located too high up for seniors and handicap people in wheelchairs, walkers or 3/20/2009 canes cannot reach them. The stove, sink and cupboards are too high for people in wheelchairs." "I'm 70 years old and still working - I want to retire but my social security is not enough for me to pay my rent, and the income 3/20/2009 guidelines for rental assistance are too low. This Marina Senior Center is a life saver for me."


Charlyn Salb


Public Hearing in Marina


Hector Mandujano

King City

Public Hearing in Marina

I missed the public hearing in King City and wanted to be sure to tell you how much we appreciate that you held a hearing there. Services are needed there and I know it is a challenge to provide them and to access them if you are living there. There are large distances 3/20/2009 between the areas of South County. I would very much like to Thank you for your comments. participate in helping you to offer services to South County and invite the AAA council to tour the area, meet the existing service providers and strategize ways we can better meet the needs of all families in South County.

Public Hearing Turnout:

6 at the Salinas Hearing

18 at the Prunedale Hearing

37 at the 25 at the King Marina City Hearing Hearing

At each hearing staff presented a handout and overview of the mission of the AAA, the needs assessment findings, the Title IIIB minimum percentages and Area Plan Goals. No specific comments were received regarding the minimum percentages. A few people said the Minimum Percentages sounded great. Staff also distributed Senior Resource Guides at all of the Senior Center Hearings and told people about the new 211 line.

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