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ROYAL WOLVERHAMPTON HOSPITALS PATIENT AND PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT FORUM Minutes of Public Meeting Held New Cross Hospital Board Room Tuesday 14th February 2006
Attendees: Edward Shea David Plant Jack Leek Jacqueline Hunter Audrey Smalling Gloridene Gordon Karen Harper Mike Towler Jenny Hickman Sue Walduck Ann Donovan - Chairperson - Acting Vice Chairperson Apologies Claudette Mitchell


New Cross Hospital New Cross Hospital New Cross Hospital PPI Forum Facilitator Administrator/Minute Taker

No. 1).

Notes WELCOME AND APOLOGIES Sue Walduck, advised the meeting that Roy Russell MBE has passed away at Compton Hospice. The family requested flowers only from the family and donations to be sent to Compton Hospice via Jennings, Funeral Directors. The funeral takes place on Tuesday, 21st February, 11.15am St Bart‟s Church, Penn. The forum members passed on sincere condolences to Mrs Russell and family.


MATTERS ARISING a) Health Facilitator No response has been received from David Loughton on the position of the Health Facilitator. A response had been received via Rob Marris MP stating there are no funds available to fill the position. A letter has been forwarded to the Strategic Health Authority on the post of Health Facilitator asking if the Trust could make training mandatory. Karen Harper stated that training was one issue but without a Health Facilitator expert, there was no-one to deliver full training. There is an on-line package, but this does limit the amount of training for staff. Sue Walduck asked if the package use could be encouraged. Karen Harper advised this would be limited by only having the use of the one computer on the wards. The Trust, however


are having a link person in every Department or ward who will complete the intranet training and be able to undertake further training from April 2006. Karen Harper to confirm this in writing. ACTION: Karen Harper 3). David Plant advised the Risk Assessment meeting had not yet been rearranged. b). PALS Sue Walduck advised the meeting a PALS report had been received from Judith Davies in January. This listed 800 enquiries over the last 12 months the only item of notice was Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia. This item is being followed up by the Forum as part of its Work Plan. The minutes were accepted as a true record by Jack Leek and seconded by Jacqueline Hunter. KAREN HARPER – REMINDER LETTERS The Trust‟s policy, at present, is to send out routine reminder appointment letters. Across the Birmingham and Black County, New Cross is the only Trust that carries out this procedure. As part of the financial recovery the plan is for this practice to stop. The Forum were asked for their views, at this stage, before further action is taken. Sue Walduck enquired how far in advance the appointments were made. The aim is for up to the 13 week target and reminder letters are sent out a few weeks before this appointment. Ted Shea commented it should be the patients own responsibility to take note of their appointment. Sue Walduck enquired whether in future, on reminder letters, patients will be advised that there will be “no further reminder”?. Karen Harper suggested this would be very useful. Ted Shea suggested for patients over 60, who use public transport, should be given appointments after 9.30am. Karen Harper acknowledged this point and informed the meeting that as “choose and book” is rolled out more patients can choose a time convenient to the individual. Jacqueline Hunter asked why appointment reminders could not be sent out nearer the appointment date instead of months in advance. Jack Leek advised there are problems with this especially during the holiday period. Karen Harper advised the members that she would raise the issue of why appointments were booked „in advance‟. ACTION: Karen Harper Audrey Smalling asked why there are so many cancelled appointments from November to January? The only information Karen has been able to obtain on late cancellation in relation to other Trusts is around cancelling appointments by the hospital at any time which is in the 2004 National Patients Survey. Picker the Organisation who carries out the Surveys compares New Cross with 88 other Trusts and New Cross do score less than other Trusts. The Practice Managers however do have an action plan on how to change this situation.


There was no survey on „Out Patients‟ this year. It will be a further 12 months before a survey is carried out therefore it will be a further 12 months if an improvement has been made from a National perspective. “In house‟ surveys are carried out and the findings reported to the Trust Board. There are issues with the cancellations of appointments but this is being dealt with by the Practice Manager. Health Records are being reorganised which should be completed by the beginning of the next Financial Year and everything will be centralised. Jack Leek enquired whether there has there been any follow up on the letter from Karen Harper last February on “free car parking” for voluntary organisations. Karen Harper advised the meeting that there were delays on this while the Department of the Environment carryout research on “best practice”. This report has now been received and is to be discussed with the Director of Nursing. Jack thanked Karen for this information and advised he looked forward to hearing further on this issue in due course. Edward Shea, Chairperson thanked Karen Harper. 4). HOTEL SERVICES/HOUSEKEEPING Edward Shea, Chairperson, welcomed Mike Towler, Head of Hotel Services and Jenny Hickman, Housekeeping Manager to the meeting. Edward Shea asked how can they see services being improved in the future? Mike Towler advised that since meeting with the Forum in January 2005, for 2006 they have obtained additional resources on a recurring basis and 16 additional domestic staff have been employed. These resources have been targeted to areas where they were needed. 18 new members of staff have been recruited onto ward areas - patient toilet areas and bathrooms are now cleaned more frequently. There has now been a significant improvement on these high usage areas. An other development taking place which will have an impact on the services is the role of the new “matron” who will be responsible for cleanliness on their particular ward environment. Mike Towler also advised that they had been successful in reinstating our Quality Services post back into the domestic side. Previously this post was responsible for comprehensive monitoring over an 8 week period, reviewed and actions plans put forward, and any shortfalls were rectified and followed up. This post will be in force from 1st April and this will inter link in with the Matrons role. A system will need to be put in place where reports are followed up and individuals identified and made more accountable if they are not performing to “task” There will be a much more structured approach and the Trust Board will be informed on how the Trust is performing on the “standards of cleanliness”. We will be following the National Standard and we can make significant improvements. Sue Walduck advised that during the Forums inspections of certain wards there had been significant improvements and only one small minor fault found.


Jenny Hickman advised that the toilets and bathroom areas are now cleaned three times a day. Sue Walduck advised the three wards visited were “spotless”. Jack Leek found this to be a very useful exercise and commented how co-operative and helpful the staff were. Jack Leek raised the issue of only 2 uniforms each for domestic staff. Mike Towler agreed that domestic staff did not have sufficient uniforms but this was due to budget constraints and uniforms were only replaced when they wear out. However he did advise that a small influx of £6,000 had been received which enabled them to secure a few more uniforms. Gloridene Gordon raised the issue of domestic staff taking their uniforms home to wash. Mike Towler advised that staff are responsible for their own uniforms as there are not sufficient changing facilities on site. Edward Shea asked why domestic staff come into work with their uniforms on? Mike Towler advised ideally they would prefer staff not to come into work with their uniforms on but again this is due to lack of changing facilities. Karen Harper advised in light of the changes now taking place, staff who travel to and from work with their uniforms on should have these fully covered. If personnel are in breach of this policy action can be taken. Edward Shea asked when domestic staff are cleaning a liquid discharge from the floor whether plastic aprons available. Jenny Hickman confirmed that staff are encouraged to wear plastic aprons and gloves where ever possible.. Staff also attend hand washing training. Audrey Smalling raised the issued of staff and porters not making use of the “gels” provided. The notices displayed were not very “eye catching”. Also for a wheelchair user these gels were too high to be reached and used. Mike Towler to take this up. ACTION: Mike Towler Janet Clarke-Lewis, member of the public advised that there had been a stain on the floor of Ward D5 for 3 days which she bought to the Sisters attention – this was in a side ward. Jenny Hickman confirmed that every area on every ward should be cleaned every day without exception. The only reason a side ward would not be cleaned is where staff have been expressly told not to clean i.e. barrier nursing. Gloridene Gordon enquired about the number of outbreaks of MRSA, and this is now under control. Karen Harper advised that a report could not be provided on figure/numbers. Department of Environment are attending Trusts with problems. Sue Walduck asked why patients were no longer screened for MRSA. Karen Harper stated that only patients previously known to have MRSA would be screened. Other patients screened are patients having a total joint replacement. Jack Leek advised that to do some simple monitoring of the air conditioning would only cost a few pounds and would be a good indicator. (Settle plates will give you some guidance). Karen Harper advised that these issues are brought up at the Infection Control Meeting as there are concerns and these have been raised.


Jack Leek asked how often beds are moved for cleaning. advised beds are moved once a week.

Jenny Hickman

Jackie Hunter asked if the paper signs that come with the gels received from the Department of Environment could be laminated. Karen Harper advised that some signs are laminated but will take this back to Infection Control. Karen Harper advised, for information, that the Trust had agreed a Transfer Policy - see item 1 attached. Edward Shea thanked Karen Harper, Mike Towler and Jenny Hickman. 5). CLEANLINESS INSPECTIONS Jack Leek produced the results of the Outpatients Questionnaire - see item 2 attached. Further questionnaires to be completed in the Orthopaedic Department on Tuesday 7th March at 10.00am Jack Leek, Edward Shea, Jackie Hunter, David Plant and Gloridene Gordon to attend. 6). REPS REPORTS Edward Shea attended the Strategic Health Authority meeting - report attached item 3 David Plant attended the Service Improvement Board meeting where the major item raised was “hip replacements” and how these were being dealt with from a patient point of view. Diversity and Health – attended by David Plant - was taken up mostly by the Public Health Director for Walsall highlighting the growing problem within the ethnic minority population. 13.6% of Walsall population are BME and responsible for 30% of the maternity. There is a problem with under funding and lack of facilities for BME.


FACILITATORS REPORT Sue Walduck advised that Robert and Jane Moore had now resigned. Due to the sad loss of Roy Russell three posts for reps were now vacant: (1) LDSAG (Local Diabities Group) (2) Hospital Project Board (3) Patient Environment Action Team (PEAT – annual) Rep nominated Gloridene Gordon LDSAG Proposed: Jack Leek seconded Edward Shea Ann Donovan to advise Sue Mackie of this appointment Rep nominated Hospital Project Board – Edward Shea – Proposed Jack Leek


Seconded Gloridene Gordon Reps nominated for PEAT Jack Leek and Edward Shea Proposed by Jackie Hunter, seconded Audrey Smalling. Complementary Health – event to develop national guidelines – no members wanted to attend. Sharing Best Practice – Corbett Hospital, Stourbridge – Patient Experience Performance Assessment 3rd March 2006 – David Plant to attend. Members of the forum were given correspondence on the SHA, PCT and Ambulance Trusts Configuration Public Meeting, the form for forum members to give their views to be posted out. 8). ANY OTHER BUSINESS Janet Clarke-Lewis raised the following: Ambulance Services – Janet advised there is no procedure for booking ambulances and could this not be part of the discharge documentation advising how you can book an ambulance if the patient requires an ambulance after being discharged from hospital. Discharge – a member of family was recently discharged in her nightie, family not informed. Action to be taken through Judith Davies of PALS – Ann Donovan to ring Janet and advise her of the direct line number. She wanted to know the Trust‟s policy on treating mental health patients when they present with medical problems. There is a lack of understanding about mental health patients in MAU. Sue Walduck to find answers on the above – forum members agreed. Jack Leek asked about membership to the Hospital Forum Committee. Sue Walduck advised that Barry Roberts remained “dormant” at present. Due to the resignation of Jayne and Robert Moore and the sad loss of Roy Russell the forum were now down to 8 members. Sue advised there was an advert placed in the Health Focus Magazine for spring which will be a recruitment page for both forums. An advert will also be placed in the Whitmore Reans News published by Janet Clarke-Lewis. The evening Hospital Forum meetings will now take place at the Citizens Advice Bureau, Snow Hill, the daytime meetings will continue to be held in the Board Room, New Cross Hospital. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: March 14th at 10.30am - New Cross Hospital – Board Room


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