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					July, 2000


Newsletter of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Mill Creek, P. O. Box 625, Hckessin, DE 19707 The Reverend Nancy D. Dean, Minister. Phone (302) 234-4874 Web Site

UUSMC meets each Sunday morning at the Chinese-American Community Center (CACC), Little Baltimore/Brackenville and Valley/North Star Roads in Hockessin. Services begin at 10:30 AM; Everyone is welcome to our services and invited to stay for refreshments and conversation following the program. Sunday, July 2 - “What is it to be Independent?” We celebrate July 4th as Independence

Day, and have a relative idea of being free to be a country, but what does it really mean to each of us to be independent? Rev. Nancy Dean. Sunday, July 9 - No Services due to Chinese Festival at CACC. See you at the MacArtor’s picnic. Rev. Nancy will be giving an encore sermon at First Church, “Saving Face: Respecting Others as We Respect Ourselves.”
Sunday, July 16-Lay Service by Debra Bowers “Wicken: What It’s Meant to Me; What It’s about.” Sunday July 23-Lay Service by Dr. Robert Frelick “Speaking out: Being a Member of the News Journal Community.” Sunday, July 30-Lay Service by Clem Bowen & Bob Gibson—Annual Old Fashioned Hymn Sing.

Upcoming Events
July Tuesday, July 4 - Hockessin 4th of July Parade. Sunday, July 9, 12:30 p.m. All-church picnic at MacArtor’s home in Bear. Details inside. September September 10 - Water & Stones - Remember to collect water and small stones/shells from your summer wanderings to share at the Water Communion at our Sept. 10th Ingathering Service.

Minister’s Column
The Rev. Nancy D. Dean

After a year and more of struggling with a problem, I have finally gotten the problem resolved. It was a bear of problem that kept fighting me, and I it. I tried as many attempts at solving my problem as offered themselves up, yet nothing seemed to work. I was struggling valiantly for several months, then slowly began to realize that I really did not have any control over the time frame that it would take to find a solution. In the first nine months, or so, I never wavered that I would find an answer, but after the year mark came and went, I began to wonder if I would just have to accept that this was a problem that I might not be able to solve. My resolve then began to weaken. My hope diminished, and I was feeling defeated. As a sort of last ditch effort, I decided to make another push, another attempt at resolving this daily frustration of a problem, and not with a whole lot of expectation. Yet, just when I was feeling like nothing would come of my efforts, an answer presented itself. I was so happy, full of joy, and at the same time, irritated that I had not found the answer sooner. Gratitude tempered with ingratitude. I have learned far more about acceptance that I knew before, and also about resolve. The whole process of confrontation, struggle, acceptance; learning something about each step of the process and my reaction to it. Once again, I find that all of life is spiritual, and that even the most mundane struggles of our lives are opportunities to learn and grow. Would I go through it all again, even knowing what I would learn? The truth is, No. But, since life is rarely going to give any of us a choice in tackling difficult issues, we might as well make the most of them. I hope each of you have a wonderful and safe summer. I look forward to seeing you at some of the summer services.

Peace and love,


The Unitarian Universalist Society of Mill Creek is a liberal religious community which explores and celebrates life through the spiritual, rational and emotional in ourselves, each other and the wider world. We are committed to living the Unitarian Universalist principles in all our relationships, and welcome everyone to join with us in celebration and service.
Minister’s Hours: Minister’s Summer Schedule - At General Assembly 6/20-25; Off-Call July 3-31; on call otherwise. For UUSMC business or emergencies, call our Board President, Dick Cronin (through June), then Pam McEnany 239-9789 or any Board member. Anyone needing pastoral care and counseling may call at any time. The UUSMC website, where Rev. Nancy’s sermons and e-mail are available, is

Our Community:
Caring Community: Please keep Rev. Dean and Jane Frelick of the Caring Community apprised of your family’s health and well-being.

Elyn Edmiston fractured her shoulder in a fall, is doing better with arm in a sling, and with time spent in Virginia for recuperation. Tia Mukerji’s son, Shekhor died 5/28, his memorial was held in Hockessin at Chandler Funeral Home in the Hindu manner, with Rev. Nancy Dean participating. Our deepest sympathy to Tia and her son, Pushkor. David Bonner is home, recuperating following hernia surgery. Coming This Fall - A FLOWER GUILD Now that Gail Bisio has sold her florist shop, we are considering other ways of keeping flowers present as part of the Sunday service and continuing to give those who wish to honor/remember others by ordering flowers the opportunity to do so. With a few Guild members, we can share this responsibility and start a tradition that works well in other church groups. We are looking for people who would like to be part of this lovely tradition. If you have flowers/greens to contribute and/or like to make floral arrangements, please call Barbara Miwa, 610 274-8299. PICNIC ON JULY 9 -- AT MacARTOR'S HOME -- Starts 12:30pm All church members and friends (including children) are welcome, rain or shine. Bring a covered dish of vegetables, fruit, salad, pasta, etc. Meat and beverages will be provided. Dress is casual. Directions: South on Route 72 through Newark, DE. Continue across Route 40 to second traffic light. Turn right into Caravel Farms on Mabel Ave. Continue around gentle curve to stop sign. Proceed straight across Del Laws Road (name changes to Caravel Drive) to MacArtor's at 93 Caravel Drive, sixth house on left side. Pull into driveway and park on the grass. (Phone 834-8650) Special Announcement- All our Coming of Age youth chose to sign the Membership book, a first for our congregation. Congratulations to: Adam Cairncross Brian Johnson Caitlyn McEnany Sean McEnany Kenji Miwa Shehara Snow Ryan Taylor Nashant Vaidyanathan

Unitarian Singles Group – July Calendar
People of all ages and sexual orientations are welcome. Sat. July 15th, 2PM, bike or stroll along West River Drive, Phila. Picnic supper afterwards. Bike rental available. E-mail or call Bob Gasparro at or 215 387 9471. If raining, will tour Phila. Art Museum or Franklin Institute. Sat. July 22nd, 3PM, Brandywine River Museum, Chadds Ford picnic supper at Brandywine Battlefield Park, or dinner at a restaurant, if raining. Children welcome. Admission: adults, $5.00, senior citizens, students w/ I.D. and children ages 6-12, $2.50, children under 6 free. Contact Diane Maguire, or 610 644 0686. Sat. July 29th, 3PM, Hopewell Furnace Living History demonstration, picnic supper at French Creek State Park, Elverson. Children welcome. Admission: $4, ages 17 and over; ages 16 and under free. Contact Diane Maguire. Contact Diane if you wish to receive e-mail updates and reminders.

Social Concerns Committee -

Theresa Medoff

FORGOTTEN CRISIS Your support of The Hunger Site helps WFP provide desperately needed food to people outside the media spotlight. These are the people who struggle daily to put enough food on the table. In India, for example, more than 70 million children are severely malnourished. Your donations via The Hunger Site have helped WFP provide 5.5 million rations of Indiamix, a special blend of food for malnourished women and children. Your continued support will help WFP end the 'forgotten' victims of hunger around the world. Remember, we'll donate an additional 5 cups of food for every new registrant who joins our fight to end hunger. Forward the link below to your family and friends and ask them to register to help in the fight against hunger. We'd love to hear from you. Please email us at and let us know what kind of information you would like to see in our newsletter, or tell us about a special effort you have taken to support the fight against world hunger.
Become Involved The Social Concerns Committee meets the fourth Monday of the month at the home of Theresa Medoff, 507 Bluegrass Drive, Woodcreek, 633-0334. New members are welcome.

There will be no July meeting.

Board Meeting The newly elected board members attended their first board meeting last night. We are all excited to be serving UUSMC for the coming years when there will be so many exciting changes. We look forward to doing our best to see that the changes are beneficial to the society. The board elected Steve Medoff as Vice President, and Will Johnson as Secretary. Monty Taylor will be continuing as Treasurer, with our new President, Pam McEnany, rounding out the officers. In addition to the officers, members include Gordon Roth, Laura Bonner and Patty Rambo. (Laura Bonner will be sending an updated list of 2000/2001 committee chairs to you under separate cover). The new board heartily thanks retiring member, Claire Brechter, retiring President, Dick Cronin, and retiring Secretary, Gerald Miwa, for the many long hours and hard work they have put in over the past two years. Great job, guys! The next board meeting will be on July 25, 2000 at 7 pm at the Bonner's house. URGENT****FISCAL YEAR CLOSES JUNE 30 Please pay by June 30 the outstanding balance of your pledge for church operations. Your contribution is important to the financial health of our church. Salaries and other expenses continue throughout the year. Please note the restated budget enclosed in this month’s Grist. Copies of the 1999-2000 Annual Report will be available on the desk in the storage room at CACC. If you have questions about what is still outstanding on your pledge, call Pat Loeffelholz at 302-239-3163. PLEDGE CANVASS RESULTS The Board of Trustees recommended and the congregation approved a balanced budget of $110,000 for FY2001. This is a 5% increase over the current year. The Finance Committee again thanks this congregation for its generous financial support of the Operations Budget. This is essential to maintain the active program and the growth of our church. FAIR NEWS Many, many thanks to everyone who participated in our All Church Fair and Ground Breaking Ceremony June 10th. We had loads of Attic Treasures, lots of good food, and a good time was had by all! A special thanks to Happy Harry’s for their generous donation of several cases of soda.

International Unitarian Universalist News ….
(Boston, May 23, 2000) After more than six years of being exiled by a faction of dissidents, the headquarters of the Czech Unitarian Association has been returned to its rightful owners. The church, founded by Dr. Norbert Çapek, is located at #8 Karlova in Prague. Word of this action was received by the President’s Office of the UUA late Monday night (May 22), through the Rev. Joe Ben-David, who acts as International Coordinator for the Development of the Czech Unitarian Association. Ivanka Kocmanova , who acts as the Chair of the Central Committee for the CUA, said that this action marks the culmination of a long legal battle during which time the Czech Unitarians have operated out of a basement makeshift office. The turnover is a direct result of a District Court decision released on March 31 of this year, declaring that the present occupants of Unitaria were to vacate the premises and turn over the keys to the CUA. This means that the state-certified religious body under the leadership of Ms. Kocmanová is the rightful one. The action also means that the congregation and its democratically-elected leadership is free to reinhabit its building, rebuild Czech Unitarianism, and act on a vision for its own future. While it is too early to fully celebrate what has been a difficult and arduous process, Ms. Kocmanová thinks the future is brighter than it has been in recent memory. Ms. Kocmanová and other leaders of the CUA will be attending the UUA General Assembly in Nashville this year. Unitarianism in the Czech Republic was founded between the first and second world wars, when the Czechoslovak Republic was founded. The leadership of Dr. Norbert Çapek, whose work, writings and traditions are much beloved by Unitarian Universalists around the world, emerged at that time and gave religious voice to the hope embodied in an emerging democracy. For further information on the transfer of the Czech headquarters, please contact Ken Jones, Interim Administrator for International Programs, at 617-742-2100 x 412, {HYPERLINK } . Deborah J. Weiner Director of Electronic Communication Unitarian Universalist Association 25 Beacon Street Boston, MA 02108 phone: 617-742-2100 x 104 FAX: 617-742-7025

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