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I have hurt myself?
See a teacher who will direct you to the nearest first aid help there is a poster in every classroom that displays who the first aid helpers are or if you hurt yourself at break or lunchtime come to the office. If your injury is more serious and you are unable to move ask the nearest person to find a member of staff. If you have a head injury you must stay where you are and first aid help will come to you.

My personal details change?
You need to let the school office know immediately of any change in personal details such as you telephone or mobile address that have changed.

I feel poorly?
If you are in lesson you must let the teacher know as soon as you feel unwell. Please do not come to the office if you don’t have permission to go home from a Head of Year. If you are unwell at break or lunchtime you must also seek permission from a Head of Year before going to the office to go home.

I lose something?
You need to report this at Lost Property which is located in the office in Ashburner House. If we do not have your lost property we will contact you when we have found it. If you have lost a PE item please go to the PE Department.

I forget my dinner money?
Go to see Mrs Lawson in the Dining Hall who will let you have a lunch to the value of your dinner money. You must then hand in your money on the next school day.

I need to contact my parents?
You may contact your parents by using the payphone at the top of the stairs outside the Dining Hall. If you don’t have any change there is a mobile phone in the school office which is available for emergencies only.

I need a bus pass?
You can contact Stagecoach on 01229 433333 who will tell you if you qualify and how to go about it.

I miss the bus?
Get to school as soon as possible and sign in at the school office.

I am late?
Go to the school office as soon as you are in school to sign the late book.

I need a new homework diary?
You must see your Head of Year if you have lost your homework diary.

I am being bullied?
Speak to a member of staff in school which could be your mentor, a teacher or your family as soon as possible. There is always someone in school able to help and sort out the problems.

I need to bring my mobile phone?
You can bring a mobile phone into school for emergencies only but it must be given to your Head of Year or the school office first thing in the morning and collected after the school day.

I have an appointment?
You will need to bring in a note or appointment card from home to be excused from your lesson. The note/card then needs to be shown at the school office when you sign out to leave for the appointment. If your appointment is first thing in the morning you need to sign in to school in the appropriate late book on your return.

I need to take time off for family holidays?
You must have permission from the Headteacher to take holidays in school term time. Holiday forms are available from Mrs Mallinson in the Finance Department.

I need to hand money in?
Any money for trips etc should be handed in to the Finance Department in Ashburner House. If possible money should be in a named envelope with activity/trip details.

I am too ill to come to school
Your parent/guardian should telephone school, first thing in the morning, on every day of your absence and speak to Mrs Mallinson the school’s Attendance Officer.

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