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									Catering Party Trays
the deli tray
foodstuffs famous homemade roast turkey breast, smoked turkey breast, honey baked ham, seasoned rare roast beef & a selection of sliced cheeses (muenster, swiss, cheddar & provolone). 79.99 serves 10-15 * 89.99 serves 15-20 99.99 serves 20-25

poached atlantic salmon
fresh salmon gently poached in court bouillon, beautifully decorated & garnished. served with cucumber dill sauce. whole salmon (sizes available 5-12 lbs) 24.99 per pound whole boneless salmon (sizes available 4-8 lbs) 29.99 per pound boneless side (sizes 2-4 lbs) 29.99 per pound

deli extras
selection of sliced tomatoes, onions, pickles, lettuce, black olives, mayo, mustard & honey mustard sauce. 29.99 serves 10-15 * 34.99 serves 15-20 39.99 serves 20-25

shrimp cocktail tray
florida gulf shrimp served with our homemade cocktail sauce. choose from either grilled or poached shrimp. trays serve 10-15 people. large shrimp-- 119.99 (approximately 45 shrimp) jumbo shrimp -- 139.99 (approximately 45 shrimp)

design your own
start with our traditional deli tray and add or remove what you like. most often requested are grilled chicken breast, courtney’s tuna salad and terry’s chicken salad. * market price *

smoked salmon display
imported hand-sliced side of salmon, garnished with lemon wedges, olives, capers, bermuda onions & chopped eggs with pumpernickel cocktail bread and mini toasts. 89.99 serves 10-15 * 109.99 serves 15-20 129.99 serves 20-25

grilled marinated chicken breast
choose from grilled all-natural free range chicken breast marinated with fresh herbs, mesquite, lemon pepper or any other foodstuffs flavor sliced and arranged on a tray. 19.99 per pound (3 lb minimum)

spectacular seafood tray
jumbo cocktail shrimp, new zealand marinated mussels, jonah crab claws, seafood salad and smoked salmon. 159.99 serves 15-20

roasted turkey breast platter
garlic & sage marinated turkey breast sliced on a tray and served with our homemade cherry chutney. 19.99 per pound (3 lb minimum)

antipasto alla siciliana
prosciutto, salami, marinated baby mozzarella, olives, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers & marinated mushrooms arranged on a wicker tray. 89.99 serves 10-15 * 99.99 serves 15-20 109.99 serves 20-25

sliced ham platter
honey baked ham sliced & arranged on a tray and served with our honey mustard sauce. 15.99 per pound (3 lb minimum)

ric’s tenderloin platter
seasoned beef tenderloin, roasted rare, sliced & arranged on a tray. Served with your choice of honey mustard or horseradish mayonnaise. 37.99 per pound (3 lb minimum)

salad platter
a lovely assortment of courtney’s tuna salad, chicken salad du jour and pasta du jour. 99.99 serves 10-15 * 109.99 serves 15-20 1199.99 serves 20-25

the perfect luncheon platter
two of foodstuffs famous pasta salads artfully surrounded by sliced grilled chicken breasts and beautifully garnished. 99.99 serves 10-15 * 129.99 serves 15-20 159.99 serves 20-25

moroccan platter
foodstuffs homemade hummus served with feta cheese, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers and our homemade pita chips & pita triangles. 69.99 serves 10-15 * 79.99 serves 15-20 89.99 serves 20-25

all party trays require 48 hours notice, based on availability.

Party Trays, continued
fresh fruit flower basket
fresh fruit bouquet with pineapple daisies, strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe and honeydew melon. 79.99 serves 10-15

fresh market vegetable tray
fresh seasonal vegetables arranged around hollowed acorn squash filled with two of our famous dips. 59.99 serves 10-15 * 69.99 serves 15-20 79.99 serves 20-25

cheese & fruit tray
your choice of any three cheeses (soft goat, baby swiss, gouda, st. andre, morbier, or cheddar) with dried apricots, cranberries & figs, green & red grapes and strawberries served on a wicker tray. 74.99 serves 10-15 * 84.99 serves 15-20 94.99 serves 20-25

double cream brie display
wheel of brie spread with apricot chutney, artfully decorated with currents, peanuts, scallions & coconut. arranged on our tray & encircled with a bread wreath. 54.99 - 1 kilo serves 20-30

sliced fruit platter
seasonal sliced fruits & berries artfully arranged to show the bounty of the season. served with a strawberry yogurt sauce. 62.99 serves 10-15 * 72.99 serves 15-20 82.99 serves 20-25

baked brie
classic - spread with chutney and wrapped in puff pastry. pecan glazed - covered with georgia pecans, brown sugar and wrapped in puff pastry. 59.99 - 1 kilo serves 20-30

gourmet cookie tray
an assortment of homemade chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and sugar cookies. small (serves 15-20) 49.99 large (serves 20-25 ) 54.99

specialty cheese tray
an assortment of imported and domestic cheese artfully displayed with a variety of crackers and breads. * market price *

fruit &cookie tray
foodstuffs homemade cookies & fresh fruit salad artfully arranged on a tray. 69.99 serves 10-15 * 79.99 serves 15-20 89.99 serves 20-25

cubed cheese platter
cheddar, swiss, havarti & gouda cheeses cubed and displayed on a tray with grapes and strawberries. 49.99 serves 10-15 * 59.99 serves 15-20 69.99 serves 20-25

foodstuffs favorites
a fine selection of our pastries including brownies, raspberry bars, chocolate dipped strawberries and assorted cookies. 69.99 serves 10-15 * 79.99 serves 15-20 89.99 serves 20-25

cracker tray
assortment of carrs table water crackers, croissant crackers & foodstuffs famous flatbread. the perfect accompaniment to any of our cheese platters. 19.99 serves 10-15 * 29.99 serves 15-20 39.99 serves 20-25

dessert sampler
taste the best of the best! our homemade brownies, bars and cookies artfully arranged on a wicker tray. 3.99 per person

sliced bread & roll tray
foodstuffs homemade rolls, sliced seven-grain bread and cheddar breadsticks. 28.99 serves 10-15 * 32.99 serves 15-20 3699 serves 20-25

chocoholic’s delight
a chocolate lovers dream! White & dark chocolate dipped strawberries, black & white bars, chocolate dipped fudge cookies, chocolate dipped brownie fingers and mini chocolate cheesecakes. 89.99 serves 10-15 * 99.99 serves 15-20 109.99 serves 20-25

chip & dip tray
foodstuffs famous pita chips, flatbreads and lemon tortilla chips accompanied by two of our homemade dips. 39.99 serves 10-15 * 49.99 serves 15-20 59.99 serves 20-25


2106 central street (847) 328-8504
all party trays require 48 hours notice. all items subject to availability.

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