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Events are a fun and effective way of raising money for Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust, particularly if you choose to do something in which you have an interest. Perhaps you are a keen chef, craft maker, singer, swimmer, artist, gardener, quiz master, cyclist…. Whatever it is, chances are you can turn your passion into a fantastic fundraising idea. If you are searching for inspiration, have a look at our ideas sheets, or call our fundraising team on 0114 226 3555.

The event
There are a few key ways to make your fundraising event a success:        Find a simple idea that you are enthusiastic about Register your event with Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust Keep costs as low as possible and develop a simple budget Draft a timetabled plan for getting the event up and running Get all your friends, relative, colleagues involved – the more the merrier Shout about your event – we can help with publicity Have fun!

Ideally you should develop some form of timetable that shows what needs to be done, by whom, and when. It is also a good idea to draw up a budget – this can be very simple and take the form of a list of things you need to buy and how much each item costs, with a second list recording how much money comes in from any activity. Don’t forget that you are buying goods or services for a charity event, so don’t be bashful about asking for discounts, or even to get something free. Many companies and organisations will be keen to help out a local charity. Please note however that if the company asks for something in return this might have tax implications and advice should be sought from Head of Fundraising Emma Dickens.

The louder you can shout about your event, the bigger a success it will be. Consider using posters and flyers (although please be aware that you generally need permission to put these up in public places), and the local press. Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust can provide posters and advice on sending a story to the local media – contact us for help.

Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust, 5 Old Fulwood Road, Sheffield, S10 3TG1 Tel: 0114 226 3555 Registered charity no. 1059043

It is very important that, if you produce any of your own promotional items, you include the name of the charity (“Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust”) as well as saying which specific area of the NHS you are raising money for. You must also include the charity logo and our registered charity number 1059043.

Raffles and lotteries
A raffle or lottery is an easy ways of raising money, either as part of an event, or as a stand alone activity. All you need to do is find some suitable prizes (local business will often donate prizes to local charity raffles) and contact Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust to register your lottery and request raffle tickets. You will need official tickets, unless your raffle is to be held as part of an event and all tickets are sold and the draw takes place, during that event. In this case a book of cloakroom tickets will suffice. Please note, to be covered by the charity’s lottery licence, you must inform Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust prior to a raffle or lottery taking place.

Important considerations
The following must be taken into account when planning a fundraising event. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact the fundraising team on 0114 226 3555. Insurance and risk assessment You must register your event, as soon as possible, with Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust, so that we can ensure your event can be, and is, covered by our public liability insurance. However, this should not be solely relied on to provide adequate insurance for your event. You need to check that suppliers, such as the venue, caterers, entertainers etc have their own insurance – ask to see copies. Please note: if we do not know about your event, it will not be covered by our public liability insurance, and even then it will depend on the terms of our policy. You must also complete a risk assessment form in the planning stages of your event. We can help you with this. If your risk assessment identifies any potential problem areas, you should discuss these with Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust, or find an alternative method of making the activity happen. Food health There are strict requirements for anyone who sells or processes food, to ensure they do so safely and hygienically. You must always ensure any food being provided, or sold, has been stored at an appropriate temperature, hygienically prepared and thoroughly cooked. Foods made with nuts, unpasteurised milk (such as some cheese and yoghurts) or raw eggs, should be clearly labelled and avoided. If selling food that has already

Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust, 5 Old Fulwood Road, Sheffield, S10 3TG2 Tel: 0114 271 1351 Registered charity no. 1059043

been defrosted, label it to warn people against re-freezing it. More advice on food safety can be obtained from the Local Authority Food Safety Officer. Cash handling At any event where cash is changing hands, there obviously have to be procedures in place for keeping that cash secure. If the event involves the sale of tickets, these should ideally be sold in advance of the event, reducing the amount of cash to be collected at the event itself. Tickets should be individually numbered and the number of tickets sold reconciled with the cash taken. Any unsold tickets should be returned to the organiser so that these can also be reconciled. If people are selling goods or raffle tickets at the event, nominated individuals should collect all money from vendors at regular intervals. Vendors should sign something to confirm that money has been taken off them. There should then be a final collection from all vendors at the end of the event. All money should be counted, by at least two people, once the event has closed and the amounts taken recorded. If the money can’t be paid into a bank immediately, the cash must be put somewhere secure. All funds should be sent to the charity within two weeks of collection. Expenses must not be deducted from the sums collected, unless you have approved this with us and provided us with a receipt. Depending on the nature of your event there might be other issues around the handling of cash – don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

After the event
Following your successful fundraising event, remember to say a big thank you to anyone that helped out or donated goods and services. And make sure they know how much money you were able to raise with their help. It is also a good idea to spend a bit of time evaluating the event, to consider what worked well and what didn’t. Every event is a learning curve. And lastly, don’t forget to share your success – the local media is always happy to receive local charity good news stories. Contact Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust for further help and advice with this.

Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust, 5 Old Fulwood Road, Sheffield, S10 3TG3 Tel: 0114 226 3555 Registered charity no. 1059043

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