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									The ICT Handbook The ICT handbook will set out the procedures for the way that ICT works in the school and how the teaching of ICT is organised. It will be important to separate the procedural aspects of Organising ICT from the key statements about the school's vision for IT, the school's ICT policy and the school's ICT development plan. In practice the ICT handbook will usefully include each of these areas as section headings. An ICT handbook might include the following information: (click on the Underlined headings to load the relevant documents) Vision  Policy  The way that ICT will be developed, including the principles that will underpin decisions The school's vision of where it will be at a target future date

Development Plan  A detailed breakdown of how the vision will be achieved

Procedures and Management issues For example:                 Curriculum arrangements for ICT ICT resources Finance Relevant job descriptions Room availability Procedures for booking and using ICT rooms How ICT is timetabled Teaching staff Schemes of work for ICT Details of ICT course syllabuses Where ICT is used in subjects Guidance on assessment recording and reporting Staff development opportunities Forms to communicate faults, book rooms etc. Minutes of ICT working party meetings Other policy documents (eg Internet usage policy)

Detailed guidance on some of the more important of these is given below:
Curriculum arrangements This section needs to show how the National Curriculum for IT is being covered for pupils. It should show how coherence and progression is achieved when combining discrete and cross-curricular IT. There should be clear indication of coverage. Include the mapped

programmes of study. This may change annually. The most recent copies of audit forms supporting the mapping exercise should be included. Schemes of work Outline schemes of work, showing how time is allocated to each task/activity, with some detail of skills and knowledge, list of resources, programmes of study covered and possible attainment level from the task/activity. More detailed schemes would probably be best kept in a teaching folder. This should include detail regarding the learning objectives for the lesson and actual resources, differentiated materials/tasks and potential homework. Assessment Recording and Reporting Detail should be included of the ARR arrangements for IT. Because of the cross-curricular nature of IT there is a need to detail how the input from departments is fed into the overall grading for IT achievements. It would be useful in this section to have a marking policy. It may be that a whole school policy is in place, if not then for consistency, clear guidance should be given on how work is to be marked. Is it based on attainment and effort? Is it a grade from 1 to 4 or 1 to 5 etc.? As we know, many people get involved with teaching IT, they will appreciate clear guidelines. The arrangements for reporting to parents should be clear. That includes who is going to be responsible for doing this. Likewise the person/people awarding of the level of best fit for the end of Key Stage 3 needs to be defined.

Resources Current lists of hardware and software should be included in the handbook. It is useful to have contact details for technical help and support with the procedures for making contact together with a purchase and replacement policy for hardware Teaching personnel in the department, with their responsibilities and if relevant, job descriptions and current teaching groups. Timetable arrangements for those teaching discrete IT should include how pupils are grouped. Include technicians, with details of when they are available. An indication of the links between the ITC and SLT and the rest of the staff is useful. ICT Working party Include the aims and activities associated with the working group, copies of minutes, and important issues arising from the group. Finance A statement of how budgets are managed, and where any funds come from. Details of the school purchasing policy, together with its maintenance policy will link in with the development plan. Other policy documents which might be included       Internet usage policy equal opportunities policy contribution to social moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of the curriculum copy of school numeracy and literacy policy, with extra comment for ICT if necessary how pupils with special educational needs are catered for in the department (again could be a whole school document) Links with primary and post sixteen institutions

There will be other things to include which are special to individual schools - figures for utilisation rates, historical information which have great significance to the current situation, minutes of meetings etc. The order of the handbook again will be particular to your school. There may be one large master handbook with all the information in, together with a shorter version to include the relevant information for teachers of ICT (and detailed schemes of work) or a folder of master schemes of work with examples of work of differing levels for discrete and cross curricular ICT. Possible Appendices:

   

Assessment sheets Assessment results Acceptable use policy/letter to parents Computer room rules

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