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(617) 786-0127 Cell (619) 813-4669 Summary: Nearly 20 years in-depth, professional computer experience Successful track record in both business and technical consulting and analysis, on making computer related recommend ations, as well as managing and supporting users, networks, systems, projects, and technical professionals. Goals & Ojectives: Use my considerable UNIX/Linux SysAdm experience to guide a growing IT enterprise to its ultimate goal, on time and on budget. SysAdm Experience:  Linux System Architecture. Helping design next-generation system automation, implementing rapid deployment, configuration, and management of Linux enterprise clusters.        Maintain Linux system builds and configuration automation, using tools such as Kickstart. Support Linux patch ma nagement using Yum. Supported 24x7 business. Monitoring and automating technical challenges. Applied business acumen to development and maintenance of system automation. Developed installation tools in a Linux/Unix environment. Contributed systems expertise to teams working on future system directions and current challenges. Produced requirements and specifications documents. Coded new operations tools in languages such as PERL, PHP. Strong exposure to Unix utilities such as sed and awk. Proven ability to document requirements and implement tools and processes meeting business needs, including evaluation of existing third-party tools and specifications and implementation of internal tools. Understanding of SQL, including experience managing MySQL, SyBase, eInformix. Experience with network infrastructure, including OSI model, basic router/switch LAN/WAN configurations.

Experience Overview:  Coordinating and managing projects and people, on time and on budget.    System analysis, design and implementation (prototyping under UNIFY RDBMS, QA Testing, System Installation, Customer Support Management, Business Analysis, Planning Marketing Strategies & Medium-to-Large System Sales) EDI development, business analysis, systems analysis and design, application programming. Development in Business BASIC (Oasis, MAI, Thoroughbred and BBX), ColdFusion web development, C BASIC, Microsoft BASIC (BASCOM), C programming language, Imbedded SQL, and Intel 80286, Zilog Z80 & MOS 6502 assembly language. Programming for and administration of UNIX (SVR4 et al; SCO, AIX, HP/UX, Linux) , Windows 9x, NT 4.0 and MS/DOS Completed Sun Microsystems Solaris 7 system administration certification training. Web site hosting & page design. System consulting, hardware configuration and integration, operating system support, kernel tuning, database development in MS Access, MySQL, Informix, Dbase (FoxPro and Clipper), UNIFY & Sybase. Teaching business application skills to students in an accredited curriculum.

   

Work Experience: Contracting 8/07—Present Concordant Rater Systems /Linux System Administrator/Support 10/07-2/09 Office personnel and client technical support. Setup four-server Linux cluster to deliver web services, email, software repository, shared documents services. Linux system administration, backup and maintenance scripts, upgrades, hardware monitoring. System networking switches and routers programming and maintenance, LAN/WAN admin. Disaster recovery maintenance. Some ColdFusion programming, Apache web server setup and management, MySQL DBA. Plesk and Zimbra mail server setup and maintenance. Small office Microsoft/Macintosh network management. MS XP based Apache, ColdFusion, PHP platform ghosting. RollOuts/ Project Technician 9/08-11/08 Hardrive backup and replacement on Microsoft 2003 server system in TJ MAX and Marshals around New England. Smartsource/ Project Manager 8/07-11/07 Monitoring and guiding field technicians. AIX system monitoring, during server refresh in major supermarkets around New England. Freelance On-Demand Services 4/01– 8/07 Small Business Networks / User Support Aiding small business and private users with network enterprise and software and hardware acquisition and installation. Published some web sites for the same businesses, including click-through advertising, to raise the web site rankings in the search engines.

Iron Mountain (Contract) 11/00-4/01 System Administration / Project Management Created a cohesive hardware support team, capable of collaborating on any Hardware/OS emergency, anywhere in the lower 48 states. Responsibilities included :  Project development, schedule management, team triage and involvement in and supervision of emergency system recovery.        Leadership over 6 system administrators. System administration on 98 servers, in 37 different geographic locations from coast to coast, servicing 57 different, autonomous business districts. Shell scripting in Borne and Korn shell. Implementing centralized administration procedures for SCO UNIX, Novell 3.x and NT 3.51. User enterprise management and support, OS & hardware maintenance. Training Level 1 Help Desk support personnel on diagnostic procedures. Major projects included analysis and documentation for making major changes to the existing service and support model and for a complete disaster recovery strategy.

Leadtec Systems, Inc. 4/98-10/00 NT 4.0, & Linux Administration & PC Support Professional  Implemented enterprise features such as email, networked resource sharing & centralized administration heterogeneous platforms.        Migrated enterprise from Novell, to NT 4.0, with Linux system file and print share and SAMBA domain management. User enterprise management and implementation of new technology on core product. Software RAID & Network Station implemented company product. Training support personnel on new product implementations. Some C, batch file and shell script programming. Trained users in the use of network utilities & email software. Customer support and technical resource scheduling and support contract maintenance.

Ricon Corporation 11/96-4/98 NT 4.0, SCO, Linux & DEC Alpha UNIX, & Man Man X Administration & PC Support Professional  Implemented enterprise features such as email, networked resource sharing & centralized administration of heterogeneous platforms.      Upgraded PC and server hardware and made repairs. Supervised a staff of three IS people. Some C, batch file and shell script programming. Trained users in the use of network utilities, email software, database and report management software. Maintained scheduled reporting software for MRP system.

Dole Fresh Fruit 11/94-11/96 Software Design Analysis and Development Professional  Supported MIS Business Managers (deciduous, citrus, bananas & divisions) in determining solutions to MIS requests.    Wrote analyses and recommendations for technology solutions. Designed analysis and prototyping for EDI integration. Level 3 support for project requests from a user population of several hundred, across the lower 48 states, on a centr alized system network, in a multi-platform environment, including NetWare, HP/UX, AS/400’s and various P/C workstation platforms.

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Maintained and developed agricultural business software, including order entry, accounting, production, inventory control; both land and sea, bulk and LTL trucking and truck container manifesting, for a multi billion dollar operation, on a worldwide scale. Programming, in MAI Systems Open BASIC, on HP9000 HP/UX systems, interfacing to other platforms and environments and writing reports using Sybase SQL query interface.


Wilsey Bennett Company 10/90-11/94 MIS Department Management / Software Analysis & Development  Maintenance and development of truck manifesting software, including integrated invoicing and accounting, for floral transportation.        Drew up detailed specifications for hardware and operating environment, for new system purchase recommendation. Design and development of conversion, from MAI/BasicFour programs and data to Thoroughbred BASIC on AIX. Coordinated vendors and development schedules, maintained the existing system, while bringing up the new system, writing communications software, to automate the porting process, and thorough testing and debugging. Moved over 100 users to new system environment with original software, then moved them to the new software. Generated data conversion software, for moving large amounts of many different data formats from one application package, to the other. QA tested and debugged, to certify the new software was user-friendly and trouble-free. Designed analysis and prototyping for EDI integration.

Sawyer College at Ventura (Part Time) 8/90-5/94 Teaching Legal & Medical Word-Processing, Lotus 123, Legal & Medical Billing / Software Analysis & Development for Administrative Office  Maintenance and development of administrative software, including integrated invoicing and accounting, for billing students.    Taught legal and medical terminology and transcription. Facilitated student acquisition of professional skills in the use of Word Perfect in their respective fields. Took students through curriculum for mastering Lotus 123, in conjunction with legal and medical billing principles.

List Mart (Contract/Part Time) 2/89-8/94 Systems Design and Analysis & Application Development  Programming in C and Clipper.   Designed, Developed & Implemented Mailing List Data Management software. Created a User-Friendly Application for Sales And Marketing of mailing lists.

Compu Dynamics International 8/87-6/90 Business Analysis & Software Design  Systems design according to client specifications, for business and accounting applications.   Designed systems for Food Brokerage, Travel and Tour Packaging, Beverage Bottling, Motor Cycle Courier Messenger Services and Nation-Wide Floral Bouquet Courier Businesses. Produced rigid system specifications, formatted CASE tool, which generated C++ applications.

Integrated Decision Systems 1/86-8/87 Programmer / Analyst  C programming in Informix ESQL environment, some Intel 80286 assembler.   Developed reports to generate transaction histories and proposed break points for ending hostile take-over bids funded with leveraged debt instruments (junk bonds). Reports recapitulated the true value of all the leveraged equity purchases, projecting a make-or-break point.

Quadratron Systems, Inc 1/85-12/85
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Project / Product Manager Responsible for:  Managing the port of Desktop Office System from UNIX to MS/DOS.    Scheduled human and hardware resources and procured development systems and test systems from manufacturers. Provided technical consultation on conflicts between the original design of the product and the limitations of MS/DOS Supervised modification schedules for repair of programming bugs uncovered by the porting process.

National DataComp 6/83-1/85 Software Production Manager & Systems Design Analyst  Systems sales management, for desktop office automation and multi-user business systems.   C and CBASIC programming. Production manager, product design, marketing and sales training for Video Tape Rental system and Office Equipment Business Service Tracking and Dispatching System.

Resume Work History of George Resto SysAdm GEORESTO@GEORESTO.COM

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