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					The City of Edinburgh Council – Housing Advice and Information Strategy Work Procedure – Community Profiling 16 November 2004


PURPOSE 1.1 To determine the procedures for undertaking a regular exercise to determine the community profile of each local office, using existing resources. The National Standards for Advice and Information Standard 2.3 states that: “All standards must undertake a regular exercise to determine the profile of their local community and any special needs that may exist”



SCOPE 2.1 Community Profiles for each of the 5 local areas offices, including demographic, health and any other special needs that may exist within these areas


RESPONSIBILITIES 3.1 The Housing Advice Officer at each of the local officers are responsible for researching the information required for this profile, collating it, publicising it and ensuring it is reviewed on an annual basis. The Housing Information Officer will also be responsible for identifying any new resources, including web sites and texts.

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PROCEDURE 4.1 Research 4.1.1 To determine a community profile, the definition of the area to be profile must firstly be clear. 4.1.2 For each local office the boundaries will be defined by the ward numbers that each local office covers 4.1.3 Some information gained may overlap the ward area boundaries, as not all research done uses the same geographical characteristics. Care should be taken to clearly mark where this occurs. Main Resources of Information 4.2.1 The City of Edinburgh Council will already have information that can be used, these will be contained in: The City Housing Strategy The Housing Service Plan This information can be found on the Intranet or in each of the Local Office’s Reference Libraries 4.2.2 Other very useful sources of main information can be found in: The Edinburgh Housing Advice Strategy work The Mainstreaming Action Group

4.2 The Scottish Census on-line ( Scottish Executive’s neighbourhood statistics ( The Health in Scotland Community Profiling Results: ( 4.3 Secondary Sources of Information There are numerous other web sites and resources that are available to assist in collating a community profile, these include: 4.3.1 Scottish Enterprise 4.3.2 SIP Partnerships 4.3.3 Local Development Committees 4.3.4 NEAR 4.3.5 Renewal/Regeneration Partnerships 4.3.6 Voluntary Organisations service user information 4.3.7 Local web sites Collating the Information 4.4.1 The information should be collated preferably by ward number. If this is not possible, by topic, such as demographic, health etc 4.4.2 The Information Should be held within a folder and kept in the Resource/Reference Library in each of the local offices Publicising 4.5.1 The Housing Advice Officer responsible for the Community profile should ensure that their findings/results are well publicised to their local offices. This can be carried out at Tuesday morning sessions, or at individual team meetings. 4.5.2 They should also let any relevant voluntary organisations operating in their area know that this information is available.




REVIEW 5.1 The Housing Advice Officer should review the Community Profile on an annual basis.

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