Grenco Marine is one of the premier suppliers of refrigeration systems for shipping worldwide. Grenco Marine provides tailor made refrigeration systems and solutions for:          Reefers Fishing vessels (trawlers, purse seiners, tuna seiners, shrimp trawlers, factory ships, carbon dioxide refrigeration systems) Cruise vessels (water chiller plants and USPH-approved provision plants) Juice carriers Gas tankers and HC gas condensation plants Live stock carriers Offshore industry Retrofits Marine refrigeration control systems

ON-BOARD MARINE REFRIGERATION PLANTS Grenco designs, supplies and installs marine refrigeration plants to a wide variety of vessels. The first marine refrigeration sytem was delivered in 1921. Grenco installations can be exported from the Netherlands to anywhere in the world. Grenco belongs to the international technology group GEA AG, which is part of mg technologies group. Mg technologies group is active in the following industries: oil, gas, chemistry and environment. The main activities of GEA are power supply, environmental techniques, food processing and refrigeration and air-treatment. GEA has some 15,000 employees worldwide and has produced sales of approx. €2.9 billion in the year 2000/01. COMPANY MISSION: OPTIMAL SHIPPING REFRIGERATION Each project is unique and requires fundamental knowledge of the object requiring refrigeration as the basic information. Using the available engineering knowledge of the refrigeration process, components and refrigerants, the optimal plant will be designed. As Grenco has the flexibility to make custommade designs, we are able to fulfill all clients' requirements. VESSEL REFRIGERATION SYSTEM MAINTENANCE SERVICE AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT Grenco Marine strives for zero defect of a refrigeration system throughout its operational lifetime. This can only be achieved by proper maintenance, which prevents downtime and increases the life span of a system. Therefore Grenco Marine in the Netherlands has a team of highly skilled service engineers available to give full technical support and service all over the world. Also a wide range of refrigeration components is available through our office in the Netherlands and distributed worldwide. Our Service Marine department is supported by Grenco / Grasso offices worldwide. Should any fault occur, or service be needed, our technicians can be on-board or on their way within 24 hours regardless of where the ship finds itself. Markets include R.S.W. plants, cold water production plants, slurry ice and freezing plants for trawlers and factory ships.

Carmel Ecofresh. Revolutionary design for cargo refrigeration without the use of grating floors.

Complete refrigeration systems for the fishing industry, including CO2 refrigeration systems.

Diamond Princess. Grenco marine supplies water chiller units and USPH approved provision refrigerating plants for cruise vessels.

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