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Burgundy – White
Good White Burgundy remains the greatest white wine in the world and its greatest Chardonnay. It is expensive. It cannot be otherwise, for the unique combination of soils and climate which gives White Burgundy its distinction is found only in a few favoured spots. In style, White Burgundy ranges from the steely Chablis of northern Burgundy to the soft, blossomy wines of the Maconnais in the south. The stars, however, are found in the Cote d’Or and the Cote de Beaune in particular.

Domaine Emile Petit The Domaine Emile Petit is owned by Jean-Marc Brocard, one of Chablis’s most famous and skillful vignerons. Coming predominately from the village of Chichee, a small village on the banks of the Serein River some 2 or 3 kilometers South-East of the village, where the soil structure is perfect producing crisp, steely and mineral wines that typify this appellation. As well as village wines, Jean-Marc also produces some excellent 1er Cru and Grand Cru wines that show a great expression of each vineyard site and will give some of the finest of bottles. 1258 CHABLIS 2002 W1 £ 9.40 Crisp and fresh with aromas of apples combined with underlying minerality. Typical Chablis that makes an ideal accompaniment to seafood and fish dishes. CHABLIS 1er CRU ‘Mont de Milieu’ 2002 W1 £ 13.85 This classy 1er Cru from the south-facing slopes overlooking the village of Chichee has great depth and minerality and although superb for drinking at present, can age gracefully in bottle for a further 4 or 5 years. CHABLIS 1er CUR ‘Vaillons’ 2002 W1 £ 13.85 Nesting in the lee of the Bois des Lys, south-west of Chablis is this super vineyard that has produced a wine deep in fruit aromas that explode on the palate and finish with a dry, stoney finish. Superb! CHALBIS GRAND CRU ‘Vaudesir’ 1999 W3 £ 27.75 Arguably Vaudesir is the greatest of the Grand Cru vineyards of Chablis and this is a stunning example. Full, ripe and powerful with a big mineral stamp in the finish. Perfect for drinking now. CHABLIS GRAND CRU ‘Les Clos’ 2002 W3 £ 27.75 The largest Grand Cru by area and perhaps the best known. Rich, full flavoured and powerful on the palate with a big, stoney finish. Terrific!






Domaine Pico Race Georges Pico is a genial man, always smiling and with a ready wit: characterisitics that shine through in his wine made on the small property in Courgis . Although the vineyards are on the edge of the appellation, they lack nothing in character and are ideal for early drinking. 1007 CHABLIS 2003 W1 £ 8.95 Crisp and fresh with pure fruit on the palate and a dry mineral finish. Terrific with seafood, fish and poultry, especially in cream sauces.

Domaine Rene & Vincent Dauvissat Dauvissat wines are amongst the most distinguished of all Chablis. Their wines come from the best parcels of 1er and Grand Cru vineyards and they are expertly made to retain that purity of flavour, exemplary fruit and true mineral background for which the Domaine is renowned. 1280 CHABLIS 2000 W1 £ 10.50 Text book Chablis from this top Domaine. Although it is made from young vines the wine lacks nothing in intensity or character. Bright apple fruit aromas are matched on the palate and combine with minerality from the terroir to give a sensational glass. CHABLIS 1ER CRU ‘Forest’ 2000 W3 £ 18.75 Regarded by many Wine Writers as the greatest value from this Domaine, its power and finesse could lead the consumer to believe that it is a Grand Cru! Full, clear aromas with a stoney edge, a rich, mineral palate that concludes in a true and vibrant finish. Sensational wine! CHABLIS 1ER CRU ‘Vaillons’ 2000 W3 £ 18.75 One of the most popular 1er Crus of Chablis. Full flavoured and powerful with a dry, crisp finish. It is ideal with fish in a cream sauce or poultry and white meats.



Domaine de la Condemine Located in the village of Peronne, surrounded by the rolling hills of the Maconnais to the north and the rocky outcrops of Solutré and Vergisson to the south, Pierre Janny makes stunning wines that have no oak influence and exude all the wonderful aromas and flavours that the region has to offer. 1342 MACON PERONNE ‘Le Clou’ 2003 W1 £ 7.80 Classic white Macon with aromas of white blossom balanced on the palate with a hint of minerality and a clean acidity. Ideal with fish and terrines, especially ham dishes. MACON PERONNE ‘Reserve’ 2002 W2 £ 8.15 Picked around 10 days later than the rest of the harvest, this wine is rich and has deeper, riper flavours on the palate and a silky softness in the finish. Stunning Macon and ideal with the finest fish courses or lobster. 3


Collin-Bourriset The Collin-Bourriset company dates back to 1821. It is a traditional negociant house in that, apart from one Hospice vineyard in Moulin a Vent, it owns no vines. This allows the company to select and buy only the best wines from growers on an annual basis according to quality, and to bottle and mature them under optimum conditions. The genial Ed Steeves, who runs the company, used to work in the American wine trade, but moved to France when he married his charming wife, Monique. 1010 MACON VILLAGES – Domaine des Burdines 2002 W1 Green gold colour, very appealing fruit/floral bouquet. Fresh crisp flavour and full body. Well balanced with good length. £ 6.50


POUILLY FUISSE – Domaine Tranchand 2001 W3 £ 11.95 Typical green-gold colour. Elegant and attractive bouquet of hazelnuts and toasted almonds, of acacia and white lilies. Rich, smooth texture. Well-defined Chardonnay character, with pure, fresh, complex flavours. Excellent balance and good length. In short, a superb white burgundy offering a very good quality.

Chateau de Fuisse The Pouilly-Fuisse appellation owes much to the Vincent family, who have maintained exemplary standards of honesty and value for money over several expansionist decades when others have traded less than scrupulously on the Pouilly-Fuisse name. 1098 POUILLY FUISSE 2000 W3 £ 15.95 The colour is a brilliant yellow. The aroma is a powerfully floral and fruity with hits of peach and apricot. In the mouth, fruity and floral with a very fine and fruity structure. Goes well with fish and white meats. POUILLY FUISSE ‘Le Clos’ 2001 W3 The colour is a brilliant limpid yellow with green tints. Powerful and complex on the nose with almond, toast and butter aromas. In the mouth it is very powerful and fleshy. Fine, supple, elegant with a long length. £ 18.50



POUILLY FUISSE VIEILLE VIGNES 1999 W3 A brilliant limpid yellow. On the nose a floral and oaky aroma with acacias and honey at the end. In the mouth fleshy, fresh, full and complex. A fine wine with very good length. The best wine of the Maconnais.

£ 21.50


Champy Pere & Cie Champy may well be the oldest negociant company in Burgundy, founded in 1720. It was revitalised when the Meurgey family took control in 1989. The first vintage under their supervision (1990) revealed a new-found wisdom in purchase and elevage which has resulted, since then, in a house style of polish and elegance. The recent appointment of Dmitri Bazas as wine-maker has further strengthened the appeal of this increasingly important negotiant.


BOURGOGNE CHARDONNNAY 2000 W3 £ 6.95 A full and vibrant Chardonnay with open blossom aromas, a clean and balanced palate with a refreshing acidity and a full and vibrant finish. Ideal with ham, pork and fish. PERNAND VERGELESSES 1999 W3 £ 13.30 The steely acidity and underlying minerality combine with the fresh and vibrant fruit from this northerly section of the Cote de Beaune. Hard to pronounce but easy to drink and offering sensational value for money. SAVIGNY LES BEAUNE 1999 W3 £ 13.30 Quite fresh and light, with a mellowness that appears as the wine develops, resulting in an harmonious and solid wine with a freshness that is surprising. The aromas are those of exotic fruits (pineapple) with hints of hawthorn blossom and, in particular, pleasant hints of vanilla and toasted bread. PULIGNY MONTRACHET ‘Les Enseigneres’ 2001 W3 £ 21.65 A bright wine, lovely golden colour with some green highlights. A great intensity of incredibly pure aromas, and hints of exotic fruits against a background of woodiness with nuances of vanilla and spices. Crisp fresh attack, supple and rounded with the body and richness of a well-ripened Chardonnay. MEURSAULT 1999 W3 £ 20.60 A rich wine with a fine golden colour and some green highlights. Good intensity of aroma, nose with hints of citrus. Perfect balance in the mouth. Very fresh and concentrated with hints of brioche. MEURSAULT 1ER CRU ‘Caillerets’ 1999 W3 £ 28.00 Fine golden-yellow colour. Nicely open nose with aromas of preserved citrus and quince. Round in the mouth, rich and fine concentration of flavour. Rich substance in the finish. CORTON CHARLEMAGNE 1999 W3 £ 48.95 Golden-yellow colour with green highlights. Great intensity of aroma. A buttery nose with floral and chervil nuances. In the mouth, a rich wine characterised by its length. Sensational wine!








Domaine Guy Roulot Guy Roulot is a Meursault Domaine with an enviable reputation for scrupulous wine-making in which the distinctive characters (terroirs) of the wines from each individual vineyard are admirably preserved. Guy Roulot, the founder, died in 1982, but his widow, son (Jean-Marc) and daughter (Michelle) are still involved in every aspect of the business, and Jean-Marc is clearly a gifted winemaker. He is also, incidentally, a gifted actor, but is always on the Domaine to supervise at vintage time. 1295 BOURGOGNE CHARDONNAY 2001 W3 £ 11.75 Roulot’s style is one of elegance and this classic example of Bourgogne Chardonnay is so typical of that. Although barrel-fermented both nose and palate are dominated by fresh fruit and blossom balanced by a soft acidity. Fantastic wine! MEURSAULT ‘Les Meix Chavaux’ 2001 W3 £ 26.35 A bright wine with a fine golden colour with some green highlights. Good intensity of aroma, nose with hints of citrus. Perfect balance in the mouth. Very fresh and concentrated with hints of brioche. MEURSAULT 1ER CRU ‘Charmes’ 2001 W3 £ 44.40 Rich and powerful in both bouquet and palate with overtones of nuts and butter combining perfectly with the bright white blossom and fruit. Long in the finish and true, this wine is capable of ageing for some years yet but is still most enjoyable to drink immediately.



Etienne Sauzet S.A. Etienne Sauzet is one of the great names of White Burgundy, presided over by Gerard Boudot, a former rugby player who married into the Sauzet family. He now owns vines in several of the most coveted sites in Puligny, from which it has assembled an enviable portfolio covering the whole range from Grand Cru to the simpler commune and regional wines. Their wines are produced largely from their own vineyards, but some grapes are also bought in through the negociant side of the business. Some parcels of vines have been established for over 50 years, while others are remarkably youthful, yet there is a clear consistency of style running through the complete range of wines.


BOURGOGNE CHARDONNAY 1999 W3 £ 13.35 Stunning Bourgogne Chardonnay and now benefiting from some bottle age. It is rich, full-bodied and silky with the tell-tale sweet fruit that is a hallmark of Gerard Boudot. PULIGNY MONTRACHET 2001 W3 £ 28.50 The sign that welcomes you to Puligny Montrachet announces that it is the King of Wine. Perhaps this is true, and tasting this fantastic glass would surely help you believe. Bright, ripe and full Chardonnay aromas develop on the palate with a silky fruit that is almost sweet and leads to a rich and explosive finish. Fantastic white Burgundy!




PULIGNY MONTRACHET 1ER CRU ‘Champs Canet’ 2001 W3 £ 43.50 A bright wine, lovely golden colour with some green highlights. A great intensity of incredibly pure aromas, and hints of exotic fruits against a background of oak with nuances of vanilla and spices. Crisp fresh attack, supple and rounded with the body and richness of a well-ripened chardonnay.

Domaine Blain-Gagnard Domaine Blain-Gagnard is a small, quality producer based in Chassagne, run by Claudine Blain and her husband Jean-Marc. Claudine is the grand-daughter of Edmond Delagrange, whose Delagrange-Bachelet domaine at Meursault was very highly regarded in its time. Claudine and Jean-Marc have clearly inherited elements of his refined style and their White Burgundies are perfumed and concentrated. 1317 CHASSAGNE MONTRACHET 2000 W3 £ 22.65 Bright Chardonnay fruit well integrated with oak on the nose that is mirrored on the palate with soft, refreshing acidity and a long complex finish. This soft, silky wine makes an ideal partner to fish, seafood and all white meats and poultry. PULIGNY MONTRACHET 2001 W3 £ 25.40 Jean-Marc Blain makes wines of elegance and finesse and this is a perfect example. Full, fine and defined fruit aromas lead to a refined and balanced palate displaying sweet ripe fruit combined with a delicate use of oak. Long and true in the finish with delightful lingering fruit. CHASSAGNE MONTRACHET 1ER CRU ‘Boudriottes’ 2001W3 £ 27.95 Typical Boudriottes with a full ripe nose, a rich, fruity and chewy palate leading to a big solid finish. Despite its power it still retains the hallmark of elegance and finesse so typical of this Domaine. CRIOTS BATARD MONTRACHET 1999 W3 £ 87.75 Perhaps one of the greatest white Burgundies we have ever tasted, and available in extremely limited quantities. This extremely limited wine is packed with fruit and minerality with a ripeness and balance that will ensure a great life in bottle. Perhaps the tears that its name suggests will be those of joy for those of you that manage to enjoy a bottle. Sublime!!





Domaine Ramonet The Domaine Ramonet has generated a keen following for many years, some even saying that Pierre Ramonet was unquestionably one of Burgundy’s greatest wine-makers. Nowadays, the running of the estate is handled by Pierre’s grandsons, Noel and Jean-Claude, who are maintaining the domaine’s principles of low yields from old vines and little disturbance for the wines on their lees. The estate’s White Burgundies are particularly celebrated. 1365 CHASSAGNE MONTRACHET 1ER CRU ‘Boudriottes’ 2001 W3 £ 27.50 The rich terroir of Boudriottes is ideally suited to the Ramonet style. Full-flavoured and deep with a silky texture that culminates in a huge finish. As with all Ramonet wines this will be better if drunk in two or three years’ time but is very approachable at the moment, especially if decanted. CHASSAGNE MONTRACHET 1ER CRU ‘Ruchottes’ 2001 W3 £ 32.00 Of all of the 1er Crus of Chassange that Ramonet owns, this is without doubt our favourite. Full flavoured and rich in fruit yet with an elegance and finesse that adds velvet texture to the finish. A glorious glass! CHASSAGNE MONTRACHET 1ER CRU ‘Morgeots’ 2001 W3 £ 26.50 The richest of the Chassagne 1er Crus of the Ramonet stable. Its depth of flavour and power will develop in bottle over the coming years to give a richness and honeyed fruit to delight and excite the palate. PULIGNY MONTRACHET ‘Les Enseigneres’ 2001W3 £ 21.95 This is the first vintage of Puligny Montrachet Villages that we have been able to obtain from the Domaine and we are extremely pleased to offer it. Delicious ripe fruit on the nose and palate that changes each time you revisit the glass making this a wine of true complexity in the pure Puligny style. First Class! Domaine L’Arlot Domaine L’Arlot was created as recently as 1987 by the insurance giant, Axa, its establishment overseen by Jean-Pierre de Smet who has run the domaine ever since. De Smet had been in the insurance business at a high level, but sold his business to train with the talented Jaques Seysses at the Domaine Dujac. He also attended the Beaune school of oenology. In a short time, de Smet has placed the domaine amongst the best in Nuits, its wines renowned for the intensity of their fruit and their correct terroir definition.





NUITS ST GEORGES BLANC 2001 W3 £ 25.00 This rarity from Domaine De L’Arlot is made from the young vines of the 1er Cru ‘Clos de L’Arlot’ and in order to ensure the expected high quality for which this Domaine is renowned, yields are kept to a minimum (9 hectolitres per hectare!). The wine has a silky texture on the palate with superb ripe fruit flavours combined with good acidity. An excellent bottle! NUITS ST GEORGES BLANC 1ER CRU ‘Clos de L’Arlot’ 2001 W3 £ 39.50 A simply stunning white Burgundy just oozing complex ripe fruit on the palate combined with mineral and chestnut flavours that follow through to a glorious finish. The wine is capable of ageing for some considerable time in bottle but is wonderful if enjoyed at present.



Domaine David Duband David Duband is a new name in Burgundy yet he is already making a considerable impact. He made his first wine in 1991, while still a student at the Beaune Wine School. In 1993 he took over a few of his father’s vines and, instead of selling the grapes to the local co-op (as his father had done), David decided to vinify and bottle his own wine. Since 1995 David has overseen all the operations of this burgeoning domaine, attracting serious investment to allow future expansion. 1380 HAUT COTES DE NUITS BLANC 2001 W3 £ 12.50 A deliciously fruity white Burgundy from this star young grower. The vibrant blossom aromas of the nose give way to a firm yet gentle palate with virtually perfect balancing acidity. Great for present consumption but with several more years of life in bottle.

Domaine Emile Juillot The Juillots are an old Burgundian family (some of whom have been vignerons since the 15th Century). This particular domaine dates back to around 1900, and is presently run by Emile’s grandchildren, Nathalie and Jean-Claude Theulot. 1281 MERCUREY BLANC 2001 W3 £ 10.95 Bright open Chardonnay aromas, a full yet elegant palate with good balancing acidity and a clear finish with oak well integrated. MERCUREY BLANC 1ER CRU ‘Les Champ Martin’ 2001 W3 £ 12.75 Considering the rather rustic style of many red Mercureys this is a wonderfully pure wine, rich in vibrant Chardonnay fruit and well integrated oak that drinks well above its price tag. It is ideal for current consumption but will benefit from another 12 to 18 months cellaring.



Well-made Beaujolais is one of the most refreshing, instantly appealing and high-spirited red wines of all. In its youth it is the quaffing wine par excellence. With age the better Villages and Cru wines (made from the Gamay grape grown on granitic soil) take on a depth and complexity to be savoured slowly. Grown up wines! Collin-Bourriset The Collin-Bourriset company dates back to 1821. It is a traditional negociant house in that, apart from one Hospice vineyard in Moulin a Vent, it owns no vines. This allows the company to select and buy only the best wines from growers on an annual basis according to quality, and to bottle and mature them under optimum conditions. The genial Ed Steeves, who runs the company, used to work in the American wine trade, but moved to France when he married his charming wife, Monique. 2010 BEAUJOLAIS VILLAGES – Domaine des Avenets 2002 R1 £ 6.40 This very attractive cherry-coloured wine with its bouquet of strawberries and blackcurrants is smooth and well-balanced. Serve between 15 and 17ºC with poultry, cold meats and charcuterie. A great picnic or barbecue wine. BEAUJOLAIS VILLAGES – Hopsice de Lyon 2002 R1 £ 6.95 Beautiful ruby colour, complex aromas of red fruit and spices. Smooth, with elegant fruit and good balance. Typically delicious Beaujolais-Villages with a touch of class. Served slightly chilled (around 15ºC), it goes well with many dishes, including cold cuts, terrines and grilled red meats. COTE DE BROUILLY – Domaine Terres Bleus 2002 R1 Fine wine, violet-coloured with a bouquet redolent of irises and fresh grapes. Serve between 12-14ºC with cold meats, sliced sausage and chicken casserole. £ 8.25




MORGON – Domaine des Trois Porches 2002 R2 £ 8.25 Rich and powerful with good body. Deep red colour, with cherry, plum, peach and apricot fruit aromas. Best served at about 17ºC with meats cooked in sauce, game and cheese. FLEURIE – Domaine Vial 2002 R1 A beautiful bouquet of floral and fruit aromas (iris, violet, peach, small red fruits, such as raspberries, cassis, cherries and redcurrants.) An elegant wine, which lingers in the mouth. Superb with ham dishes and poultry. The lightness of this wine makes it great at lunchtime and as an introduction for non-red wine drinkers. £ 9.25



MOULIN A VENT DES HOSPICE – Cuvee Reserve 2001 R2 £ 11.25 Deep cherry colour, beautifully fragrant nose, both floral and fruit bouquet, well balanced body/fruit/acidity, elegant and refined. Goes exceedingly well with red meats, game and cheese. The very best of the Beaujolais!



MOULIN A VENT DES HOSPICE – Vieille Vignes 1999 R2 £ 11.95 This sensational cuvee with bottle age on its side is more akin to the wines of the Cote D’Or than the Beaujolais, although the lifted fruit aromas on the nose and the hints of cigar box do give away its origin. The wine is full flavoured and ripe with complex fruit flavours that develop as you drink the wine. Sensational wine! BRUT DE BOURISSET N.V CH £ 7.50 A delicious sparkling wine, crisp, fresh and lively with elegant fruit on the palate. Ideal to turn any occasion into a celebration.


Marcel Lapierre The domaine Marcel Lapierre is based in Morgon in the heart of the Beaujolais Cru vineyards. Lapierre does not use the maceration carbonique fermentation technique employed by almost every other Beaujolais producer. Instead he uses the old, traditional Burgundian method with natural yeasts, thereby producing fuller wines, with real keeping potential and, above all, preserving the distinctive terroir differences between each of his wines. 2467 MORGON R2 £ 9.75 Made by traditional red wine vinification with no sulphur dioxide added whatsoever this is the purest of Beaujolais showing all the terroir the region has to offer. A heady nose of black cherries, mirrored on the palate with good acidity and soft ripe tannins. A fantastic bottle at its best with duck or roast meats. COTE DE BROUILLY – LES MARCELLINS R1 £ 9.60 Les Marcellins is the negociant business formed by Marcel Lapierre and his nephew. The wines are classical and are vinified traditionally. This Cote de Brouilly is full flavoured, rich in fruit with none of the banana style nuances associated with maceration carbonique. CHIROUBLES – LES MARCELLINS R2 £ 9.60 This delicious Beaujolais, made by traditional vinification, is full of ripe berry fruit balanced by structure and a zippy acidity to refresh the palate. Ideal with pate and terrines or poultry.




Burgundy – Red
There is no greater expression of the sensuousness of the Pinot Noir grape than fine Red Burgundy. Drinking it is a privilege, for Red Burgundy is all about perfume and style. Almost all the great vineyards of the Cote d’Or – unlike, say, Bordeaux – are a patchwork of vines with many different owners and many different wine-making skills. It is essential, then, to buy from a merchant who knows each grower personally, his wine-making abilities, and, above all, his skill at capturing the subtle nuances that differentiate one vineyard from another – terroir. Champy Pere & Cie Champy may well be the oldest negociant company in Burgundy, founded in 1720. It was revitalised when the Meurgey family took control in 1989. The first vintage under their supervision (1990) revealed a new-found wisdom in purchase and elevage which has resulted in a house style of polish and elegance. The recent appointment of Dmitri Bazas as wine maker has further strengthened the appeal of this increasingly important family business. 2390 BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR 2002 R2 £ 8.25 A wonderful bouquet with good intensity and lots of red fruits. Good concentration, this wine is harmonious and a pleasure to drink. Goes well with everything from light courses to grilled or boiled red meats, roasts etc. Generally can be consumed before, during or after any meal. CHOREY LES BEAUNE 1999 R2 £ 9.95 One of the "off the beaten path" appellations of the Cote de Beaune which produce lovely wines that are full of fruit and up-front expression. A lighter wine that has soft tannins, being more elegant, rather than powerful. A good expression of the Pinot Noir with a dense ruby colour and ripe fruit aromas. Medium body, pure and fresh. This Chorey calls for a light and delicate cuisine: roast poultry or grilled meat. SAVIGNY LES BEAUNE 1ER CRU ‘Les Peuillets’ 1999 R2 £ 14.80 Ripe and full flavoured Pinot with glorious aromas of red berries that are mirrored on the palate together with spicy yet soft fruit. As with many of the red wines of the Cote de Beaune, we prefer to enjoy them in youth, but for those of you who prefer a more aged style, the wine is capable of developing in bottle for a further five to ten years. CHAMBOLLE MUSIGNY 1999 R2 £ 19.80 A good intense colour with purple highlights. The nose is very expressive as it opens up, showing fresh aromas of fruits and flowers. On the palate the wine is distinct and pure, with a powerful expression of the fruits - raspberries, balanced by an elegant tannic structure. The wine is lovely and elegant, but intense all the same. The finish is all about finesse, almost with a menthol character. VOSNE ROMANEE 1999 R3 £ 19.80 Fine tile-red colour. In the mouth the crisp lightness is surprising, and there are hints of cooked fruit. Very powerful at the finish. The well-matured tannins assure a good potential for ageing.







VOSNE ROMANEE 1ER CRU ‘Beaux Monts’ 1999 R3 £ 29.80 Fine dark ruby colour. Good intensity of aroma of cherry and blackcurrant against a background of roasted aromas. Straightforward attack, finesse and power at the same time. Good substance and very pleasing balance. CLOS ST DENIS 1999 R3 £ 35.50 Much underrated as a Grand Cru, Clos St Denis is capable of producing some of Burgandy’s finest wines. A great concentration of plum and berry fruit with a silky texture on the palate and fine ripe tannins to give structure. This wine is just starting out on its drinking plateau but has many more years of life left in bottle to develop into something truly extraordinary. CHARMES CHAMBERTIN 1996 R3 £ 39.15 Being the largest Grand Cru of Chambertin, Charmes is perhaps the best known. This wine is silky and supple with a richness and complexity that give way to a velvety finish. Now well developed and ideal for drinking, the wine still has many more years of life to go.



Domaine Tollot-Beaut & Fils Tollot-Beaut is a family domaine, based in Chorey-les-Beaune, which has been making wines since the 1880s. Today they offer a full range, from simple AOC up to Grand Cru and at every level their wines offer consistently good value for money. Traditional Burgundian vinification ensures red wines of a good colour and bouquet, and with an admirable capacity for ageing. 2517 BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR 2001 R2 £ 11.40 If somebody asked us “what should Pinot Noir taste like?” without doubt we would direct them to a bottle from Tollot-Beaut. The gloriously ripe fruit combines with a spice on the palate with liquorice overtones that finish with a long and complex aftertaste. Simply perfect! BEAUNE ‘Blanchefleurs’1998 R2 £ 17.20 Although this is not a 1er Cru vineyard it consistently makes delicious wines under the direction of this Domaine. Deliciously fruity with a fine spice and now more complex secondary flavours coming from its ageing in bottle. Ideal to drink now and especially good with strong soft cheeses. SAVIGNY LES BEAUNE 1ER CRU ‘Champs Chevrey’ 2000 R2 £ 16.90 This monopole (solely owned) of the Tollot-Beaut Domaine is consistently one of our favourite red Burgundies. From its open red fruit nose in youth it will develop superbly over the coming years to be a bottle that will always grace any table. Fantastic value for its quality. ALOXE CORTON 1998 R3 £ 18.50 Aloxe Corton is quite a rustic appellation that always benefits from time in bottle. This wine is now perfect for drinking and the tannins have softened to melt in with the wonderful developed fruit aromas along with the notes of undergrowth and wet dog!





Domaine Guy Roulot Guy Roulot is a Meursault domaine with an enviable reputation for scrupulous winemaking in which the distinctive characters (terroirs) of the wines from each individual vineyard are splendidly preserved. Guy Roulot, the founder, died in 1982, but his widow, son (Jean-Marc) and daughter (Michele) are still involved in every aspect of the business, and Jean-Marc is clearly a gifted winemaker. He is also, incidentally, a gifted actor, but is always on the Domaine to supervise at vintage time. 2496 BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR 2000 R2 £ 9.60 A full and ripe red fruit nose with overtones of spice, a light and fruity palate with integrated oak and a soft, ripe finish. MONTHELIE 1999 R3 £ 13.95 Hidden away around the back of the hills of Meursault, Monthelie is an unsung hero of the Cote de Beaune. A wine not always charming in its youth Monthelie benefits from 2 or 3 years in bottle and this particular example is spot on for drinking at present with oodles of ripe fruit balanced by a solid structure and a firm velvety finish. Domaine Ramonet The Domaine Ramonet has generated a keen following for many years, some even saying that Pierre Ramonet was unquestionably one of Burgundy’s greatest wine-makers. Nowadays, the running of the estate is handled by Pierre’s grandsons, Noel and Jean-Claude, who are maintaining the domaine’s principles of low yields from old vines and little disturbance for the wines on their lees. 2499 BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR 2001 R2 £ 9.50 When visiting the Ramonet cellar once, we asked Noel why we didn’t get an allocation of Bourgogne Pinot Noir. When he replied that he didn’t normally sell it to clients but sold it in bulk to negociants, we persuaded him to do a bottling of a cask for our clients. This is the result, a wonderful and vibrant Pinot Noir full of spicy raspberry flavours with hints of licquorice. Great value and a great bottle. CHASSAGNE MONTRACHET 2000 R2 £ 13.90 Delicious Pinot Noir. Before the increase in world demand for Chardonnay, Chassagne Montrachet was predominatly a red wine. Loaded with spicy berry fruit this is a wine that can be enjoyed in youth but will hold in bottle for several years to come. Try it in winter with a hearty Boeuf Bourgignon – truly delicious. CHASSAGNE MONTRACHET 1ER CRU ‘Clos St Jean’ 2000 R2 £ 21.95 The ‘Clos St Jean’ is perhaps the best terroir of Chassagne Montrachet for Pinot Noir where the fruit develops wonderful red-berry aromas combined with a delicious spice to give complexity and style on the palate with hints of rare meat. Simply superb!





Domaine L’Arlot Domaine L’Arlot was created as recently as 1987 by the insurance giant, Axa, its establishment overseen by Jean-Pierre de Smet who has run the domaine ever since. De Smet had been in the insurance business at a high level, but sold his business to train with the talented Jaques Seysses at the Domaine Dujac. He also attended the Beaune school of oenology. In a short time, de Smet has placed the domaine amongst the best in Nuits, its wines renowned for the intensity of their fruit and their correct terroir definition. 2506 COTES DE NUITS VILLAGES 2001 R2 £ 15.25 Although quite light in colour this wine lacks nothing in power or flavour. A nose of ripe fruits with hints of icing sugar, a full structured palate with good integration of oak with the ripe berry flavours and a firm and solid finish. Very stylish. NUITS ST GEORGES 1996 R2 £ 18.25 Made from the young vines of 1er Cru vineyards this is a mature and developed wine with complex secondary aromas and flavours ideally suited to the table. It has good depth of fruit together with spicy overtones with a full and powerful finish. NUITS ST GEORGES 1ER CRU Clos de Forets St Georges 2001 R3 £ 29.95 One of the two 1er Crus of this Domaine and generally the most sought after. A generous bouquet of red berries with touches of vanilla from the cask maturation leads to a full and balanced palate with hints of spice. The generous finish with notes of rare meat give the tell-tale sign that this is a bottle that will age gracefully.



Domaine Georges & Christophe Roumier Roumier is a domaine with a stellar reputation, at all levels from its most basic generic Bourgogne right up to its Grand Cru wines. Low yields and scrupulous selection of grapes (done in the vineyard itself to avoid the slightest possibility of contamination) are the keys to success, along with Christophe’s undoubted talent and flair as a wine-maker. 2509 BOURGOGNE PINOT NOIR 2001 R2 £ 11.75 A completely traditional Pinot Noir that shows the exemplary wine making of Christophe Roumier. A nose of blackcurrant leaf, a full, ripe and spicy palate and a generous finish would make this wine seem, for other producers, to be of a much higher appellation. Great wine for the money! CHAMBOLLE MUSIGNY 1999 R2 £ 21.50 The terrior of Chambolle Musigny would seem to be perfectly suited to the Roumier style giving wines full of elegance and finesse whilst giving no corner to a lack of power. Another of our favourite bottles full of silky ripe fruit and delicious, yet more complex, notes. A truly stunning bottle. CHAMBOLLE MUSIGNY 1ER CRU ‘Les Cras’ 2000 R3 £ 35.50 The vineyard of Les Cras lies just to the North of the village towards Bonnes Mares. Whilst retaining the elegance and finesse associated with Chambolle, it has an underlying depth giving a more generous mouth-feel of amplified fruit. A stunning bottle which, in this vintage, should start to show through fairly soon.





MOREY ST DENNIS 1ER CRU ‘Clos de La Bussiere’ 2001 R3 £ 26.50 Given that this village is home to 5 Grand Cru vineyards it is surprisingly little-known in the UK. The vineyard of Clos de la Bussiere is a monopole (solely owned) of the Roumier family and borders onto the neighbouring appellation of Chambolle Musigny. This in turn gives a touch of elegance in this powerful and full flavoured wine. Ideal for current consumption it will benefit from a further 4 –5 years cellaring if it is possible for you to keep your hands off it for that length of time! BONNES MARES 2001 R3 £ 75.00 The sexiest, silkiest wine that you can imagine! Ambrosia in a bottle! No tasting note could really do justice to this almost perfect red Burgundy. Everything is in harmony with the full, ripe and spicy black fruit being underpinned by a tannic structure and balanced acidity that will ensure this bottle ages gracefully for many years to delight the drinker whenever he should pull the cork. Truly amazing!!


Domaine Lucien Boillot The Domaine Lucien Boillot is a young estate, now run by Lucien’s sons, Louis and Pierre, who share all aspects of the vine growing and wine-making. It is a large and diverse domaine, based in Gevrey, but with vineyards in both Cotes and beyond. 2335 COTES DE NUITS VILLAGES 1999 R2 £ 10.90 A delicious bottle, now drinking at perfection. The style of this Domaine ensures a depth in the wine to allow development in bottle. This wine displays developed ripe fruit, good structure and a soft and generous finish. BEAUNE 1ER CRU ‘Les Epenottes’ 1999 R3 £ 13.95 Very fine deep garnet colour, a relatively firm nose with hints of dark fruits and a roasted woodland note. An exceptionally powerful attack for the appellation. At the finish, tannins, but not detrimental to the wine. Goes well with roast meats, and with poultry such as stuffed quail or roast duck. NUITS ST GEORGES 1ER CRU ‘Les Pruliers’ 1999 R3 £ 25.25 Fine ruby colour with violet highlights. Powerful aromas of blackcurrant and blackberry. A slightly tannic wine. Rich and full at the finish with hints of oak. A wine for keeping. This well-constituted Nuits-Saint-Georges is powerful enough to accompany any marinated meat, jugged hare and various cheeses. GEVREY CHAMBERTIN 1998 R2 £ 15.90 This famous, but consequently, much overproduced appellation, often does not live up to its fabled reputation. Not here, however, as the Boillot brothers have crafted a stunning wine that is perfect for drinking at present. The aromas are initially those of developed Pinot but on contact with the air they soon return to their ripe and spicy origins. Enjoy!





Domaine David Duband David Duband is a new name in Burgundy yet he is already making a considerable impact. He made his first wine in 1991, while still a student at the Beaune Wine School. In 1993 he took over a few of his father’s vines and, instead of selling the grapes to the local co-op (as his father had done), David decided to vinify and bottle his own wine. Since 1995 David has overseen all the operations of this burgeoning domaine, attracting serious investment to allow future expansion. 2425 HAUT COTES DE NUITS ‘Cuvee Louis Auguste’ 2000 R2 £ 11.95 One of the original vineyards of the Domaine this is a very ripe and silky wine so reminiscent of the blackcurrant sweets we oldies used to eat as kids. Sweet and soft in the mouth with a great core of fruit and a tannic structure to balance. NUITS ST GEORGES 2001 R2 £ 21.00 Full and ripe with hints of purple at the edges. The nose and palate still have those primary fruit qualities that make Burgundy so easy to drink in youth but with a structure that will see it through for several more years. NUITS ST GEORGES 1ER CRU ‘Aux Thorey’ 2001 R3 £ 28.95 Lying just to the North of the town of Nuits St Georges the vineyard of Aux Thorey does not enjoy the great reputation of some of the other 1er Crus yet it produces some truly delicious wines. This is no exception and David’s wine-making skills gives pure black fruit on the palate balanced by the minerality of the terroir. Delicious wine capable of holding in bottle for many years to come. ECHEZEAUX 2000 R3 £ 45.50 One of the great Grand Crus of Vosne Romanee but so little seen in the UK. Perhaps it’s the unpronounceable name that is responsible for its lack of popularity, for in the hands of a wine maker like David Duband it produces one of the greatest bottles you can imagine. Full, dark, deeply flavoured and ripe with spicy notes and hints of licquorice on the palate and a huge, ripe finish. Great value for a Grand Cru.




Domaine J.J. Confuron The Domaine Confuron is based at Premaux-Prissey, south of Nuits, and is run by Alain Meunier and his wife, Sophie Confuron. They have vineyard holdings in many parts of the Cotes de Nuits, several of which can boast vines of a good age. The grapes are grown organically and, to maximise the fruit, all the grapes are de-stemmed before vinification. 2436 COTES DE NUITS VILLAGES ‘Les Vignottes’ 2000 R2 £ 14.95 Alain Meunier has made this lowly Burgundian appellation into something really sensational. It displays loads of sweet blackcurrant flavours together with a firm structure that is barely discernable thanks to the overcoat of fruit. His wine-making style produces bottles that are delicious to drink as soon as we receive them but offer the same enjoyment throughout their life. NUITS ST GEORGES ‘Les Fleuieres’ 2001 R2 £ 22.50 Benchmark Nuits St Georges just oozing blackcurrant fruit together with soft ripe tannins. Enjoy it now or wait a couple of years for the terroir to show itself in full.




CHAMBOLLE MUSIGNY 2000 R2 £ 22.90 The elegance of the terroir of Chambolle Musigny shines through here with the bright, ripe blackcurrant fruit, so typical of the Domaine, adding an extra dimension to this fantastic bottle. Simply delicious! CLOS VOUGEOT 2000 R3 £ 59.00 The Domaine owns vines in a perfect part of the Clos Vougeot vineyard and makes one of the greatest examples of this appellation. Firm, chewy and dark ripe fruit, a full and defined structure with plenty of ripe tannins to balance. ROMANEE ST VIVANT 2000 R3 £ 99.00 An extraordinary bottle! The full ripe fruit of the Confuron style gives way to unbridled complexity on the palate that leads in turn to an explosive and long-lasting aftertaste. A rarity, but well worth searching out.



Domaine Drouhin Laroze Domaine Drouhin Laroze is based in Gevrey Chambertin where it has holdings in many of the best 1er and Grand Cru vineyards as well as in Clos Vougeot, Musigny and Bonnes Mares. It is an old estate, first encountered in 1850 when Jean-Baptiste Laroze established a vineyard in Gevrey. The Drouhin side of the name was added in 1919 when Alexandre Drouhin (who had vineyards in Chambolle) married Suzanne Laroze. Phillipe Drouhin is the present owner and winemaker, and he avoids the use of chemical fertilisers where possible. He limits yields, even in prolific years, and employs wine-making techniques which retain the maximum fruit quality. 2413 GEVREY CHAMBERTIN 1999 R2 £ 18.50 I suppose this could be regarded as House Wine to Drouhin Laroze with the rest of the cellar consisting of only Grand and 1er Crus! However Phillipe takes the same care over crafting this bottle which results in text book Gevrey Chambertin. Full and ripe with backbone and structure, the wine is ideal for current consumption. GEVREY CHAMBERTIN 1ER CRU 1997 R2 £ 19.50 Ideal for lovers of mature Burgundy. The 1997 vintage was almost written off by journalists when it first appeared but it has proved to give wines capable of ageing gracefully. This wine shows terrific secondary aromas and a complex palate. Ideal with ripe soft cheeses. BONNES MARES 1997 R3 £ 39.50 On the first visit to Phillipe’s cellar we were amazed to find a wall of barrels of Bonnes Mares! The 1997 vintage is now at perfection and displays elegance and finesse together with power and developed fruit, making this a wonderful bottle for lovers of fine mature Burgundy. CLOS VOUGEOT 1999 R3 £ 39.95 A big chunky wine from this wonderful parcel of vines in a perfect vineyard situation. It displays full and ripe fruit, complex and rich undertones and an impressive structure capable of imparting great age. A wonderful example of what is often, from other producers, a dilute wine.






CHAPELLE CHAMBERTIN 2000 R2 £ 37.00 The most feminine of the Grand Crus at this Domaine. The fruit displays an elegant character and the wine is one of the first to mature. Delicious at present, but will continue to hold in bottle for a further 5 – 10 years. LATRICIERES CHAMBERTIN 1999 R3 £ 34.50 One of the earliest ripening vineyards of Chambertin, Latricieres may lack the depth of Clos de Beze but what is lacking in structure is more than made up for in the pure fruit and spice achieved. An excellent example of this lesser known Grand Cru. CHAMBERTIN Clos de Beze 1999 R3 £ 45.90 Lovely intense ruby colour with violet highlights. Good brightness and clarity. Complex nose of well-ripened cherry and liquorice. This pleasant quality is present in the mouth along with softened tannins. The finish coats the mouth with its sugariness. MUSIGNY 1999 R3 £ 107.00 This wonderful Grand Cru from Chambolle is intensely rich in fruit and spice with layer after layer of complexity on the palate and an aftertaste that seems to last an eternity. It’s difficult to put into words just how amazing this bottle is.




Domaine Emile Juillot The Juillots are an old Burgundian family (some of whom have been vignerons since the 15th Century). This particular domaine dates back to around 1900, and is presently run by Emile’s grandchildren, Nathalie and Jean-Claude Theulot. 2515 MERCUREY ROUGE 2001 R2 £ 10.50 Bright ripe open Pinot Noir with red fruit flavours and hints of liquorice on the palate. Terrific with duck, game, poultry and lamb. MERCUREY 1ER CRU ‘Les Combins’ 2001 R2 £ 13.50 This is a delicious bottle of Pinot from the Cote Chalonnaise with a typical hint of rusticity making it a great partner to casseroles and roast meats. Great value for money.



Alsace is an enchanting province of rolling hills, ruined castles, ancient villages, carved wooden houses, window boxes, orchards, woods and equally enchanting white wines. But they are also as robust as they are pretty: the gastronomy of Alsace is legendary and there are no better white wines to complement rich food than these, classic grape varieties vinified to maximise their fruit, aroma, freshness and depth. Domaine Sipp Mack Based in the picturesque village of Hunawihr, Jaques and Vincent Sipp are making superb wines in an open, fruit driven style. Each wine is so typical of its’ grape variety and the two grand cru vineyards of Osterberg and Rosaker allow all that is best of this wonderful region to shine through.


PINOT BLANC 2002 (W2) £ 6.99 Light and fresh with delicate peach and pear aromas. Known as the chameleon in the trade because it blends with almost anything. GEWURZTRAMINER TRADITION 2003 (W3) £ 8.90 Concentrated rose-petal and lychee aromas, bags of flavour on the palate with a full, spicy finish. Great with strong and blue cheeses. PINOT GRIS RESERVE 2001 (W2) £ 8.95 A great apricot and smokey nose with glorious fruit and toast flavours Terrific with mushrooms and white meat dishes. PINOT GRIS GRAND CRU ‘Osterberg’ 2001 (W3) Sublime Pinot Gris. Tons of fruit but with added complexity on the palate. Brilliant with pates and terrines – especially Fois Gras. £ 12.90





PINOT GRIS GRAND CRU ‘Osterberg’ – Selection Grains Noble 1998 £ 22.50 50cl (SW) Nectar! A stunning dessert wine. Luscious, creamy, balanced and honeyed with great cleansing acidity to refresh the palate. An absolute star! RIESLING GRAND CRU ‘Rosaker’ 2001 (W1) £ 12.65 Tantalising hawthorn and ripe apricot, a clean, elegant and mineral palate and a classic finish. Try it with fish or white meats or just by itself. PINOT NOIR 2002 (R1) £ 7.90 Gentle aromas of red berries and a soft yet spicy palate make this a terrific lunchtime wine. Goes well with pasta and poultry dishes. Can be served slightly chilled.




Rhone Valley
Wines from the Rhone Valley could almost be said to combine the best virtues of Burgundy (sensual aromatics) and Bordeaux (depth and body). They have abundant keeping qualities yet are approachable and fun to drink in their youth. The finest wines from the northern Rhone come mainly from Syrah (reds) and Viognier (whites), whereas in the hotter south the wines tend to be a mixture of several grape varieties (as many as thirteen in the case of some Chateauneuf du Pape!).

Domaine des Entrefaux Domaine des Entrefaux wines are made by Charles and Francois Tardy along very traditional lines at Chanos-Curson. The cellar is small, but modern equipment and exemplary wine-making produce wines which drink well above their class. 3020 CROZES HERMITAGE BLANC 2002 W2 £ 8.85 Bright peach and apricot blossom aromas prepare the palate for soft, balanced fruit and acid that so complement Mediteranean cuisine. Put it near an olive and it leaps out of the glass! CROZES HERMITAGE ROUGE 2002 R3 £ 8.85 Fantastic Crozes loaded with raspberry and liquorice flavours that offer a powerful palate and a rich, chocolatey finish. Great Value! CROZES HERMITAGE ROUGE “Machonnieres” 2001 R3 £ 12.75 A real blockbuster that’s now showing some maturity although with quite a few more years ahead. Deep red fruit aromas with hints of truffle, a full deep and complex palate and a round, chewy finish with good ripe tannins. Try it with game or a winter casserole. Domaine Galliard Domaine Galliard is perched on the top of a hill at Malleval and by the time you have negotiated the hairpin bends to get there you are ready for a drink! Gerrard Seel first tasted Pierre Galliard’s wine in a restaurant in Paris but it took them two years to get an allocation from him. Galliard is one of the few who is able to make world-class red and white wine. 3126 CONDRIEU 2002 W2 £ 21.20 Ripe and full Provencal blossom aromas superbly integrated with oak give way to a full and generous palate of honeyed apricot fruit and a gentle clip of acidity. A real workhorse as regards food as it will accompany anything from foie gras to oriental cuisine. Fantastic Condrieu! CONDRIEU “Fleurs d’Automne” Vendage Tardive (50cl) 2002 SW £ 27.75 This late harvest Condrieu shows a great concentration of fruits combined with a bright yet balancing acidity and a soft silky finish. A real jewel and ideal with pates and terrines or fruit desserts, especially peach or apricot based. CONDRIEU “Jeanne – Elise” Vin de Paille (37.5cl) 2002 SW £ 21.00 Superb concentration of ripe, white fruits, clear and defined acidity and a finish to die for! This rich and unctuous dessert wine is a real rarity and is capable of ageing for a good few years but is ideal for current consumption on high days and holy days! 21






SYRAH – Vin de Pays 2001 R1 £ 5.95 A terrific everyday red, packed with ripe, red fruits with complex undertones to intrigue you every time you pick the glass up.

Domaine Alain Voge Alain Voge is a quiet and thoughtful man who makes wines in a traditional way in his cellars in Cornas. He is one of the few vignerons making a still Saint Peray, a white wine of which the composer Richard Wagner was particularly fond. In December 1877, while Wagner was composing Parsifal, he sent a letter urgently requesting 100 bottles of Saint Peray to be despatched without delay. Perhaps there is some essence of St Peray hidden away among the leit motifs of the opera! 3121 ST PERAY “Fleur de Crussol” 2000 W2 £ 18.50 The star of the appellation! This full and aromatic white made from 100% Marsanne grapes has an underlying minerality which gives an extra dimension to the ripe, almost peachy, fruit. Almost Burgundian in style it is a great partner to food, especially Mediteranean or oriental cuisine. CORNAS 2000 R3 £ 17.95 Rich in fruit and spice with good backbone and structure, hints of liquorice and a long, full finish. Syrah at its best with a tantalising development as you drink down the bottle. CORNAS “Vieille Fontaines” 1999 R3 £ 30.75 The ultimate Cornas made from the oldest vines of the property. Excellent balance and structure with masses of ripe, red fruit and layer after layer of complexity. Drinking well now but with years of cellaring left in it.



Chateau St Roch Chateau St Roch is the Lirac estate of the Brunel family from Chateau de la Gardine in Chateauneuf du Pape. It lies just across the river from its big brother, enjoys a very similar terroir and is made from the same grape varieties with the same immaculate wine-making skills. Above all, it has Chateauneuf style at a bargain price. 3048 LIRAC BLANC 2002 W2 £ 8.60 Made predominantly from Grenache Blanc, this is almost a junior Chateauneuf Blanc. Aromas of white flowers and citrus fruits, a lively yet harmonious palate and a good, clean finish. Ideal as an aperitif or with grilled or boiled fish. LIRAC ROSE 2002 P1 £ 7.95 A delicious, bright rosé, just bursting with summer fruits. Dry and refreshing. Ideal with lunch dishes or white meats, or enjoy it by itself, under a parasol with a great book! LIRAC ROUGE 2002 R2 £ 8.60 50% Grenache with the balance of Mourvedre and Syrah, this is a ripe, bright red with aromas of small black and red fruits that will develop to game aromas with cellaring, a robust and generous palate with silky tannins and a full, ripe finish. Great with red meats and Provencal dishes. 22



Chateau de la Gardine More than 50 years of uncompromising dedication by the Brunel family have gone into establishing the Chateau de la Gardine in the first flight of Chateauneuf du Pape wines, a position which has been maintained consistently since the 1970s. The family, who have been vignerons since the 17th Century, acquired the property in a rather dilapidated state shortly after the Second World War. Situated near the Combe Masque, west of the town, the soil is thinner and lighter than elsewhere in the appellation, but the high proportion of old, deep-rooted vines and expert husbandry ensure no diminution in the quality of the fruit which is hand-picked at the moment of peak condition for each individual grape variety. 3055 CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE BLANC 2000 W2 £ 18.25 Memories of Provence! This crisp, fresh, unoaked white made mainly from Grenache Blanc just oozes aromas and flavours of the South of France. A nose of white blossom and white fruits is mirrored on the palate with a refreshing acidity. Great with fish and white meats, but try it with smoked salmon drizzled with a touch of olive oil. CHATEUANEUF DU PAPE VIEILLE VIGNES BLANC 1998 W3 £ 23.50 This stunning white wine made mainly from the old Roussanne vines of the property has been barrel fermented and matured to give a rich, expansive palate full of deep, spicy fruits that burst with sunshine in the finish. A sensational bottle! COTES DU RHONE VILLAGES 1999 R3 £ 9.25 This warm and fleshy red comes mainly from the commune of Rasteau. Generous and spicy on the palate and loaded with dark fruit flavours and ripe tannins. Ideal with casseroles and red meats especially from the barbecue. CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE 2001 R3 £ 18.25 Regarded by many journalists and wine writers as one of the great bottles of Chateauneuf. This is a big, juicy and ripe red with dark fruit aromas and a soft, chocolatey finish that lingers for ages. CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE 1998 R3 £ 26.75 A fantastic Chateauneuf du Pape from a stunning vintage! Firm, full-bodied and packed with fruit, with spice, mineral and coffee. Ideal to drink now but the structure will let it go on for 15-20 years. CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE “Cuvee des Generations” 1997 R3 £ 42.75 Made from specially selected old vines of the property. This is a real monster!. A big mouthful of sweet fruit with a huge structure to complement it. Layer after layer of complex flavours unfold as the wine develops after opening. Best decanted for an hour before serving. This wonderful bottle is capable of being cellared for many years. CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE “Cuvee des Generations” 1999 R3 £ 47.50 Another fantastic cuvee made by Patrick Brunell. Rich in fruit, deep in other complex flavours with big, ripe, chocolatey tannins. This is a sensational Chateauneuf that, although very enjoyable to drink at present, will benefit from 2 more years of ageing with a further 15 to 20 years ahead thereafter. Stunning!. 23







Chateau St Cosme Chateau St Cosme is run by Louis Barroul, a man with a passion for life that shines through in his winemaking. The domaine benefits greatly from a large parcel of 80-year old Grenache vines which give formidable depth and quality to its Gigondas. Barroul strictly limits yields and selects rigorously to ensure that only the finest fruit makes it into his bottles. 3115A CONDRIEU 2001 W2 £ 27.10 This delicious Condrieu comes from vineyards tended on contract by Louis around Malleval. Delicious ripe, apricot/peach fruit balanced by a fine acidity to refresh the palate and a stunning finish. Viognier at its best. COTES DU RHONE 2002 R2 £ 7.25 Made predominantly from the Syrah grape, this sensational Cotes du Rhone drinks well above its appellation. Perfectly balanced and lead by an array of complex fruit flavours, this is a great workhorse wine that will marry with a great variety of red meat dishes. Great value. COTES DU RHONE ‘Les Deux Albion” 2001 R2 £ 8.95 This unfined and unfiltered cuvee of Cotes du Rhone is a sensation. Loaded with purple fruits and drinking at its peak, it will benfit from decanting to remove the sediment developed in bottle due to the lack of filtration which, in turn, has captured the true heart of the wine. GIGONDAS 2002 R3 £ 13.65 Made predominantly from Grenache this is a classic Gigondas with ripe dark fruit balanced by rich chocolatey tannins. Terrific with casseroles and game. GIGONDAS ‘Valbelle’ 2001 R3 £ 26.65 Made only in superb vintages, this particular cuvee comes from the oldest vines of the Chateau, some of which date back 80 years. The complexity and power that Louis derives from these vines is simply tremendous. Rich and intense fruit with a full structure and an immense finish make this one of the greatest bottles not only of the appellation but of the Southern Rhone. Limited quantities but worthy of any cellar.






Languedoc – Rousillon
Languedoc – Rousillon was once the principal source of the European wine lake, producing enormous quantities of virtually undrinkable plonk. It was the Australian ‘chemistry set’ that opened it up, showing that with the right grape varieties and modern techniques good wine could be made. Since then Languedoc – Rousillon has made enormous strides making quality wines with real individuality (terroir). The climate is on its side, giving winemakers consistently ripe and healthy grapes with which to work their magic.

Domaine Ste Eugenie Born out of the passion of three Bourguignons, the Domaine Ste Eugenie produces classical wines from old vine Carrignan, Grenache and Syrah. The attention to detail is second nature and the modern wine-making style takes nothing from the traditional nuances of the terroir. In all of the wines, fruit is the foremost component but each demonstrates it’s own identity giving complex aromas and flavours that balance the heartiest of cuisine. Stunning wines and great value. 8047 MERLOT / CABERNET – Le Jardin d’Amandine 2001(R1) £ 5.90 A great, chewy blend of Cabernet and Merlot with a big nose of blackberry, chocolate, coffee and ripe red berries. Round and structured with an earthy and fruity finish. Super! CORBIERES 2001(R2) £ 6.50 Ripe raspberry and strawberry aromas with earthy overtones with great structure of fruit and velvety tannins. Great with grilled steak and lamb with herbs. CORBIERES ROSE 2003 (P1) £ 6.50 A superb rose with a delightful strawberry bouquet with a full and refreshing palate of ripe red fruits. Superb summer wine and ideal at barbeques.




Mas Amiel Maury This unique domaine in the Languedoc specialises in the production of Vin Doux Naturel made from the Grenache grape. The old vines and special climate achieve fruit that is loaded with sugar and perfect for this style of wine. 3036A MAURY VINTAGE 2001 – Vin Doux Natural (SW) £ 12.50 The only wine for chocolate! This rich, dark and fruity red has a high residual sugar and soft ripe tannins that balance perfectly with chocolate and red fruit desserts. The bigger the chocolate hit , the better the match. If you age it, it’s great with game too!

Domaine Des Aurelles One of the star performers of the Herault with vineyards established on the chalky hilltops above Pezanas. The vines are the best of the traditional varieties, Grenache, Mourvedre, Carignan plus the successful Syrah. These really are good wines with great complexity chiefly derived from the terroir with winemaking allowing it to speak rather than smothering it. A domaine to watch. 3142 AUREL BLANC – Coteaux de Languedoc 1999 (W3) £ 20.75 An unbelievable white from the Languedoc. Made with 90% Roussanne it is full flavoured with aromas of blossom, peaches and Bergamot. Almost Burgundian in style. Fantastic value. SOLEN – Coteau de Languedoc 1999 (R3) £ 12.95 Made from Carignan and Grenache, this top offering from Domaine des Aurelles has a full and open nose, a deep, rich palate with fine, ripe tannins and a big, long finish with hints of chocolate. Super to drink now. AUREL – Coteaux de Languedoc 1998 (R3) £ 20.75 A full, rich red that’s loaded with ripe fruit, spice and complexity. Drinking well now, it always benefits from half an hour in a decanter, and it should cellar well for a further 10 years.




With some 100,000 hectares under vines and a production of 500 million bottles of appellation controlee wine a year, Bordeaux is by far the biggest fine wine region in the world. The British connection with Bordeaux wine goes back to 1152 when Eleanor of Aquitaine married Henry of Anjou, heir to the English throne, and it continues to flourish today. Recently, there has been much investment in many of the vineyards and chais and a serious reappraisal of wine-making techniques. Consistency, even in less than ideal vintages, has been improved at all levels, particularly so with the simplest reds and whites but also among some of the more famous chateaux. Edonia Edonia is the new name for the long-established negociant company of GAM Audy, one of the most respected in Bordeaux. The company’s success in both wine-making and brokerage was founded on the wine-making skills of the late Jean Michel Arcaute. After his death the company was bought by Patric D’Aulan, who had recently sold the Champagne company of PiperHeidsieck. D’Aulan continues to maintain the traditions and high standards established by Arcaute. 6199 CHATEAU HAUT PEYRUGUET – Bordeaux 2001 (R2) £ 5.95 Classic Claret. A high proportion of Merlot gives this a soft, plummy style. Easy drinking now but with a few years left to run. CHATEAU HAUT GIRAUDON – St Emilion 2001 (R2) Loads of sweet raspberry and blackcurrant fruit in this earthy St. Emilion. Good complexity and a terrific aftertaste. Great with grilled meat. £ 9.50



CHATEAU BEARD – Grand Cru St Emilion 1997 (R2) £ 10.95 This terrific St. Emilion is perfect for drinking now. The obvious ripe fruit aromas have now subsided to more complex notes that make this an ideal food wine. Great balance and length. CHATEAU ROLLAND MAILLET – Grand Cru St Emilion 1996 (R2) £ 13.75 Absolutely stunning! Made by the great guru of Merlot wine-making Michel Rolland, this is a real thoroughbred with sweet, ripe fruit, good body and structure and mouthwatering finish. Brilliant! CHATEAU SANSONNET – Grand Cru St Emilion 1999 (R3) £ 19.95 Edonia’s own property that’s risen from obscurity to stardom overnight! Magnificent fruit, sweet and ripe, with notes of herbs and tobacco and a solid, earthy finish. Great wine. CHATEAU LA CROIX DU CASSE – Pomerol 1997 (R2) £ 24.75 The new breed of Pomerol. Ripe and full, just loaded with black fruit with well integrated oak and a ripe tannin structure. Drinking well now but will last for a decade or so. CHATEAU SEGONNES – Margaux 1998 (R2) £ 11.50 The second wine of Chateau Lascombes. All the elegance associated with Margaux with bright, open fruit and good depth of flavour.







CHATEAU LASCOMBES 2ieme Cru – Margaux 1996 (R2) £ 27.00 This fantastic second growth in the heart of Margaux has loads of open fruit with herbal undertones and well integrated oak. Soft, ripe and perfect for drinking at present. LES HAUTES DE PONTET – Pauillac 1998 (R3) £ 13.75 th The second wine of Pontet Canet, the famous 5 growth, that gives an impressive glass. Rich in Cabernet fruit with hints of mint on the nose and a full, ripe and strong palate. Great value.


Bergerac, on the doorstep of the Englishman’s paradise, the Dordogne, has benefited from the influence of English wine-makers who introduced and developed new forms of wine making there. The grape varieties are the standard Bordeaux varietals, but these new techniques and different soil and climate are producing wines to give Bordeaux something to think about, especially at the value end of the market. Chateau Tour des Gendres Wine has been made at Les Gendres on and off since the 12th Century. The present estate was created in 1981 when Luc and Martine de Conti bought it and began the process of replanting and restructuring. They now have 45 hectares under vines, producing red, white and rose wines. No fertiliser is used in the vineyard and the use of chemicals is kept to a bare minimum. 5005 CUVEE DE CONTI BERGERAC BLANC 2003 W2 £ 6.90 This wonderful white wine is made predominately from the Semillon grape with a small percentage of Muscat. It shows loads of ripe, soft fruit on the palate with overtones of melon. The acidity matches perfectly the structure of the wine, making it ideal with pates and terrines or fish in a cream sauce. BERGERAC ROUGE CUVEE CLASSIQUE 2000 R2 £ 5.50 This fantastic soft red, rich in Merlot is a terrific food wine. The ripe plummy fruit together with a soft tannic structure make it ideally suited to duck and grilled meats. As the wine is unfined and unfiltered, it is best decanted to remove it from the sediments.



Loire Valley
France’s longest river, the Loire, runs through the Garden of France. It is a land of crisp, dry whites, from Sancerre and Pouilly Fume in the east to Muscadet in the west. Sitting in the middle is a jewel where the Chenin grape comes to the fore to provide the honeyed, luscious wines of Vouvray.

Chateau De La Presle This super little estate in the Touraine is making classic Sauvignon. Run by the Meurgey family, the estate works bio-dynamically producing wines of fantastic purety that demonstrate the variety’s characteristics to perfection. 4031 TOURAINE SAUVIGNON 2003 (W1) £ 6.30 Sensational Sauvignon packed with bright grassy, gooseberry fruit balanced by a clean and refreshing acidity. One bottle of this is rarely enough and it’s a great partner to seafood or asparagus.

Chateau De La Ragotierre The chateau, near Vallet in the heart of the finest Muscadet Vineyards, dates back to the 14th Century. Now owned by the Couillaud brothers, their philosophy is to retain the very best of tradition yet taking the best of innovation to keep their wines at the forefront of the appellation. Their work begins in the vineyard, a sloping and stoney hill facing south-south east, where vines are methodically pruned, fertilised and harvested, the entire operation optimised by a computer linked directly to the brothers’ own state-of-the-art weather station. The vinification is no less strictly supervised, with pneumatic pressing and cold maceration employed to maximise fruit and aromas, followed by temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel vats. Maturation for about a year on the lees (sur lie) ensures the wines retain the maximum of freshness. 4012 MUSCADET SUR LIE 2002 (w1) £ 6.50 This is a benchmark example, very clean and correct with citrus undertones to the inviting bouquet. Persistent and fruity, the wine is a superb partner to shellfish and white fish or ideal as an aperitif. MUSCADET SUR LIE 1er Cru du Chateau 2001 (W1) £ 6.85 A superior cru, given longer on its’ lees, displaying more intensely the two styles of terroir found on the property. With age the nose takes on hints of nutmeg, cedar wood and apricot kernels.



Domaine Hubert Brochard Daniel Brochard and his brothers are based in the village of Chavignol, a couple of kilometres west of Sancerre, where some of the finest wines (and goats’ cheeses) are made. It is just outside Chavignol that Sancerre’s most famous vineyard is situated, Les Monts Damnes, and Brochard’s top cuvee comes exclusively from this vineyard. 4011 SANCERRE ‘Les Collines Blanches’ 2002 (W1) Fresh and fragrant and packed with gooseberry fruit. Terrific with shellfish and goats cheese. £ 10.50


SANCERRE ‘Cotes de Monts Damnes’ 1998 (R2) £ 17.95 This mature cuvee of Sancerre is deep and honeyed with overtones of tropical fruit. Try it with Oriental foods and fish in a cream sauce. SANCERRE ‘Silex’ 2002 (W1) £ 12.20 Grown in the silex soil, rich in limestone deposits, this is a stunning Sancerre giving bright fruit aromas balanced by a crisp acidity and a dry minerality in the finish. First Class! SANCERRE ROSE 2002 (P1) £ 10.90 Pure Pinot Noir. Light and fruity with gorgeous berry notes and flavours. Serve slightly chilled but not too much. Great at lunchtime.



Domaine Jean Claude Dagueneau Based in the pretty hamlet of Les Berthiers, one of the finest villages producing Pouilly Fume, this domaine is producing classic wines that typify all that is best of the Sauvignon grape. The domaine has parcels of older vines in excess of 45 years that produce a more intense cuvee named after Jean Claudes’ wife, Eve, that rival some of the finest Sauvignons throughout the world. 4010 POUILLY FUME 2002 (W2) £ 10.95 Archetypal Sauvignon, irresistibly fruity with that mix of gooseberry and gunsmoke, and a clean, refreshing acidity. POUILLY FUMÉ ‘Cuvee D’Eve’ Vieille Vignes 2001 (W2) £ 13.95 A superior and more intense cuvee made from the older vines of the estate in excess of 45 years of age. The depth of fruit is enormous with layer after layer of complex flavours balanced by a full but not intrusive acidity.



Spain’s centuries-old wine fame was founded originally on sherry. Its quality wine industry was started by French vignerons who came to the long-established vineyards of the Rioja in the late 19th Century when the phylloxera scourge ravaged the vineyards of France. They brought new wine-making techniques which greatly improved the Spanish wine. For the next hundred years Spanish wine-making stood still. Only very recently have its winemakers taken notice of the technical advances developed in the New World, but they have done so in a big way. Quality in Spain’s cheap, bulk wines has rocketed forward. Amazingly, it has leapt forward at the same rate in the quality wine regions of the Rioja, Ribero del Duero and Toro. Bodegas Sierra Cantabria The Sierra Cantabria Bodega, owned by the Eguren family, is based in the hill-top village of San Vicente de la Sonsierra. It owns substantial vineyards which are able to furnish it with most of its needs, especially for its finest wines, and the very minimum of chemicals is used in the vineyards. Quality and style are the driving factors behind the wine-making, yet prices remain remarkably reasonable given the eminence of its wines, which have received glowing reviews from Robert Parker and other leading wine critics. (See also Bodegas Eguren and Dominio de Eguren) 7025 RIOJA BLANCO 2003 W1 £ 4.95 The colour is a brilliant, very clean yellow with greenish hues. On the nose is fresh fruit with banana, apple and peach. In the mouth it shows fresh fruity and silky notes with bright acidity and complexity followed by a fruity and strong finish. Great with light salads, white fish and shellfish. Also with soft cheeses. RIOJA BLANCO – ORGANZA 2001 W2 £ 11.45 This stunning white Rioja has been barrel fermented in new French oak to give a rich and expansive style. The nose opens with aromas of tropical fruit which develop quickly to allow the minerality of the terroir to shine through. On the palate it is fresh, round and powerful with a silky finish. Ideal with salads, pasta dishes, seafood and fish. RIOJA ROSADO 2003 P1 £ 4.95 A clean and brilliant pale glazed-cherry in colour. Aromas of wild strawberries with light notes of anise and fresh fruit. In the mouth it is fresh and well balanced with light tannic notes. Well bodied with a smooth acidity. Elegant fruit finish. Try with salads, some fish, white meats (chicken & turkey) without excessive spices. RIOJA TINTO 2002 R1 £ 5.70 Ruby red with light violet in the edges of the glass. On the nose the aroma has raspberries and blackberries of nice intensity with hints of coffee, toasted notes and vanilla. In the mouth it is well structured with balanced tannins, alcohol acidity, fresh mature fruit in perfect harmony. The finish leaves a pleasant memory of lightly toasted notes. Great with cold meats, rice, pastas, white and red roasted or grilled meats.






RIOJA CRIANZA 2000 R2 £ 7.95 A clean and bright ruby-red colour with light but intense tones. Ripe fruit aromas, well balanced with complex spicy notes, elegant vanilla tones that persist. Sturdy tannins on the palate, rounded and well structured with presence of ripe fruits, cocoa and coffee and red berry aromas. Complex with excellent harmony. RIOJA RESERVA 1998 R2 £ 11.15 Made with Tempranillo and Graciano from vineyards older than 30 years of age, this is a sensational Rioja loaded with ripe berry fruit combined with hints of toast and vanilla from the 18 months maturation in French and American oak. Terrific with red meats, roasts, stews and all types of game. RIOJA GRAN RESERVA 1995 R3 £ 19.80 The colour is a very clean intense ruby-red with a medium-high intensity, covered with garnet tones. The aroma is powerful and complex on the nose with highlights of red fruits with elegant notes of spices, balsamic, vanilla with rich toasted oak. In the mouth it is smooth, ample, elegant, fresh, complex and with an excellent structure and a pleasant presence of ripe tannins. The finish leaves mineral notes, spices and ripe red fruit and liquor finely integrated with balsamic, coffee and toasted touches. RIOJA COLLECTION PRIVADA 1998 R2 £ 23.45 The colour is an intense, clean red with touches of purple and orange making it extremely attractive. The aroma is an intense fresh fruit with hints of strawberry and raspberry with fruit infusion, perfectly assembled with coffee, toasted notes and spices giving it complexity and harmony. In the mouth it is potent, with very vigorous, mature tannins and good body erupting with intense sensations of fruit perceived in the aroma, linked in the finish with the coffee and spices. Extraordinary complexity. RIOJA SENORIO DE SAN VINCENTE 1996 R3 £ 23.45 Alive and brilliant red/black cherry in colour. The aroma is powerful and complex with good intensity. It is well integrated with notes of oak, cocoa, liquorice, plum, currants and cassis with some notes of tobacco and anise. In the mouth a smooth, round body that is ample, elegant and refined with powerful and mature tannins. Fills the mouth with touches of cocoa and liquorice. The finish is persistent, reminiscent of ripe fruits with subtle balsamic notes.






Bodegas Eguren Bodegas Eguren is the Eguren family’s outstanding estate in Toro, the small vineyard area 150km north-west of Madrid which has attracted substantial investment from many of Spain’s big names, so rich is the potential here. (See also Bodegas Sierra Cantabria and Dominio de Eguren) 7082 NUMANTHIA 2000 R3 £ 25.50 Beautiful intense red with light ruby-red tones. Very clean with superb brightness. Great aromatic complexity with intense notes of mature, black fruits perfectly integrated with spice characters, toasted notes and mineral properties. Very elegant. In the mouth it is dry and potent in front. Wide, flavourful and very balanced. Magnificent structure, pleasant acidity and presence of well integrated fine tannins. Long and elegant on the finish with tannins, cocoa and toasted characteristics. TERMANTHIA 2000 R3 £ 88.00 Made from 100% Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo) from pre-phylloxera vines that are more than 70 years old where each grape is selected by hand and fermented in small oak vats. This is an absolute blockbuster loaded with sweet dark fruit complemented by toasty oak and an unbelievable structure. This is one of the world’s greatest wines. Only 60 bottles a year are allocated to us.


Dominio de Eguren Dominio de Eguren is part of the Eguren family’s operation based in Rioja, but making wines from grapes sourced elsewhere. They are made with the same skill and concern for the highest quality as their impressive Sierra Cantabria wines, thus offering outstanding value for money. (See also Bodegas Sierra Cantabria and Bodegas Eguren) 7021 TORRE ABALDE BLANCO W1 £ 4.25 The colour is very bright, clean yellow with greenish hues. It has a fresh fruit aroma with hints of banana, apple and peach. In the mouth it shows fresh fruity, silky notes with bright acidity, followed by a fruity strong finish. TORRE ABALDE TINTO R2 £ 4.25 The colour is a clean ruby-red with violet hues. It has a fresh fruity aroma with hints of raspberry and red fruits, which is very characteristic of this variety. It also has notes of vanilla and spice. In the mouth medium bodied with good equilibrium of tannins and acidity, finishing with notes of raspberry, vanilla and light notes of oak.



Bodegas Valduero Bodegas Valduero was established in 1984 by a family with long experience of wine making in the Rioja. They are based in the village of Gumiel del Marcado, 850m above sea level, where the climate is harsh, as it is throughout the DO. The thin, gravely soil and poor rainfall produce low yields from the Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) grapes, but the quality and concentration of the resulting wines are impressive. They are made using modern methods, to ensure the highest standards, while ageing is carried out in American oak barrels in 400 year-old cellars where the temperature and humidity remain utterly constant all year round, offering ideal conditions for maturation. 7062 RIBERA DEL DUERO CRIANZA 1999 R2 £ 11.25 A well-rounded wine, cherry red in colour. Good in the olfactory passage and improving on the nose. Tones of oak, vanilla and spices. Silky texture, very tasty and complex mouth. A well-balanced and well-structured wine with a slightly astringent taste which gives a hint of its age and suggests a long life with further development. Partner with grilled or roast meats or other flavoursome main courses. RIIBERA DEL DUERO RESERVA 1998 R2 £ 13.25 Deep cherry-red with pronounced rusty tinges. Bright, full and fresh. Strong, complex aromas with spicy woodland fruit bouquet in perfect balance. On the palate this is a lively wine with a smooth texture, well-balanced tannins and acidity. Complex and mature. RIBERA DEL DUERO GRAN RESERVA 1990 R3 £ 46.85 This remarkably complex and intensely flavoured red is now fully mature and displays all the classical nuances that Ribera Del Duero has to offer. Rich in developed fruit with good balancing acidity and soft tannins, the wine makes an excellent partner to roast meats and game. TORO – Val Viadero 2001 R3 £ 7.25 This is a full-bodied, powerful wine that keeps all the fruitiness of the grape. The ageing in barrique gives a touch of quality allowing the wine to express its full personality. The balsamic aromas of the Viadero are a pleasant surprise, making this a wine to enjoy in youth with extraordinary complexity.




Canals and Munné Established in 1915 Canals & Munne have been making traditional Cava for almost a century, selecting free-run juice from the hillsides surrounding Sant Sadurni D’Andia. The wines mature in the darkness and silence of their cellars. These are limited production wines which are consistent medal winners. 12089 CAVA BRUT INSUPERABLE CH £ 7.75 After ageing for 25 months in their cellars this delicious sparkling wine has developed a pale yellow tone with fine pearl bubbles that form numerous ribbons and a lasting ring on the glass. Pleasantly fresh and floral it is best served between 6 and 8 °C.


The 21st Century wine scene in Hungary is exciting, but it is not about Bull’s Blood or unpronounceable names such as Keknylu and Szurkebarat! It is about the renaissance of one of the world’s greatest dessert wines, Tokaji. This fabled wine had been the preserve of the nobility of Europe, most notably the Russian Tsars, but years of neglect and malpractice under the communist regime ruined the wine and its reputation. Happily, new investment, mostly from Western Europe, has restored Tokaji to its rightful place at the pinnacle of dessert wines. Chateau Dereszla Chateau Dereszla is typical of many of today’s best Tokaji estates, with investment and winemaking wisdom from the French negociant Edonia. It is situated in the heart of the Tokaji Crus Classes, its soil volcanic lava covered with a sandy loam. The two traditional Tokaji grape varieties are grown, Furmint and Harslevelu, along with Muscat. Autumn mists rising from the Bodrog river valley encourage the development of noble rot, in a similar fashion to Sauternes. 6232 TOKAJI ASZU 5 PUTTONYOS 1998 (50cl) SW £ 14.25 Unique sensations of freshness and mellowness mix intimately in this white Long-lived sweet wine an incredible balance. You can associate it with fruit puddings (apple pie, apricot pie, walnut cake) and even to some chocolate cakes. Great with blue cheeses such as Roquefort or Stilton. Also can be served with duck a l’orange or with figs, with foie gras or even with some poultry. Suitable for just about any dessert including chocolate. TOKAJI ASZU 6 PUTTONYOS 1993 (50cl) SW £ 24.00 A real rarity. This sensational dessert wine is complex and opulent with aromas of honey, bees’ wax, apricot, quince, fig and exotic fruits all under the umbrella of orange peel. The real expression of Tokaji and a sensational partner to blue cheeses and just about any dessert you could imagine. TOKAJI ASZU ESSENCIA 1988 (50cl) SW £ 32.00 In the very great years Derezla produces Aszu Essencia, that is, to say a wine with 2 further Puttonyos added to the already delicious 6 Puttonyos. These are wines that are capable of ageing for decades. The 1988, although now some 16 years old, is still in its infancy and displays all the complex fruit notes enjoyed by the 6 Puttonyos but with even more nuances hidden within its sumptuous body. Enjoy it as an aperitif by itself or with the richest of desserts. FURMINT VENDAGE TARDIVE 2000 (50cl) SW £ 9.40 A truly sensational dessert wine. Made with all the care of a 5 Puttonyos but bottled within weeks of the harvest to retain every drop of freshness and pure fruit character possible. Stunning wine and incredible value.





Italy vies with France as the world’s largest wine producer, each country producing more wine than the whole of the New World put together! The Italians make their wines to go with their food, which to some extent explains the predominance of red wines over whites within the high quality sector. Traditional Italian grape varieties have largely been retained, and today’s wine-making mixes the best of the old with the benefits of the new, thus maintaining the wines’ distinctiveness with few concessions to a global, one-size-fits-all style, yet achieving standards and a consistency impossible in the past.

Taverna Nova Taverna Nova is based in the Abruzzi, specialising in the Montepulciano grape (nothing to do with Montepulciano in Tuscany, by the way) which gives very accessible, easy-drinking red wines. They would make admirable house wines.


TREBIBIANO D’ABRUZZO – Taverna Nova 2003 W1 £ 5.60 Pale yellow colour with green reflections. On the nose a fruity aroma. In the mouth very harmonious and tasty. CERASUOLO D’ABRUZZO (Rose) – Taverna Nova 2002 P1 £ 5.60 Deep pink in colour with a floral aroma with hints of almond. On the palate smooth with an almond finish. A great lunchtime wine. Terrific with pasta, vegetable dishes, poultry and white meats. MONTEPULCIANO D’ABRUZZO – Taverna Nova 2002 R2 £ 5.90 Ruby-red with violet reflections in colour, the aromas are intense with a violet fragrance. On the palate it has a warm and tannic structure. Ideal with pasta and red meats. MONTEPULCIANO D’ABRUZZO – Galelle 2001 R2 £ 8.15 Ruby-red in colour with brick reflections. The aroma has a scent of vanilla and lightly toasted brioche and this makes an excellent partner to grilled meats and roasts.





Elena Walch Elena Walch is an architect who, together with her husband, has entered wine-making to considerable acclaim. She specialises in single-vineyard wines of distinction and has made huge investments in her hilly vineyards in the Alto Adige. 11021 PINOT GRIGIO – Castel Ringberg 2002 W2 £ 9.90 Pale straw yellow with green reflections, elegant ripe fruit, fresh herbs, floral aromas and a full, rich and concentrated palate with a long and succulent finish.

Fattoria Lavacchio The Fattoria Lavacchio is based in the heart of the Chianti Rufina region in the hills to the east of Florence. The Rufina wines, grown at altitude, are noted for their perfumed bouquet and lingering elegance and Lavacchio Chiantis are consummate examples. They also make a SuperTuscan and, although all their wines have the capacity to age well, they are also approachable young. Their restaurant at the vineyard is the perfect place to match these wines with hearty Tuscan food. 11038 CHIANTI RUFINA 2000 R2 £ 9.15 Vivid ruby-red in colour with a distinctive sour-cherry fruitiness. The delicate and noble rich taste of this dry wine enhances with age, and indicative of its maturity, is the blackberry aroma. In its early years this wine is appreciated with all kinds of food. When aged it is delicious with roasts, wild game and mature cheese. CHIANTI RUFINA RESERVA 2000 R2 £ 14.95 A deep ruby colour with garnet reflections, this wine has persistent and intense perfumes of red berries and spice. This full-bodied wine with a predominant cherry flavour and a touch of cassis is dry and harmonic and has a slightly tannic resonance. Softens with age. In its early years this wine is appreciated with all dishes. When mature, great with roasts, wild game and cheeses. CORTIGIANO (Super Tuscan) 1999 R3 £ 16.50 A deep plum hue with a luxurious velvety texture. Fruity on the nose with concentrated overtones of blackberry, vanilla and oak. Rich and complex with fantastic length. Goes well with roasts, wild game and mature cheese.




Champagne, the world’s greatest sparkling wine, is unusual in that it is almost entirely a blended wine in which the important element is the name of the maker, not the name of individual vineyards. The Champagne vineyards are found on a range of low, chalky hills south of Reims split by the River Marne. They are owned by perhaps twenty-thousand proprietors, many of whom are part-time growers. Only a small percentage of the vignoble is owned by the major Champagne houses, who prefer to buy in their grapes from countless different growers. Their skill, then, is in sourcing the highest quality grapes and blending the wine to produce the consistent house style for which each great company is renowned.

Champagne Boizel Established in 1834 by Auguste Boizel, the house still remains in family hands with Christophe and Evelyne Roques-Boizel overseeing the time-honoured traditions in the production of this sensational Champagne. Experience, memory and intuition are the skills they use to prepare each cuvee for the precious ageing time in their cellars under the Avenue de Champagne in Epernay. The results are wonderful, with each cuvee developing to fantastic wine that will turn any occasion into a celebration. 12049 Champagne Boizel Brut Reserve N/V Bottle (75cl) (CH) £ 17.50 The very expression of Champagne and the ambassador of Boizel. Fresh, superbly balanced and mellow on the palate with delightful appetising aromas and refreshing finish. Superb! Champagne Boizel Brut Reserve N/V Magnum (150cl) (CH) £ 37.50 The very expression of Champagne and the ambassador of Boizel. Fresh, superbly balanced and mellow on the palate with delightful appetising aromas and refreshing finish. Superb! Champagne Boizel Brut Reserve N/V Jereboam (300cl) (CH) £ 110.00 The very expression of Champagne and the ambassador of Boizel. Fresh, superbly balanced and mellow on the palate with delightful appetising aromas and refreshing finish. Superb! CHAMPAGNE BOIZEL BRUT CHARDONNAY N/V (CH) £ 19.75 A sensational Champagne that comes from the Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards in the Cote des Blancs from the 1998 and 1999 harvests. It has a terrific floral nose with a clean, elegant palate with hints of toast and honey and a fine, refreshing finish. Ideal for an aperitif. CHAMPAGNE BOIZEL GRAND VINTAGE 1996 (CH) £ 22.50 There are certain years, the greatest ones, when Boizel decide to create a unique wine allowing the exceptional character of the vintage to express itself. 1996 is one such year and here it shows extreme finesse with expressive aromas of acacia and brioche with a palate in perfect balance and with great length.







CHAMPAGNE BOIZEL BRUT ROSÉ N/V (CH) £ 19.50 A superb pink Champagne that’s proving extremely popular at the moment. The delightful salmon pink colour gives way to aromas of red fruits. On the palate it has clean, ripe berry flavours with a crisp and balancing acidity. A great glass! JOYAU DE CHARDONNAY 1989 (CH) £ 39.50 This is a fantastic luxury cuvee from the classic 1989 vintage and made from pure Chardonnay grapes. Crisp and fresh yet mellow and soft, a really complex glass. Great before a meal or terrific with a fish course. JOYAU DE FRANCE 1991 (CH) £ 37.50 The name of this great wine recalls that of ‘Tresor’, the vault which has sheltered all the great vintages since 1834. It represents the quintessence of Boizel know-how and is only prepared in exceptional years. It has an old gold robe with a delicate pearl, a nose that allies vinosity and richness with finesse and in the mouth it is ample and racey. A real jewel! CUVEE DE SOUS BOIS 1990 (CH) £ 39.50 This special cuvee has been crafted using techniques and methods employed in the early 1900’s. The base wines were vinified in casks giving them a special depth and complexity and the results in bottle are superb. The aromas are rich and concentrated with nuances of grilled nuts, quince and roses. In the mouth it is full and lively, with flavours reflected from the aromas. Long and supple with great persistence. Simply fantastic!




Champagne Louis Roederer Established in 1776, Roederer owns nearly 500 acres of vineyards in some of Champagnes finest locations. This makes them self-sufficient for all its vintage wines and provides 2/3rds of its needs for the Brut Premier ensuring quality from grape to glass. 12065 LOUIS ROEDERER BRUT PREMIER N/V (CH) £ 22.75 The hallmark of Louis Roederer Brut Premier is fresh and fruity with all the liveliness of youth yet with a supple and round mouthfeel. LOUIS ROEDERER BRUT VINTAGE 1996 (CH) £ 44.50 Produced solely from the fantastic 1996 vintage. Rich and full, this vintage Champagne is opulent and stylish. Ideal with or without food. LOUIS ROEDERER CRISTAL 1997 (CH) Please telephone for availability and price.




Moet Et Chandon Champagne has always been regarded as a symbol of luxury but none more so than Moet et Chandon, the UK’s and indeed the world’s, leading brand. This short selection from their range, including the famous Dom Perignon Cuvee, are their most popular wines. 12006 MOET ET CHANDON BRUT IMPERIAL N/V (CH) The very essence of the range. Elegant and harmonious, fresh and supple, clean and balanced. The world’s most popular champagne! MOET ET CHANDON BRUT IMPERIAL ROSÉ N/V (CH) This is a rosé with hints of copper. The aromas are expressive and dominated by strawberries. It is lively, supple and racy on the palate with a terrific, zesty finish. DOM PERIGNON 1996 (CH) The luxury cuvee of the Moet range, Dom Perignon has become a symbol of all things good. Fresh with overtones of brioche, it is clear and refreshing on the palate, persistent, vibrant and pure. Superb! £ 19.99


£ 29.99


£ 69.99

Sparkling Wines
The ultimate sparkling wine is Champagne, or, rather, good Champagne from a reliable, high-quality house. Indifferent Champagne is simply a waste of money. Yet there is nothing quite like a glass of chilled sparkling wine as a pick-me-up at the end of a tiring day, to celebrate a happy event, to quench the thirst on a summer afternoon or simply to get a party going with a swing. The best sparkling wines are made using the traditional methods employed also in Champagne. 12008 BRUT DE BOURISSET N.V CH £ 7.50 A delicious sparkling wine, crisp, fresh and lively with elegant fruit on the palate. Ideal to turn any occasion into a celebration. CAVA BRUT INSUPERABLE CH £ 7.75 After ageing for 25 months in their cellars this delicious sparkling wine has developed a pale yellow tone with fine pearl bubbles that form numerous ribbons and a lasting ring on the glass. Pleasantly fresh and floral it is best served between 6 and 8 °C. TRENTHAM BRUT VINTAGE CH A light and fresh Sparkling wine with lifted fruit aromas from the Chardonnay giving elegance and finesse and the Pinot Noir giving body and structure. Excellent Sparkling wine £ 8.95




Over the last twenty-five years Australian wine-makers have revolutionised the wine world with their combination of sound fundamentals allied to innovative, New World techniques. Now they are applying the best of Old World practice to their own wines, identifying the subtle variations in climate and soil from one vineyard to the next and capturing those differences (terroir) in their wines, adding elegance and distinction to vigour and richness. Australia Wattleglen and Goodman Point wines are made exclusively for Gerrard Seel to our own specifications and make ideal barbecue wines. 13200 WATTLEGLEN SEMILLON / CHARDONNAY 2003 W2 £ 4.99 The colour is a medium yellow with greenish gold tinges. A delicate blend of herbaceous Semillion and exotic tropical chardonnay fruit characters. It has subtle oak complexity which is well balanced with a crisp, fresh, fruity finish. Best served chilled with chicken, pasta and at barbecues. GOODMAN POINT UNOAKED CHARDONNAY 2003 W2 An elegant and zesty Chardonnay with grapefruit and hints of gooseberry on the nose. The palate shows vibrant tropical fruit flavours with a clean, crisp finish giving wonderful length. WATTLEGLEN SHIRAZ / CABERNET 2002 R1 The wine has aromas of spice and black pepper with undertones of chocolate and cherry characters. A soft, easy drinking wine which has good balance and palate length. Meats, poultry, cheeses and creamy pasta dishes make an ideal partner. GOODMAN POINT CABERNET / MERLOT 2002 R2 The colour is intense with purple hues. A well balanced, succulent red wine with rounded length and depth of flavour. Lifted berry characters of Cabernet Sauvignon and the soft fruity Merlot are enhanced by subtle tannins. Seamless blending has retained the elegant varietal characters of berries and soft oak. £ 5.50



£ 4.99


£ 5.50

Canonbah Bridge Canonbah Bridge wines come from Merryanbone Station on the Duck Creek, some seven hours north-west of Sydney. It is right on the edge of the outback and because it is the only vineyard in the area there are no natural vineyard pests, which enables the grapes to be grown biodynamically, without the use of chemicals. Vigneron Shane McLaughlin was an Australian international oarsman and the estate has just won two awards at the prestigious Brisbane RAS Wine Show. 13172 RAMS LEAP SEMILLON / SAUVIGNON 2002 W1 £ 6.95 This Semillon Sauvignon is pale straw in colour with tinges of green. Limey concentrated citrus and blackcurrant aromas with light honeyed characters. The palate is intense in fruit suggesting apple and citrus, with a well balanced, lingering finish. 41


CANONBAH BRIDGE SEMILLON / SAUVIGNON 2000 W1 £ 9.95 Pale straw in colour with traces of green. The nose displays the lime characters of Semillon with an underlying Lychee aroma typical of Sauvignon Blanc. Beautifully crisp acid balance and mid-palate flavours carry through to the finish. Fresh citrus with traces of honey. RAMS LEAP SHIRAZ 2002 R2 This Shiraz is dark red cherry in colour with traces of purple. Lifted varietal Shiraz aromas with hints of white pepper and attractive underlying integrated oak. Light plum mid-palate flavour and soft tannin finish. £ 6.95



CANONBAH BRIDGE £ 9.95 SHIRAZ/ GRENACHE/ MOURVEDRE 2002 R3 Rich blackcurrant, crimson red in colour. On the nose spice, hints of stewed plum, cinnamon and pepper. The palate displays delightful cherry and blackcurrant flavours, with soft tannins in the finish. Trentham Estate

Trentham Estate occupies an idyllic spot right on the edge of the Murray River, but it also has vineyards at higher altitude in Orange State. Tony Murphy, who makes the wines, is not quite your typical Australian; he prefers to let his wines speak for him. Nor are his wines typical Australian having unusual elegance and refinement, and every single bottle is spot on. 13109 CHARDONNAY 2002 W2 £ 7.50 With fruit harvested at varying stages of ripeness the wine displays intricate exotic fruit aromas and flavours, balanced by the judicious use of oak which adds structure without masking the fruit. Delicious! VIOGNIER 2002 W2 This wine typifies the characteristics of the variety and shows it has so much promise for the future. The wine has exotic fragrant aromas of apricot and peach with a full soft palate finishing dry. £ 8.40



NOBLE TAMINGA 2001 (37.5cl) SW £ 6.50 This wine has a floral nose with lifted citrus and apricot flavours all combined with the complexity of the Botrytis. The wine tastes beautifully sweet and luscious and is ideally served chilled with desserts or creamy cheeses. CABERNET / MERLOT 2000 R2 The wine displays ripe berry fruits and slight leafy overtones, the palate is full and dry, finishing with firm, fine-grained tannins. £ 7.50



SHIRAZ 2000 R2 £ 8.45 An elegant, somewhat restrained style with ripe berry fruit aromas on the nose combined with complex, leathery cigarbox hints. The palate is full flavoured with sweet fruit balanced by fine, firm tannins. TRENTHAM BRUT VINTAGE CH A light and fresh Sparkling wine with lifted fruit aromas from the Chardonnay giving elegance and finesse and the Pinot Noir giving body and structure. Excellent Sparkling wine 42 £ 8.95


Hollick The Hollick vineyards are located right in the centre of Coonawarra’s Terra Rossa, and the combination of the cooler Coonawarra climate and these select red soils produces wines with great style and finesse yet retaining the typically Australian sweet fruit quality. Ian Hollick is a genial man with a great sense of humour and his wines are immediately welcoming – user friendly.


CHARDONNAY RESERVE 2001 W3 £ 9.30 The Reserve Chardonnay is bright yellow with green tinges at the edges. With age, it will develop golden hues. Aromas of citrus, melon and peaches are balanced by toasted cashew characters achieved from barrel fermentation and maturation. This intensely flavoured wine has great mouth-feel and balance, finishing with cleansing acidity. SHIRAZ / CABERNET 2001 R2 £ 8.95 The Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon opens with red/purple colours. The Shiraz component displays aromas of finely ground black pepper and ripe berries. The palate has great texture and length, toasty oak and fine powdery tannins adding structure and complexity to the finished wine. CABERNET / MERLOT 2000 R2 £ 9.90 This wine is bright red with purple hues, and displays the typical berry aromas. These berry aromas are balanced with the perfumed cherry flavours of the Merlot. The wine delivers a fine balance between the ripe fruit flavours, fine tannins and supporting spicy oak. A great match with slow cooked Lamb Shanks. PINOT NOIR 2003 R2 £ 8.95 The wine displays typical spicy plum and raspberry Pinot Noir fruit flavours and aromas with underlying gamey tones. As it ages, it will display more aged, earthy, meaty characters consistent with high quality Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is the perfect accompaniment to any game dish, such as duck with redcurrant and Pinot glaze. Serve also with pasta or light meat dishes. “NIELSONS BLOCK” MERLOT 2000 R3 £ 20.75 The colour, crimson red with a purple rim, will develop brick red colours with cellaring. The nose is a perfumed aroma of violets and red cherries. Integrated chocolatey French oak permeates the pure fruit aromas. The palate is vibrant and harmonious with a core of pure Merlot fruit. Fine silky tannins and spicy oak notes contribute length and structure to this elegant, medium bodied wine. Sensational!! “RAVENSWOOD” CABERNET SAUVIGNON 1999 R3 £ 21.95 The Ravenswood is a wine of genuine class and structure showing great depth and length of fruit flavour integrated with fine-grained tannins. The wine exudes aromas and flavours of blackcurrants, berries and violets, and integrated cedary oak nuances. The nature of the vintage and the established track record of this wine suggest cellaring for 10-15 years would be possible.







The wines of Argentina first gained recognition in Europe during the 1990s. Their hearty flavours, reliability and good value have made them lasting favourites. The climate is warm and dry, waters from the snowy Andes irrigate the vines, foreign investment has raised standards and wine-making techniques are state-of-the-art, revealing to the rest of the world the true potential of such grape varieties as Malbec and Torrontes as well as doing a sound job with the classics. Argentina - Finca Monte Lindo – Mendoza Finca Monte Lindo was started by a Frenchman, Jean Michel Arcaute of Chateau Clinet fame. Since his untimely death, Edonia of Bordeaux have put in place a new team to continue his traditions and ideals. The long ripening season and high altitude of Mendoza ensures complexity in the grapes, and Patrick d’Aulan (formerly of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne) was responsible for pioneering specially insulated containers to make certain that no damage is done to the complexity of the wines on the long sea journey from Argentina to England.


CHARDONNAY / TORRONTES 2004 W2 £ 4.95 This is a pleasant blend of Torrontes – a native grape variety with intense Muscat-like aromas - and Chardonnay which gives it roundness, suppleness and structure. A beautiful bright yellow colour with citrus fruit aromas which makes it a great quaffing wine TORRONTES 2000 W3 £ 6.50 Delicious rose petal aromas greet you, followed by lively clean fruit on the palate with a fresh and balancing acidity. Ideal with oriental cuisine or by itself as an aperitif. MALBEC / TEMPRANILLO 2001 R1 £ 4.95 Made with 2 grape varieties, Malbec – the king of grape varieties in Argentina – which gives the wine its structure and Tempranillo with very powerful red fruit aromas. Cosecha Tinto is a pleasurable wine and should be drunk young to appreciate all its fruitiness. MALBEC 2000 R2 £ 7.40 This varietal has made its home in Argentina giving ripe and spicey fruit aromas with backbone and structure and a full and generous aftertaste. Great with red meats, casseroles and barbecues.





New Zealand
New Zealand’s rise to prominence has been centred mainly on Hawke’s Bay on the North Island and Marlborough on the cooler South Island. New Zealand’s wine-makers have not rested on their laurels but have sought out exciting new areas such as Matakana which is perfect for growing red grapes and especially so for the Bordeaux classics of Cabernet and Merlot. Dreambay Estate Dreambay Estate is run by Peter Vegar, a man of Croatian extraction (as are many in the New Zealand wine trade). It is a young estate but one that is growing soundly. Vegar recognises that you cannot grow all grape varieties equally well in the same terroir so he has bought vineyards in Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough and Matakana. 13177 SAUVIGNON – Marlborough 2003 W1 £ 8.25 This spirited wine boasts lively aromas of gooseberry, passionfruit, grapefruit and crisp red capsicum. Wild lime, ripe grapefruit and gooseberry flavours tantalise the palate before delivering a refreshing, long, clean finish. Goes well with seafood and shellfish. CHARDONNAY – Marlborough 2000 W2 £ 8.25 This has an elegant and graceful, golden hue. It leads with a tantalising aroma of ripe tropical fruit, subtle toasty oak and a hint of nutmeg. Deliciously ripe flavours of grapefruit, peach and melon follow. The velvety smooth texture has a subtle creaminess. Distinctive and well-integrated oak adds a toasty complexity, and a long, soft finish completes the experience. RIESLING – Hawke’s bay 2002 W1 £ 6.95 This Riesling has a soft lemon hue and a delicate floral bouquet. Fresh, lively flavours of lemon, lime, passionfruit and green apple succumb to a gentle honey sensation. A crisp, clean finish completes the experience. Ideal as an aperitif or with smoked salmon, seafood and fish. CABERNET / MERLOT – Matakana 2000 R2 £ 8.25 This rich red wine offers heady aromas of ripe cherries, blackcurrants and smoky oak. Intense, mouth- filling flavours of blackcurrants, cherries and blackberries are wrapped in fine fruit tannins and seductively toasty French oak. A long, smooth, refined aftertaste completes the experience. Red meats especially roasts and game.





South Africa
South African wines mirror the harmony achieved in their homeland since the ending of apartheid. Their wine-makers have researched the world-wide public’s tastes in wine and have set out to give the public what it wants, invigorating wines, full of sunshine, well made and true to their grape varieties. Investment in the industry has been enormous and successful. However, a word of caution! Grape viruses are prevalent in South Africa. The estates represented here are virus free.

Rustenberg Estate Owned by Simon Barlow, Rustenberg is one of the world’s finest wine estates. With vineyard sites under the Simonsberg and Helderberg mountains, each piece of land is identified as to its suitability for specific grape varieties to be planted. The winemaking is exemplary resulting in some of the world’s greatest bottles at very affordable prices.


Brampton Sauvignon Blanc 2003 (W1) A crisp and zesty upfront Sauvignon in true New World style. Fleshy and well rounded, clean and packed with gooseberry / passionfruit flavours. Tremendous value! Brampton Chardonnay 2003 (W3) Soft round and creamy, this unoaked Chardonnay has aromas of poached pears, peaches, melon and ginger, well rounded on the palate and full flavoured.

£ 6.99


£ 6.99


Brampton Viognier 2003 (W2) £ 8.50 Superb aromatics full of spicy springtime aromas of peaches, apricots and honeysuckle. In the mouth it’s very waxy and delicate yet with an underlying strength and focus. A great partner to many foods especially oriental. Rustenberg Chardonnay 2002 (W3) A complex array of flavours and aromas which are continuously changing as the wine spends more time in bottle. Currently the nose shows nuttiness and marzipan with underlying citrus flavours and hints of white peaches. A firm palate gives backbone to the concentrated fruit and richness to the wine. The wine will develop in bottle, leading to new nuances and flavours and continued drinking pleasure for years to come. Brampton Natural Sweet (Half Bottle) 2001 Complex spice aromas, dried fruit, peaches and hints of flowers, which follow with superb length to the palate. Enjoy this wine well chilled in the company of good looking friends or on its own with a selection of fine cheeses. £ 10.50



£ 11.50



Brampton Old Vines Red 2002 (R2) £ 6.99 Upfront spice of cloves and nutmeg are complemented by ripe red fruits. A superb palate, full and ripe with a big dark chocolate finish. Terrific value. Brampton Shiraz / Viognier 2002 (R2) £ 8.50 The rich savoury character of the Shiraz is enhanced by Viognier, adding an aromatic dimension to the wine. Earth, pepper-spice and hints of dark chocolate support the richness of the ripe fruit. A great compliment to a variety of red meat dishes. Rustenberg John X Merriman 2000 (R2) £ 10.50 A well rounded wine that will increase in complexity with bottle age. Aromas of spice and red fruit, matched on the palate with fine, elegant tannins. Best decanted before serving. Rustenberg Peter Barlow Cabernet Sauvignon 1999 (R3) £ 19.50 Absolutely stunning! Violets, mint, coffee and blackberry dominate the aroma and carry to the palate where they combine with smooth layers of fine-grained tannins. A truly world class wine.





The climate of the Chilean wine growing regions is so consistent that it has been possible to use Chile as a wine factory, producing plentiful, inexpensive wines of a good and regular quality. However, Chile is also making more serious wines from vines grown at altitude in cooler conditions. As might be expected of a relatively young industry, Chilean wine making has profited from the advice of expert wine-makers from all over the world, much foreign investment and modern techniques.

Rucahue Estate The Rucahue property was a wilderness when Jose (Pepe) Esturillo bought it in 1982. Laboriously he cleared the land and planted vines of the highest quality. Situated on the slopes of the Rucahue Range in the Maule Valley it is a wild and beautiful place and the Esturillos intervene as little as possible in the natural growth of the grapes. The consistent climate and high altitude produces healthy, fully ripe grapes and modern techniques ensure their full flavour is passed on to the wines. 13128 SAUVIGNON BLANC 2004 W1 £ 4.95 Crisp and expressive apple and citrus flavours in a full bodied, clean and Balanced wine. Ideal as an aperitif or with shellfish and seafood. CHARDONNAY 2003 W2 £ 4.95 The balance between the subtle acidity and the smoky textures imparted by the French oak gives this wine a light creamy texture. Great wine to be enjoyed on its own, or pairs well with pasta, chicken and turkey. CHARDONNAY GRAN RESERVA 2001 W3 £ 8.50 This Chardonnay harvest produced clean, rich, intensely fruity grapes that were high in acid. This laid the foundation for a crisp refreshing wine. Barrel fermentation, partial malolactic fermentation and subsequent barrel aging add a toasty vanilla complexity that complements the forward fruit and mellows the acidity. The result is a balanced wine with flavors that unfold in layers and finish with a refreshing burst of citrus. Excellent wine with grilled poultry, lighter pork dishes, fresh seafood or pasta primavera with shaved parmesan cheese. MERLOT 2002 R1 £ 4.95 This wine displays a soft, spice, pepper, sweet toffee and ripe blackberry fruit character that is balanced nicely by the toasty vanilla oak flavours imparted from the barrels. Try it with a traditional meatloaf, hearty lamb stew or lasagna with Italian sausage. CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2002 R2 £ 4.95 This opaque, substantial wine bursts on the palate with flavours of ripe berries and toasty/spicy oak. This is a well balanced wine with an intense aroma and powerful, velvet finish. Note the deep red ruby colour and soft, rich tannins.







CARMENERE RESERVA 2002 R2 £ 6.90 The balance between the subtle acidity and the smoky textures imparted by the French oak gives this wine a light creamy texture with nuances of smoky oak. Good wine for an appetizer, sipping or pairs well with pasta, veal and white meat and any sandwich. CABERNET SAUVIGNON GRAN RESERVA 1999 R3 £ 9.70 This intense Cabernet Sauvignon exhibits a sweet nose of black fruits, dried herbs, tobacco, spice box, and menthol. Medium to full-bodied but with a smooth tannin structure, it has a nicely textured mid-palate and a stylish finish. CABERNET FRANC GRAN RESERVA 2000 R2 £ 9.70 This is a sleek, refined, elegant, Bordeaux-style of Cabernet that will appeal to fans of the Bordeaux classics. With undeniable accents of spice and toast from the relatively high percentage of French oak barrels, the wine is wound together, somewhat tightly at this stage, by its soulful fruit essences of blackcurrant, black cherry, leather and the good earth. Fruit tannins are mature and smooth, giving structure and length to the fine finish. Great wine to be enjoyed as an accompaniment with duck or lamb, barbecues or blue cheese.




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