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Atwood, Margaret—Alias Grace- based on the true story of an immigrant woman who was accused of murdering her employer, set in 1850’s Austin, Jane—Pride and prejudice, Sense and Sensibility- life of gentry in England during 1800’s Avi –Beyond the Western Front—1851—young people fleeing Ireland to America - True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle –1832—journal of a girl masquerading as a boy in order to work on a ship and get to America, eventually accused and tried for murder Barrett, Tracy—Anna of Byzantium- a princess used as a pawn by her family Blackwood, Gary— The Shakespeare Stealer, The Shakespeare Scribe- Elizabethan England– young apprentice escapes from cruel master, joins Globe Theatre company Boulle,Pierre—The Bridge on the River Kwai –WWII Bradford, Karleen—there Will Be Wolves, Shadows on a Sword, Lionheart’s Scribe - Crusades—realistic look at horrors of Crusades as experienced by female apothecary Bradshaw, Gillian—Horses of Heaven- 140 B.C.—life in ancient Greece Brandis, Marianne—The Quarter-Pie Window- late 1800’s—Upper Canada Braithwaite, Max—All the Way Home, Never Sleep Three in a Bed—1930s Saskatchewan Bronte, Charlotte—Jane Eyre— 1800s England—classic love story Cadnum, Michael—The Book of the Lion - award winnng book about Richard the Lionhearted Carter, Forrest—the Education of Little Tree—1930’s—Appalachian Mountains, Tennessee Carr, Caleb—The Angel of Darkness—1919 U. S. first serial killer profilers Clarke, Lindsay— The Return from Troy –life of Agememnon, Menelaus, Helen and Odysseus after the fall of Troy Clavel, James, - Whirlwind –Iran 24 after shah forced to flee Cornwall, Bernard—The Lost Kingdom—Anglo-Saxon England Courter, Gay—The Midwife-early 1900’s-struggle of Jewish immigrant who is a midwife and wishes to become a doctor Crichton, Michael—The Great Train Robbery- Victorian England, based on true story Crook, Connie—Nellie’s Quest, Nellie’s Victory- Canada, late 1800’s- based on life of

Nellie McClung Cruise, David—Vancouver—traces several families living in Vancouver—13,477 B.C.— 2003 A.D. Cushman, Karen—Catherine, Called Birdy- Newberry Honor winner- diary of your girl in late 1200’s in England Dickens, Charles—A Tale of Two Cities- French Revolution- A Christmas Carol- mid 1800’s, England, classic Christmas tale Engle, Howard—Mr. Doyle and Dr. Bell- mystery story set in Victorian times Forbes, Esther—Johnny Tremain –Revolutionary War U. S. Ford, Michael—The Sword of Attila—400 A.D. Europe Frazer, Margaret –The Reeve’s Tale - murder mystery set in medieval times Garden, Nancy—Dove and Sword- story of Joan of Arc Golden, Arthur— Memoirs of a Geisha—pre-post WWII Gorden, Julia—Cyclone- Regina 1912-1919 Gregory, Kristiana –Cleopatra VII Greene, Bette— Summer of My German Soldier- WWII Haggard,H.Rider—King Solomon’s Mines -adventures of Allan Quartermain in Africa in 1800’s Haley, Alex— Queen- sequel to Roots, follows lives of Haley’s ancestors Hanse, Joyce—The Captive- African prince becomes slave in America Hawthorne, Nathaniel—The Scarlet Letter- Puritan New England- classic love story about a woman who is must wear a red ―A‖ after she is accused of adultery Hemingway, Ernest—A Farewell to Arms-WWII Heyerdahl, Thor—the Kon-tiki Expedition— 1947 expedition to prove Polynesians originated in South America Horton, David—The Legion of Honor—WWII Hoh, Diane— Titanic, The Long Night- 1912, the sinking of the Titanic Holeman, Linda—Promise Song-1900’s, Canada, resettled children Hugo, Victor—The Hunchback of Notre Dame Humphries, Helen—leaving Earth—female pilots in Canada during the Depression Kasper, Nancy– Escape to Freedom- post WWII- 3 children attempt to get to Canada from Europe Kent, Alexander—Form Line of Battle- 1793, British naval commander Kipling, Rudyard—Kim- late 1800’s, India at time of British Raj Levoy, Myron—Alan and Naomi- U.S.—1944—Jewish children Levitin, Sonia—Escape from Egypt- set during time of Jews exodus from Egypt Lisle, Janet—Sirens and Spies- girls learn their music teacher has secrets about her youth during WWII Matas, Carol—Jesper - WWII McKinley, Robin—The Outlaws of Sherwood Forest- Robin Hood story McLaren, Clemence—Inside the Walls of Troy - told from the point of view of Paris’s sister Meyer, Carolyn—Beware, Princess Elizabeth- story of childhood of Elizabeth I - Anastasia - early 1900, last princess of Russian family Mitchell, W.O.—Jake and the Kid, Who Has Seen the Wind- life in rural Saskatchewan

during the 1930’s Montgomery, L. M.—Anne books, Jane of Lantern Hill, Mistress Pat, Story Girl, Emily Stories - life in P.E. I. during the early 1900’s Moody, Ralph—Geronimo—1800s U.S.A. Myers, Walter— Fallen Angels - Vietnam war Napoli, Donna Jo— Song of Magdalene- Palestine—1st Century Nesbit, E.— The Railway Children- England in the early 1900’s Nickel, Barbara—The Secret Wish of Nannerl Mozart- story of Wolfgang Mozart’s sister, 1700’s O‘Brian, Patrick— Farside of the World - War of 1812 - Master and Commander - early 1800’s, life on British man-of-war O’Dell, Scott—Sarah Bishop - Revolutionary War, woman fugitive from British army Olsen, Sylvia—No time to Say Goodbye -B.C., 1960’S, aboriginal children forced to go to residential schools Pasternak, Boris— Doctor Zhivago - early 1900’s in Russia Pearson, Kit— The Sky is Falling, Looking at the Moon, The lights Go on Again, - WWII—English children sent to Canada to be safe from the bombing Pullman, Phillip—Sally Lockhart trilogy - Victorian England mysteries Rawlings, Marjorie—The Yearling - Florida, early 1900’s - boy and his pet deer Reid, Charles—Hurricanes Over London - WWII—Battle of Britain account as read by a Red Deer boy in his grandfather’s diary Reuter, Bjarne—Boys from St. Petersburg- WWII Richards, David—Soldier Boys, The Lady at Batoche- account of Riel Rebellion from point of vie of aboriginal boy and ―white‖ boy Ripley, Alexandra—Scarlett , A Love Devine- Civil War, Roman times Rose, Anne—Refugee –WWII Jewish girl forced to flee to America Smith, Wilbur—novels set in S.Africa 1800s – Sole, Robert—The Alexandria Semaphore—Egypt during the building of the Suez Canal 1860s Stewart, Sharon—My Anastasia— poor girl is befriended by Russian princess, Anastasia Steinbeck, John—The Grapes of Wrath—America 1939 Sutcliff, Rosemary—Lady in Waiting –Life of Elizabeth Raleigh—England time of Elizabeth I

The Witch’s Brat –England—Henry I, Sun horse, Moon Horse—Iron Age, England, The Lantern Bearers—Dark Ages, England Tarr, Judith—Household Gods –time travel back to 170 A.D. Temple, Frances –The Ramsay Scallop— England, 1299 Tingle, Rebecca-The Edge on the Sword— Dark Ages—Anglo Saxon Woman becomes warrior Trease, Geoffrey—A Flight of Angels—tech. not historical fiction—much info about Nottingham during Middle Ages Twain, Mark—The Adventures of Tom Sawyer-19th century U.S.A. Vanderhagen, Guy –The Englishman’s Boy—Cypress Hills Massacre and 1920’s Hollywood Verne, Jules—Around the World in 80 Days—Victorian England Whyte Jack, - Dream Eagles cycle—series of books set in England from post Roman times to time of King Arthur Wiseman, Eva—Kanda –WWII and after—story of Jutka, a Hungarian Jewish girl Wister, G.—Jericho’s Journey—U. S. A. 1852 Wyss, Johann—The Swiss Family Robinson—1800’s Swiss family shipwrecked on Polynesian island Yolen, Jane—Girl in a Cage –1300s Scotland

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