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									The Masked Truelovers Launch a Website Where They Share Their Long Distance Love Story
Who the heck are The Masked Truelovers? An anonymous couple shares how they experienced a second chance at love. By starting up a personal website, two unknown people seek to inspire hope for love by sharing how they discovered each other online and have succeeded in a long distance relationship.
(PRWEB) November 28, 2009 -- Who they are is not as important as the message that they bring. The Masked Truelovers are a representation of the many faceless people in the world that have the potential to find a real love relationship. They are an archetype of the ideal love relationship. They are not perfect, but they are perfect for each other. That is what an ideal love relationship is – two people who have proved that they can respect each other, care for each other, and connect with each other like no one else. Also known as Gianni and Sophie (pseudonyms), The Masked Truelovers met online in the summer of 2008 via an online dating site. They immediately connected and soon began a long distance love relationship. Both had experienced failed marriages in the past and were hoping to connect with someone new through the non-threatening method of online communication. At least one of them did not even believe in the thought of true love. But when they first started chatting, they immediately connected. In the chats and emails that followed, they discovered such a compatibility and natural ability to communicate with each other. Their relationship quickly grew. By the time they met in person about 3 weeks later, they had already decided they were meeting as a couple. That day began a tradition of weekend visits. Gianni and Sophie alternated driving between New Jersey and Pennsylvania for the next 13 months before they would speak handwritten vows uniting themselves in marriage. They still live over 150 miles away from each other to this day. They often talked about sharing their story during the building up of their relationship. They began preparing memories of their online encounters. Gianni actually started a diary earlier in their relationship detailing the wonderful experiences they shared during their weekends together. But the document disappeared one day from his computer. Sophie was very touched the day he first shared his secret writings with her. But in time, they decided on how they could share their story with the world. In August, 2009, they began building a website where they could share their experiences. Many aspects of their long distance love story are now available on their personal website. Visit and be inspired by one couple's journey of true love. ###

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