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									Camp Hill Rugby Football Club - Autumn Internationals – Match Tickets Application form
INDICATE NUMBER OF TICKETS REQUIRED Twickenham @ £85 Saturday 7 November 2009 England v Australia Kick off 2.30 p.m. Saturday 21 November 2009 England v New Zealand Kick off 2.30pm (total price of all ‘home’ tickets requested) Sub total (Note: If no ticket is allocated, half of the amount will be refunded) £5 per ticket administration charge (subtotal + admin charge) Final total Name Who is going with you to the match(es)?
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Sub total in £’s Twickenham @ £41 Ticket price x no. of tickets

Twickenham @ £71

Twickenham @ £60

Twickenham @ £52

£ £ £
Important information These tickets are issued in accordance with the RFU Terms and Conditions of issue; they can be viewed on or a copy is available from Karen Gibbons

Email address & contact telephone number T:

Signature By signing this application you will be agreeing to the RFU Terms and Conditions of issue

Application forms must be returned to Karen Gibbons – Ticket Officer at 75 Bills Lane, Shirley, Solihull, B90 2PE by no later than 3 September 2009


Conditions of Issue of Tickets
Criteria Applicants must be a member of Camp Hill RFC; a member is defined as a:

  

Life Member Vice President Senior Player e.g Colts upwards.

Applicants must:

   

have paid their annual subscriptions for the relevant season been a member of Camp Hill RFC for not less than 2 weeks prior to purchase or receipt of tickets be attending the match for which they are applying for tickets i.e. not applying for tickets on behalf of a 3rd party comply with the Terms and Conditions as defined by the RFU

Important information A £5 administration fee is applicable to each ticket applied for; this is applied by Camp Hill RFC; if no tickets are allocated, then only half of this fee will be refunded. All tickets ordered and supplied are subject to the RFU ticket terms and conditions - a copy of which is available on request; in particular

 

no member may sell or dispose of their tickets to anyone if they are not required for the member’s personal use. They must be returned to Karen Gibbons at Camp Hill RFC if you are allocated two (or more) tickets the Club may

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want to know who will be accompanying you or accompanied you to the game request back the tickets after the match; please retain your tickets for one month after the relevant match if any of the Club tickets are discovered on the black market the RFU may sanction the Club, which may lead to a loss of allocation. All tickets remain the property of the RFU at all times.

Checks will be made to ensure each applicant complies with the above criteria. Any application received will not be considered if it does not

 

comply with the above criteria arrive ‘complete’ i.e. no payment and sae included.

By signing the Club’s application form, an applicant is agreeing to these Terms and Conditions; any breach of them may lead to disciplinary action being taken.

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