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Mid Suffolk District Council
Please use this form to provide your comments on the content of the following Policy: Decant and Home Loss Payments.

Once completed please send this form via email or in the pre- paid envelope provided to: Aimi Serjeant (Housing Policy Officer) Housing Services Mid Suffolk District Council 131 High Street Needham Market Ipswich Suffolk IP6 8DL Email: Telephone: (01449) 724773

Consultation is due to start 06/07/2009. The closing date for consultation is 05/10/2009. Please ensure we receive your completed questionnaire by 09/10/2009. You may find it helpful to set out your responses to the consultation using the response form attached. All comments will be gratefully received.


Name of person completing questionnaire

Date Contact Details Address: Tel. No. Fax No. E-mail:

Consultation Response Form

Decant and Home Loss Payments

Do you think the following areas within the Policy are clear enough to the reader? Policy Introduction section 1.

Policy Policy Statement section 2.

Policy Aims section 3.

Policy Objectives section 4.

Policy Is it clear in section 5 what decanting means? section 5.

Policy Are the Council’s responsibilities clear to the reader? section 10.

Policy Do you think section 11 (support for vulnerable tenants) states clearly section enough that there is help available for vulnerable tenants? 11.

Policy If a tenant has difficulty financing moving costs, is it obvious how the section Council can help? 11.4

Policy Do you think the support offered by the Council is adequate? If not, what section do you think the Council can do to improve this? 11.4

Policy Is it clear what compensation payments are available to tenants and section home owners? 12.

Policy Home Loss Payments amounts are dictated to Mid Suffolk District section Council by law however Disturbance payment amounts are not. Looking 14. at the disturbance payment amounts in the policy, do you think these are reasonable? If not, why?

Policy Do you think the procedure for making a claim for a compensation section payment is straight forward enough? If not, have you got any 16. suggestions for how this could be made easier?

Plain English Whole Is the policy easy to read? policy

Whole Is the policy easy to understand? If not please state the areas in which is policy could be improved

Whole Do you have any suggestions for improving the style and/or format of the policy policy?

Whole Do you think that this policy promotes equal opportunities and enables policy equal access to services for residents living in Mid Suffolk? If not, how do you think this could be improved?

Whole Is there anything in this policy you disagree with? If yes how do you think policy this could be changed?

Claim form

Do you think the claim form is easy to use and adequate enough for claiming a compensation payment?

Whole Do you have any other comments on this policy? policy

Thank you for taking the time to complete this consultation questionnaire. Aimi Serjeant Housing Policy Officer

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