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Welcome & introductions Attendees -: Lisa Stonehouse Becky Chunisingh Victoria Heald Philippa Evans Apologies -: Harriet Murrell Shirley Piotrowski Jenny Thompson


What do we want to gain from the forum? After the initial meeting in October 2005, there was positive feedback from attendees that it was useful to meet people within Surrey who have physical activity and health remits. It was decided that there was potential shared working that could take place, and people would join in with projects that fitted in with their remit. Group members to inform PE of any changes to their work summaries listed at the bottom of the minutes. a) Training - the group decided that this would be very worthwhile, and PE distributed the PCT training programme. Nutrition, weight management, and exercise for the elderly courses would be useful. PE to contact Julie Nelson, the PCT Nutrition specialist, who suggested we set up a discussion meeting for children and obesity projects. PE to try to organise this for directly after the next meeting. PE to distribute the next PCT training programme that starts in May. LS mentioned that there maybe some Healthy Walk training organised by PCT that may be useful to some members of the group. b) Information sharing – presentations by members of a successful projects – The group decided this would be useful, and Victoria volunteered to lead this part of the next meeting and discuss her children and obesity pilot project. c) Group projects – Surrey-wide – Physical activity projects that target particular groups – i.e. girls, teenagers (dance, non-contact boxing, self defence), women only taster activity programme, over 50’s, young mums, youth offenders etc. The group discussed that if it fits in with their remits, it would be useful to work together on projects.


Physical Activity Alliance – Unfortunately the last meeting of the Physical Activity Alliance was postponed, so there was no update, but PE or Harriet Murrell will update the group at the next meeting. PE suggested a number of ideas that the group may want to take on board and work on as Surrey-wide initiatives.  Project Ideas


a) Everyday Sport Campaign It was discussed that the Everyday Sport Campaign would be a useful tool to use for a group project. The idea would be to hold an Everyday Sport day or week to encourage members of the community to participate in the campaign. A number of options were considered. One of these was targeting a small number of schools in each borough to be involved. However the group thought that there were lots of initiatives including whole school days and Food Awareness Week that are already running this summer in schools, and the group didn’t want to duplicate that work. The idea around involving Everyday Sport in workplaces was thought to be a better use of time and resources, and the group decided that it would be useful to target their own workplaces first. A number of ideas as to what the week’s programme would involve were discussed -: Employee needs questionnaire Lunchtime activity Lunchtime information sessions led by professionals Healthy Walks Exercise diaries Office games / challenges The group decided that a generic programme should be developed, which then could be tailored to each workplace. PE to devise a more detailed programme of the weeks activities and circulate to group members for feedback and further suggestions. PE to look at what resources might be needed, and where to source them from. The Everyday Sport in workplaces week will run 26th –30th June 2006. It would then be followed up by various initiatives in the months after. Helpful websites are and for workplace health programmes b) Over 50’s Surrey Games PE informed the group about an idea that had been raised by a couple of group members. To set up an annual competition day for over 50’s, based on the Surrey Youth Games idea. There are already a number of over 50’s sports clubs in Surrey, and maybe an idea to work towards for 2007. c) Open Days for elderly – falls prevention, chair-based exercise, alcohol awareness, hydration awareness, nutrition, physical activity PE to look at working with Jackie Marsh, PCT Development Worker for Older People, to pilot an open day in a NOF funded school. PE to involve anyone in the group who wants to get involved. d) Walking festival – large annual participation events – picnic walks, treasure hunts, led walks, heritage walks, ‘It's a Toddle’ - walks for parents/carers and children and include feeding the ducks, games and other fun activities, ‘Pram Push’ - an opportunity to meet other new mums, for a walk out in the fresh air whilst getting back into shape. This idea was well received within the group as it fitted in directly with their remits. Group members to feedback to PE if they want to take this forward this year, perhaps organising a community event in the summer. e) Obesity Project – borough activity clubs PE updated the group on the Summer Camp for obese children that is being planned by Vicki Hansford at Surrey Uni. An idea was that borough clubs could be set up in September for attendees of this camp, as a pathway to further physical activity and education. Victoria Heald will lead a discussion session on her pilot project with

overweight children at the next meeting, and PE will contact Julie Nelson to organise a discussion meeting for running clubs for obese/overweight children. f) Food Awareness Week PE distributed some information about how schools in Surrey can get involved with this scheme. It involves the schools registering for a CD Rom resource to assist with activities during the week. Food Awareness Week is to be held 12-16th June, and for more details visit or contact Joanna Feast on 0118 931 1216 5) Priorities for the next 6 months  A discussion meeting to be set up for running clubs for overweight/obese children  PE to distribute PCT training courses programme in April  Group members to lead an informal presentation about projects that they have completed, in order to share good practice and ideas  Group to organise an Everyday Sport in the Workplace Week to run in June 2006 Who else should we invite? A school nurse representative Vicki Hansford – Sports Development Officer at Surrey University AOB - None Date of next meeting - Tuesday 11th April 10am at SSDU


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Useful Info -: National Events – Men’s Health Week (12-18 June) (, / Cancer Awareness Week (Novermber) No Smoking Day (8th March) Bike Week (17-25 June) Bike to School Week (24-28 April) ( Obesity Awareness Week (12-18 March) International Day for Older Persons (1st Oct) World Health Day (7th April) No Smoking Day (8th March)

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