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					The List of Serials
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Actors Volunteer: Newsletter of Iran Society Organizations Training and Research Center (ICTRC) Al-Insani: The Sudan: A land of promise and ancient culture American Journal of Public Health Asia - Pacific perspectives: Japan + Assignment children Assignment children: A journal concerned with children, women and youth in development Breastfeeding review: Professional publication of the nursing mothers ' association of Australia Bulletin of the World Health Organization: The International Journal of Public Health Bulletins of the International Children's Center: Public health nutrition Business and Aids Business Week Child abuse and neglect: The international journal Child care, health and development: The multidisciplinary journal Children and development Children now: The Membership Magazine of the National Children 's Bureau Children Society Choices: The human development magazine Communication arts Community based sustainable human development: A proposal for going to scale with self-reliant social development Cooperation south Coordinators notebook: An international resource for early chilhood development Crin newsletter: Child rights information network CVI forum: Children 's vaccine initiative CVI newswatch: A digest of recent news about vaccines and vaccination compiled and distributed and distributed by the secretariat of children 's vaccine initative (CVI) Defenders: Newsletter - The Bulletin of the Organization for Defending Victims of Violence Detail: Libraries. Review of architecture and construction details Development in Practice Development: Jouranl of the society for international development Early childhood matters Bulletin: ECD in changing rural realities Eco Cultural Institute ECO news bulletin Economic trends Education a right or a privilege?: Student journalists report on the right to education worldwide Emdad: Biomonthly English Newsletter of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation (IKRF) Environment & urbanization European journal of clinical nutrition: Addressing micronutrient malnutrition: The papendal conference Evaluation and programme planning Events Exchange: The early childhood leaders magazine

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Field exchange Food and nutrition bulletin Forced migration review Global Future: A world vision journal of human development Health economics for developing countries: A survival kit HR Magazine Human development in the 1980s and beyond: Journal of development planning Inclusive technology: The special needs people Innovations for youth, Education to fight exclusion International child health: A digest of current information International family planning perspectives International journal for quality in health care International journal of health care quality assurance: Addressing the issues of management and quality IOM (International Organizations for Migration) news Islam and the modern age: Muslim responses to HIV/AIDS pandemic Jouranl of seismology and earthquake engineering Journal of accountancy Journal of Human Lactation Journal of Peace Education Landmines National geographic kids Network: Nonconsensual sex Newsweek Nutrition information in crisis situations Nutrition: The international journal of applied and basic nutritional sciences One in ten: A publication of rehabilitation international/UNICEF collaboration on childhood disabilities Promotion & education: International journal of health promotion and education Public heatlh nutrition Qualitative health research: An international interdisciplinary journal Real lives Red cross Red crescent Refugees RNIS: Report on the nutrition situation of refugees and displaced populations SCN news: A periodic review of developments in international nutrition Sources: Corporate social responsibility South Africa in focus Strategic Finance: Leadership strategies in accounting, finance and information management TASH connections: Equity, quality and social justice for people with disabilities The Architectural Review The Economist The health reform and priority services journal The international journal of health planning and management The Iranian jouranl of international affairs The journal of infectious disease: Global Measles mortality reduction elimination: A status report

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The journal of nutrition: The relationship between child anthropomtry and mortality in developing countries The journal of the international association of special education The Lancet: Newborn health: A key to child survival UN Volunteers News United Nations chronicle Volunteer: Newsletter of Iranian Civil Society Organizations Resource Center (ICSORC) Waterfront: A UNICEF publication on water, environment, sanitation and hygiene What 's new: In the media/materials clearinghouse, youth and HIV/AIDS materials and resources Women's research: Journal of the Center for Women's Studies World health statistics quarterly ZamZam: For young people Zan-e Farzaneh: Journal on gender studies Zinc for child health

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