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									City of Palermo Operational Unit: Environment and Mobility Office
Co-ordinator: Antonio Mazzon Local Project Assistant : Ciro Spataro EMAS local assistance and implementation: Gaetano Sampognaro, Giovanna Ingrisano
Methodology to determine and evaluate environmental aspects/effects. The purpose of this operative instruction is to identify the environmental aspects of the activities in the unit section and evaluate the related environmental effects and establish their significance by completing the Environmental aspects/effects analysis and the Environmental effects evaluation form for each activity. Environmental aspects/effects analysis Activity Insert the name of the activities in the unit section that have direct/indirect environmental aspects. Environmental Aspects List the aspects of each activity that have direct or indirect environmental effects. Environmental Effects For each aspect of a named activity determine the type of environmental effects choosing among the following ones:
        

Air pollution Water pollution Production of wastes Land contamination Use of natural resources Human health Discharges (e.g. heat, noise, odour, dust, vibration) Education/Information Other (e.g. visual impact, contribution to global warning, low level ozone contribution, acid rains, etc. )

Environmental effects evaluation form Insert for a named activity, the environmental aspects and the related environmental effects in normal, abnormal and/or emergency situations using and explaining with a brief description the results of the previous step. Evaluate the significance of the environmental effects specifying importance (level of impact), influence (influence of the unit over the environmental effects by means of own activities and contractual arrangements) and frequency (frequency of happening) using the following rules: Importance Description None or insignificant contribution to environment Minor contribution to environment Moderate contribution to environment Major contribution to environment Very relevant contribution to environment Influence Score 1 2 3 4 Description Totally outside the control of the unit Minor influence Medium influence Major influence

Score 1 2 3 4 5


Direct control Frequency

Score 1 2 3 4 5

Description Over three years to never Every year to once every three years Every month to once every year Every week to once every month Every day to once every week

Compute the environmental significance by multiplying together the frequency by the influence by the importance scores. The following table give the basis for the assessment of the level environmental significance: SCORE 1 -> 14 15 -> 79 80 -> 125 LEVEL OF SIGNIFICANCE LOW MEDIUM HIGH

Complete the evaluation form identifying the relevant legislation, standards or regulations on the matter, the actions in progress or possible (procedures, work instructions, etc.), and the sensitivity of the public opinion on the environmental effects of the activity.

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