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Notes on completing your application
1. Contact details Give the postal address to which any correspondence relating to this application should be sent. Where possible, please also provide an email address. Project title This should encapsulate the subject and purpose of the project. Please try to keep it to 30-50 words maximum. Breakdown of required funding Personnel Include all personnel, including secretarial and administrative support – who will be involved in the project. Do not insert their names and details in this section: section 4c is for this purpose. Equipment to be purchased Describe and cost any special items of equipment which will need to be purchased in order for the project to be carried out. These must only include items without which this research project could not proceed. Ongoing equipment costs To include the cost of hire, maintenance, etc, of any equipment obtained specifically for the purposes of this project. Training Include the costs of any training deemed necessary for staff or volunteers involved in the project in order to complete the research to the optimum standard. Travel and accommodation This should include all travel costs of research staff within the UK for journeys specifically related to the research project. International travel will not be considered unless it can be demonstrated that without it, the project could not be completed. This should not include normal daily travel of research staff to the workplace unless the circumstances can be demonstrated to be exceptional. Where relevant, include the travel expenses to be reimbursed to any patients, carers or other members of the public who are required to undertake local travel (say, to interviews or focus groups) for the sole purpose of this research. General administrative costs These should include estimated office costs of telephone, stationery, postage, photocopying, printing, etc, which are related solely to the project.


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Include any items not listed elsewhere in Section 3. Research proposal Submit on separate sheets - in no more than 2000 words – a full description of the proposed research project. This must include explanations of:  Background to the project  Why the research is needed  State clearly what area of need the research will focus upon. Demonstrate how and why you have concluded that there is a need for such a study. How do you envisage the research outcomes contributing to the improvement of cancer care?  The specific aim of the project, including the study objectives  A plan of how the research aims will be achieved This should describe precisely what form the research will take, and how it will be structured and carried out. Please include: the sample size inclusion and exclusion criteria the methods to be used and include, if appropriate, how, and to what extent will you include service users and their feedback to inform your research? ethical approval data collection data analysis methods of disseminating results Where the research will be carried out List briefly all planned sites for research, eg. research departments, hospitals, wards, hospices, community centres, homes, etc. Indicate the experience of any co-researchers involved in this study, and the contribution they will make. Please attach a 1-sided A4 CV for each co-researcher, giving their most recent or relevant publications, if any. What measures have been taken to ensure that the proposed research has not been / is not being duplicated elsewhere? Has the proposal been submitted to a local R & D group? Is the proposal currently being considered by any other organisation for funding? Proposed start date for research This question is self-explanatory Date from which funding is requested If funding is required to start at a different date from 4e above, please state when it is required, and why. Duration of research Indicate the expected date when the research will finish.



Completion date Indicate the expected date on which the full research report will be submitted to Dimbleby Cancer Care. Timetable This section will demonstrate how the research period is planned. Where relevant to the project, this should include time limits for interviews, visits, surveys, group studies, collation of results, etc. Indicate who will carry out the actions.

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In cases where there are many publications, please include: i) the two most recent publications ii) two publications of the most relevance to the proposed research project, if difference from i) above. 7. Declaration a. Applicant: this declaration must be signed by the person whose name appears in section 1 of this form. b. Head of Department /Line Manager/Supervisor: this declaration should be signed by the head of department, line manager or supervisor. General notes i. When the form is completed, please e-mail a copy to admin@dimblebycancercare.org by 12th March 2010 ii. Please ensure that you keep a copy of the full application. iii. This form was created in Microsoft Word table-format, and the sections should resize to fit your contents. iv. Any questions or queries should be addressed to the Research Administrator: E-mail: admin@dimblebycancercare.org Tel: 020 7188 7889 Address: Dimbleby Cancer Care 4th Floor Management Offices Bermondsey Wing Guy’s Hospital Great Maze Pond London SE1 9RT

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