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					Team Performance Management This document provides guidance on the team performance management process to monitor and record both contractor and client team performance i.e. 360o. The process calls for reviews at only two stages;   end of the pre-contract period [shortly before construction commences] post practical completion [circa two months after practical completion]

A series of key performance indicators are scored in relation to both the client project team performance and the contractor’s team performance. The scores are submitted to the IESE Management Team on the templates referenced below. Relevant notes and comments from the review are recorded alongside the indicator score. The templates below are amended versions of those employed by Hampshire County Council on their framework which is now replaced by the IESE arrangements. The templates are simple to use and are accompanied with guidance notes on the reverse side. The notes below provide further explanation. The following terms are used through the performance templates. 1. 2. The Client The Client Project team The Employer such as the Contracting Authority The Client & the professional team employed by the Client. The team could be limited to the Project Manager / Client Representative where the design [and design team] is the responsibility of the contractor 3. The Contractor The contractor. Where the contractor is responsible for design, this will include the design team 4. The End User The end user and / or occupier

The Performance Review meetings Meetings are arranged with the contracting authority [the client], the authority’s project manager and key members of the client project team and the contractor’s project team. The meeting will take the form of a workshop to discuss any issues that arise in the period and to score the KPIs in relation to contractor performance and client project team performance.

The Reviews The pre contract reviews are 1. The Contractor team performance measured by the Client project team 2. The Client project team performance measured by the Contractor team The post practical completion reviews are 3. The Contractor team performance measured by the Client project team 4. The Client project team performance measured by the Contractor team 5. The Project Performance [i.e. the success of the project as a whole] measured by the combined project team being the client and contractor teams together 6. The Project Performance measured by the End User / Occupier Performance Review templates There is a performance review KPI template for each of the reviews listed above. Scoring guidance notes are available on the back of each. Key Performance Indicators [KPIs] The indicators are scored on a 1 to 10 scale. Relevant notes and comments from the review are recorded alongside each indicator score. The KPIs for each review are 1. Pre contract Contractor Team Performance – (form ref. Pre Contractor)  Design Development *  Project Management  Procurement  Supply Chain Management  Cost Management  Collaborative Approach  Overall Performance * For Develop and Construct contracts this indicator is used to score the appointment of design consultants, the interpretation of the brief and the quality of the design provided. For other forms of contract, this indicator is used to score contribution to the design development process with regard to advising on and improving buildability and material selection. 2. Pre contract Client Project team performance – (form ref. Pre Client)  Appointment of Contractor  Design Process  Project Management  Provision of Information  Cost Management  Collaborative Approach  Overall Performance 3. Post practical completion Contractor team performance (form ref. Post Contractor)  Time Management  Financial Management  Health and Safety  Management of Sub Contractors  Quality of Workmanship

    

Progress in Making Good Defects Collaborative Approach Contractor Design (if applicable) Customer Satisfaction * Contractor Performance

* Customer Satisfaction is scored by the end-user when present at the meeting. Otherwise a provisional score is allocated by the Client Project team based on the perceived level of satisfaction and the contractor’s relationship with the customer during the construction period. This score is reviewed and updated when the ‘End User / Occupier’ form (see 6 below) is returned by the end user. The final score is awarded by calculating the average of all scores awarded on the ‘Contractor’ section of the ‘End User / Occupier’ form. 4. Post practical completion Client Design team performance (form ref. Post Client)  Payment - Time  Design Information - Time  Design Information - Quality  Contract Administration  Agreeing Costs  Collaborative Approach  Management of Change Control  Overall Performance

5. Project performance scored jointly by all parties present at the meeting (form ref. Project Performance) The indicators are;  Time Predictability – percentage variance is calculated when entering the following dates on the IESE Projects database: a) b) c) d) Start on Site (A) Original Contract Completion (B) Contract Completion (including Extension of Time) (C) Practical Completion (D)

Time Predictability is calculated excluding extension of time : [(D-A)-(B-A)]/[B-A] and also including extension of time: [(C-A)-(B-A)]/[B-A]  Cost Predictability – percentage variance is calculated when the following are entered to the IESE Projects Database : a) Original Contract Sum (A) b) Additional Approvals (B) c) Estimated Final Cost (C) Cost Predictability is calculated excluding additional approvals : [C-A]/A And also including additional approvals : [C-A-B)]/[A+B]   Quality of Product (scored on a scale of 1-10) Defects at Handover (scored on a scale of 1-10)

Scores are awarded based on the results of the End User / Occupier Appraisal form for the following indicators:   Customer Satisfaction with Service (average of scores awarded for questions 1-7 on the End User / Occupier Appraisal form) Customer Satisfaction with Product (score awarded for question 6 on the End User / Occupier Appraisal form)

If the End User / Occupier Appraisal form has not been returned and the end user is present at the review meeting then they can allocate these scores. Otherwise, if the end user is not present and the End User / Occupier Appraisal form has not yet been returned, these scores are left blank and completed when the End User / Occupier Appraisal form is received. The following information is also recorded :  Number of Reportable Accidents (reported to HSE)  Number of Employees inducted to Site during construction period 6. End User / Occupier Appraisal The End User / Occupier Appraisal form (form ref. Post End User Occupier) is sent to the end user by the Contracting Authority shortly after practical completion. The indicators relating to the Client Design team performance are :  Liaison/Understanding Requirements Pre-Contract  Time Taken to Organise Work  Communication During Work  Management of Works on Site  Satisfaction with Handover Arrangements  Arrangements to Complete Snagging Issues  Satisfaction with Completed Project The indicators relating to contractor performance are :  Compliance with Health and Safety requirements.  Quality of workmanship.  Progress of the works  Consideration for other site users, etc.  Assessment of overall performance.

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