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HE PANUI Term 3—Week 7, Thursday 3 September 2009

Dear Parents/ Caregivers and Community, “Wow!”, “ that was amazing!” This describes our trip to the Vertical Playground last week. Congratulations to the students on how they conducted themselves, throughout the whole trip. All students were totally engaged in their climbing and abseiling experiences. Thanks to the parents and our Bus Driver Malcolm Stodart for a huge supportive effort, that made this day so enjoyable. Well done to Liam Day for receiving the rugby trophy for Sportsmanship player of the year, also David Day and Elijah Day received a participation medal. Both were from J.M.B. Paparoa Rugby. Congratulations to Matthew Rogers for his rugby efforts and receiving a gold medal and certificate. Lunchtimes Lunchtimes can be difficult for some children at our school to manage themselves and so I am requesting parents avail themselves for a short period of time 12.10 pm to 12.40pm to run a game, do some gardening, or just encourage and supervise our children at play. Tinopai School Scholarship Applications closed on Friday 21 August. We received 2 applications and these are being forwarded to the Scholarship Trustees. Ukulele Lessons The school has purchased 4 ukuleles and started lunchtime lessons this week. With 14 children wishing to learn, I am suggesting that children purchase their own ukuleles. They are able to do this through the school at a cost of $40.00. Of course we are also open to any generous donations towards buying more ukuleles for the school. Teacher Only Day This was attended by all teacher’s including the principal release teachers , Mrs. Battensby and Mrs. Weber. We were certainly inspired and challenged to provide engaging and quality education for the students 100% of the time. Children Walking Home It has been brought to my attention that a few children are hitting each other with school bags and arguing over skate boards on the way home. It would only take a child to slip or be pushed onto the road and a serious accident could happen. Please speak to your children about this behaviour. Cats “I am a tabby male cat and I have decided to find a new home under Tinopai School, but they do not want me to stay. HELP! If I am yours please come and get me as I am fearful for my future!” Meow from smelly cat.

**** SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES Friday 1.30pm in the school library **** Fathers Day Sun 6 September Reporting to Parents 3 Way Conferencing Week 9 Thursday 17 September
( notice home week 8)

Loud Shirt Day Fri 18 September Gold Coin Donation Appeal for The Deaf Year 7/8 NO Manual Fri 18 September Ruawai College Next Panui is due Thursday 18 September Term 3 **** Next BOT Meeting Wed 23 September 7pm Term 3 ends Friday 25 September 2.15pm **** Heart Health Hui Sat 3 October 7am-2.30pm Tinopai Hall Term 4
Starts:-Monday 12 October 8.30am Ends:- Wednesday 16 December

**** End of Year Assembly Tuesday 15 December Fishing Contest Sat Jan 9 2010 Ph 431-7182 Email: principal@tinopaiprimary

Kind regards
Janet Henderson Principal 09 431 7182, 021 147 9082

Curriculum Update

CURRICULUM UPDATE All schools have had the revised New Zealand Curriculum ( revised N.Z.C ) for the Ministry of Education (M.O.E.) since 2007. It is expected that all schools will have revised their school curriculum to align with the revised N.Z.C by 2010. Background information The revised N.Z.C is an opportunity to recapture the meaning and richness of a good education for young people. The challenge for us at Tinopai School is to ensure that the meaning and richness is actually captured. The revised N.Z.C is a “co-constructed” curriculum that means it was developed by the M.O.E with the teaching profession. In contrast the current curriculum that was developed by contractors with the M.O.E, with very little input from the teaching profession. Partnership Documents In keeping with the spirit and intent of the Treaty of Waitangi and the bi-cultural nationhood, there are two national curriculums: The revised N.Z.C and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. Schools may choose to explore and work across both statements. To do this well will require much time and effort. What are the significant shifts ? The revised N.Z.C simultaneously approaches the learning of knowledge and skills and learning for learning and living. Our task is to somehow bring these into wholeness and coherence. The shift is also a move away from endless lists of achievement objectives. To taking a bigger view of what it is that we want children to learn. What do we mean by curriculum? For some people it means a written plan but the true curriculum is what actually happens in classrooms, when children and teachers go into their rooms and spend their time together .That’s what the true curriculum is actually about. When we talk about the curriculum we need to talk about what is actually going on around our school. Tinopai School Curriculum Over the last three years the BOT have supported teacher’s professional development to help them understand the revised N.Z.C and develop our own approach. From this we have developed a draft school curriculum, with time, effort and professional guidance from Trevor Bond and Leslie Parton. This document aligns with the revised N.Z.C . Now it is the teacher’s challenge to use our draft document and continue to develop it so that it is a true match as to what actually happens in the classroom. ( to be continued)


School Highlights

Rock Climbing I put on my harness. It had to be checked. I was the best at climbing the blue wall.
By David Moemausu

School News
Assembly Awards
Liana Reid and Samantha Llewell received our assembly award for effective communication.

100% Spelling Week—6 The whole class!! 100% Spelling Week—7 Samantha Llewell Harmony Day Summer Miru Vaiata Moemausu

Tinopai School thanked Kerry Stodart for coaching the Tinopai Ferns all season. The team presented her with beautiful cards filled with heartfelt thanks and the most stunning ceramic mirror. True to her reputation Kerry had baked biscuits and muffins for all children and staff. They were scrumptious. THANKS from us all.

Players Comments—Braydan: 1)When you wear the netball uniform, you represent Tinopai 2)We play our best to show other teams that we are a good team. Bree: The highlights of netball is I got to learn netball skills, having the greatest coach and meeting lots of people. Mabyn: I like to be on a netball team because I get to work in a team, meet a variety of people and compete with other teams. I love to play netball because it is a good experience and I have the best coach ever! Liana: I like being in the Tinopai Ferns because we have such a cool coach. She bakes for us every practice, she teaches us hard moves but it’s fun at the same time. Every Saturday we have such a cool time because we played netball. Netball is the best opportunity and is the most fun and exciting sport to me! Juanita: The best thing about playing netball is that you get to have fun, you get to be part of a team, you work together and you get to be with the best coach ever!

Community Notice Board
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Father’s Day Cards Don’t forget September 6—Father’s Day Beautiful handmade cards are available right here in Tinopai! Cards to suit any occasion can be made to order. Contact Lexie 431 6968


Information for parents, family and whanau

Policies to be reviewed Term 3 These policies are available to all parents/ caregivers from the school office. We values yours comments relating to these policies Policies being notified this month ◊ Administering Medication ◊ Bike Riding ( new) ◊ Privacy Policies still to be reviewed ◊ Theft and Fraud Prevention ◊ Accidents & Illness ◊ Educational Trips ( overnight) ◊ Board of Trustee Meeting Procedures ◊ Use Of school grounds outside of school hours( new) ◊ Behaviour Management Policy and Procedure

STUDENTS COMMENTS What do you like about Tinopai School? Liana Reid said, “ I like all the stuff that we get to do, like bike safety and going to the beach and the vertical playground.” Vaiata Moemausu said, “ I like the work we do, like reading and learning.” “I like the things in the garden,” said David Moemausu. “I like it, how there is only a little bit of people at our school.” says Mabyn Waters. Dante Downing said, “ I like playing the guitar and the ukulele.”

Netball News—Netball has now finished so this will be my last report….The Tinopai Ferns had a fun and great netball season. They were a real committed team again this year with all players turning up for practices and most games. Tinopai Ferns were a great team to coach and their sportsmanship on and off the court made me real proud of them, they did Tinopai proud! We only had one game cancelled due to bad weather. Last year we had to beg and borrow uniforms but with fund raising and the help of other people we had beautiful new blue and yellow uniforms to play in. The team looked awesome. On behalf of the team and I we’d like to thank once again Judy Reid for her great managing of the team, Millie Llewell for umpiring us and doing a great job (it made my life easier). Also KDC-SPARC for our travel money, RD 1 Maungaturoto, Otamatea Jubilee Lodge, Tinopai Jubilee Lodge, donations received from the community and all the people who took their cars on a Saturday morning to get us to Dargaville to play our netball game….Thanks coach Kerry

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