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									TOWN OF GUILFORD Boston Post Road West Design Study Committee Minutes - 8"' January, 2001 A regular meeting of the Boston Post Road West Design Study Committee was held on 8th January, 2001 at 4:00p.m in the Guilford Community Center with Co-Chairman Shirley Girioni presiding. Present: Betty Augustyn, Keith Bishop, Helen Carlson, Philip Elderbaum Shirley Girioni Bernie Lombardi, Gary Parrington, Robert Richard, Jerry Silbert and Dean Troxell. Also present Town Planner George Kral and Environmental Planner Leslie MacLise-Kane. Frederick Vogt joined the meeting in progress. Excused: Ted Brooks and Dennis Dostert. The Minutes of 2nd January, 2001 were accepted as presented. Public Forum: George Seaman, 75 Clear Lake Road, Guilford, asked that the Committee give some consideration to bicycle paths. Future Meetings: Mrs. Girioni reminded Committee members that due to the legal holiday next week's meeting would be on Tuesday 16th January, 2001. Ms. Hayden has confirmed that she will give a workshop on January 29, 2001. Ms. Hayden has stipulated that this is for Committee members only and that it should not be televised. Mr. Kral circulated the agenda for next week's meeting, which has as its sole topic a forum on sewage issues. Ms. Augustyn noted that she had a large amount of material on sewage treatment systems, etc., which she would be glad to share. Handouts: Mrs. Girioni circulated copies of information on the largest commercial buildings on Route 1 West (ranked by footprint and by total square footage); the Lane Kendig Report; and "The Effects of Development and Land Conservation on Property Taxes in Connecticut Towns". prepared by Trust for Public Land and Ad Hoc Associates of Vermont. Photo Essay: This item was tabled since the correct equipment on which to show the photographs was not available. Environmental Analysis and Zoning Diagnostic: ) Environmental Analysis - Mrs. Kane circulated "Proposed Natural Resource Inventory for Route One West". She briefly reviewed the Purpose and Method of creating NRI along with lists of what NRI maps must include and may include. Much of the information is satellite-based but Mrs. Kane said it can also be gathered at the local level by the Committee. While much of the information is currently available on GIS, Mrs. Kane recommended a subcommittee be formed to work with herself and Mr. Kral to develop NRI and bring the information back to the full committee. Lombari, Richard and Silbert volunteered. Mr. Troxell asked if this study was just for Route One West. Mrs. Kane replied yes but it would provide information on the impact items would have on the bigger picture. 2) Zoning Diagnostic - Mr. Kral circulated a map showing the zoning districts and a "Boston Post Road West Zoning Diagnostic". Mr. Kral noted that the map did not include the Groundwater Protection District at present. Mr. Kral then briefly reviewed the various zones and


Boston Post Road West Design Study Committee Meeting

Minutes – 8th January 2001

their permitted uses and sizes. Mr. Troxell queried the special permit requirement in various zones. Mr. Kral noted that the burden of proof was on PZC to show that an applicant had not met the criteria before a special permit could be denied. Mr. Richard asked if a special permit required a public hearing and Mr. Kral replied yes. Anything judged to have an impact is likely to come under special permits but at present the current regulations for this are rather vague. Mr. Kral noted that the C-D zone was sort of like a contract zone, which was specific to a specific use and plan. To change the use one had to go through the zone change process with a public hearing, etc., and in this case the burden of proof was on the applicant, not PZC. Properties which are currently C-D include Montana, the now defunct driving range, "Gate House West". One question is what will happen to these properties in the future and how win this be approached. Ms. Augustyn said she thought a C-D was only allowed if it was adjacent to commercial property. Mr. Kral replied that while this was true if the minimum lot size was met this requirement was waived. Also in WEDOZ the minimum lot size was waived. It was later noted that the north-south parameters of the study area need to be determined. Mr. Kral stated that WEDOZ regulations were circulated at the December meeting and briefly reviewed these. He said this overlay zone was not popular and seemed to confuse people. Its purpose was to encourage certain types of economic development and allow certain uses by special permit. 273-93-C encourages/liberalizes the option of rezoning to C-D. 273-93-D (Multifamily Dwellings) - This encouraged multifamily uses by reducing site size for a PRD but it has not yet been utilized. 273-93-E (Design & Development Standard) became somewhat problematic because PZC interpreted the conditions as being advisory and not mandatory. E-3 became confusing and the site size was recently changed from fifteen acres or more to 25 acres or more. E-9 provided for a design review function and this has not worked very well. There has not been a lot of development and so some of the committee members gradually drifted away. WEDOZ is mostly north and west of Route 1 with several larger parcels on the south side. Mr. Kral said the Groundwater Protection Zone is on the north side of Route 1 and goes up as far as Flagmarsh Road. Within this zone a special permit is required for certain uses and any use which might have an adverse impact on groundwater is prohibited. The State has mandated that water companies develop criteria for what the boundaries should be. Mr. Kral said when a level A aquifer map has been developed by the water company the groundwater protection zone boundaries will probably be changed. At present there is a lot of debate as to where the boundaries should be. Mrs. Kane asked the Committee to bear in mind that mapping for water was very inaccurate in Connecticut due to rock ledges, cracks in rock, etc., and that was why a buffer was needed. Ms. Augustyn asked if information on soils was available and Mrs. Kane replied yes. Approval of Bills: Mr. Troxell made a motion to approve the following bill: Katharine Stewart, secretarial services, $83.38. Mr. Lombardi seconded the motion and it was carried unanimously.


Boston Post Road West Design Study Committee Meeting

Minutes – 8th January 2001

Rules of Order: Mr. Troxell asked that it be added to the Rules of Order that if a vote was not unanimous each individual member's vote would be recorded in the minutes. The Committee agreed. New Business: Mr. Richard stated that he had heard today that the Town was surveying the Sullivan property. Mr. Kral replied that an A-2 survey was being conducted (topographical and wetlands) on the south side at the request of the Economic Development Commission. This will provide background information which will be readily available to potential purchasers. Continue Visioning Process: All of the goals put forth at last week's meeting were typed on to cards. Committee members reviewed these cards and placed them into appropriate groupings. The Conm3ittee then began working on headings for the various groupings. The meeting was adjourned at 6:00p.m The next meeting of the Boston Post Road West Design Study Committee win be held on Tuesday 16th January, 2001 at 4:00 p.m. at the Guilford Community Center, Respectfully submitted,

Katharine Stewart Recording Secretary


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