Good-Enough by sdaferv


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									Good Enough

Intro. (repeat twice) : C / Dm / C / Dm

C Dm C Dm I’ve got an aching in my bones, I’ve been exposed to what I want to see C Dm C Dm The fuse is burning somewhere; it’s drenched in heat, it’s where I long to be

Bridge : Dm Em There’s always two sides you don’t have to suffer F Em If this is heaven then send me to hell Dm Em So stay in the light, don’t take your eyes from the prize F G Hey, they’ve got the bell

Chorus (repeat twice) : C Dm If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me C Dm It’s good enough for two, it’s what I want to see


Sing a song as the sun does rise, if you don’t ask questions and you don’t know what There’s a bridge to the other side, don’t take your eyes from the prize

Bridge and chorus

C Dm Tu lu lu lu lu, tu lu lu lu lu (repeat 4 times)


G You’d like me to buy mind, G The situation may never find

Repeat chorus 4 times and fade out.

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