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									Exercise: Sit Down If…
Time Required: Less than 5 minutes Equipment required: None Purpose: To get the audience’s attention and begin the workshop in an interactive way. To illustrate that whether we realise it or not we are already connected to people all around the world through how we live.. Ask everyone in the audience to stand up. Then explain that if they have done any of the following things, they may sit down. “You can sit down if….      you’ve eaten chocolate in the last 24 hours” you’ve drunk a cup of coffee in the last 24 hours” you’ve drunk a cup of tea in the last 24 hours” you’ve eaten a banana in the last 24 hours” you’re wearing something that is made of cotton”

By this time, everyone in the audience should be sitting down. Explain that this means that what you are going to talk about will be relevant to all of them.. Ask your audience what these things (tea, coffee etc) all have in common. Answer: they are all imported (often from developing countries in the global south).

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