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St. Laurence Church Dear Parish Family: Holy Week and Easter services were indeed beautiful and inspiring. Many thanks to John Heimel and the choir, Joyce Wallace and the altar guild and countless others who worked so hard to make it all possible. Receiving First Holy Communion on Easter were Alyssa Early, Lauren Stewart, Erika Bonacci, Elizabeth Mrasek, and Austin Mitchell. Congratulations. Baptized into the Body of Christ at the Easter Vigil were Zachary Hidalgo, Spencer Hidalgo, Caden Hidalgo, Heidi Marsh, and Sarah Beamer. Welcome. It is particularly gratifying that 75 parishioners prepared and served lunch for the residents and guests at the Union Gospel Mission. A total of 203 people were served. Please set aside Friday, April 22 and plan to attend the EYC supper and silent auction. Not only have these been a lot of fun over the years, but also they are the primary fund-raisers for the EYC summer mission trips. Come and bring a friend for an enjoyable evening. To each of you I wish a joyful Eastertide. APRIL 2005



Fr. Crary+ Rector

REVELATIONS Sounds like the sermons are taking
Teens who are serious about religion tend to make smart choices in lots of areas, according to a new survey. The National Study of Youth and Religion, described as the most comprehensive research ever done on faith and adolescence, revealed that devout teens are more likely than others to: ■ ■ ■ ■ Do well in school Feel good about themselves Stay away from sex, drugs and alcohol Care about the poor

Religion, the study said, helps “foster healthier, more engaged adolescents and promising lives.” The study was paid for by the Lilly Endowment. 1

Treasurer s Report
Receipts Nonpledged Offerings Pledged Offerings Building Fund Total Receipts Disbursements Debt Service Diocesan Assessment Parish Operations Total Disbursements 05 Actual $ 20,779 109,158 23,650 $ 153,587 04 Actual $ 23,945 126,323 16,034 $ 166,303 05 Budget $ 25,000 134,000 20,649 $ 179,649

$ 42,574 15,166 122,012 $ 179,752

$ 47,794 14,588 113,972 $ 176,354

$ 42,574 15,166 123,950 $ 181,690

Mark Christensen Treasurer

To Mexico July 1-9, 2005
A mission team of youth, adults, and families is forming now to plan a trip to Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico for July 2005. The team will host a VBS at La Iglesia del Cristo Rey and do any light maintenance and/or light construction at La Gran Familia (orphanage) or where there is a need. God has blessed us with an opportunity to continue our relationship with some very special children. This is our main goal this summer. If you are a youth called to participate in this mission trip, you must be at least 16 years of age. Children 10 years of age (4th grade) – 15 years of age must be accompanied by at least one parent. All team members must have a priest’s recommendation. Our April meetings are scheduled for Sunday the 3rd, and Sunday the 17th, 12:30 – 2:30, at St. Vincent’s. Lunch will be provided. For more information contact Barbara Hautanen at 817-485-6305 or email her at


(Grapevine Relief and Community Exchange)
Twenty-four churches, along with local business’, organizations, and individuals, help GRACE carry out its mission: TO SHARE GOD’S LOVE BY PROVIDING FOOD, CLOTHING, AND OTHER VITAL NECESSITIES TO PEOPLE WHO ARE IN NEED. GRACE COUNTS ON ITS MEMBER CHURCHES TO SUPPLY FOOD PANTRY ITEMS, VOLUNTEERS, FINANCIAL SUPPORT, AND PRAYER FOR OUR MISSION OF HELPING THOSE IN NEED. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Please remember the SECOND SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH, ST. LAURENCE COLLECTS TOILET PAPER FOR GRACE. You may bring your toilet paper at any time during the month and place it in the basket designated. Please be generous. Our goal is 320 rolls each month. As well as our donations of toilet paper, GRACE is in need of the following items. ♥ Toothbrushes & toothpaste ♥ Shampoo ♥ TOILET PAPER ♥ Hamburger & Tuna Helper

Grace Opportunity: Are you looking for a way to share your talents and help others less fortunate than you, GRACE is the place for you. What you need to do is attend a once a month meeting at Baylor Hospital in Grapevine for one hour (12-1pm) with other community churches that support GRACE. The topics that are discussed are GRACE needs and possible opportunities for you to get involved with the everyday operations of GRACE. Please call Cindy Spalding at 817491-4043 or Linda Dunn at 817-48103335 for more information.

“Be just and fair to all, says the LORD, ‘Do what is right and good, for I am coming soon to rescue you.” Isaiah 56:1

Union Gospel Mission
The Good Friday Noon-day Meal at the Union Gospel Mission was a huge success! Thanks to ALL who participated in various ways. We fed 95 residents (men, women and children living at the mission) and 115 homeless guests who live on the street. We had 75 volunteers including 8 “first time” families from St. Laurence! 28 families and church groups donated all the food and items needed. The Jr and Sr Eyc entertained the guests with music. The children of the church hand-made beautiful Easter cards, which were greatly appreciated by the guests. Thank you all again. Keep your eyes and ears open for the next opportunity to serve at the mission!

Gail Lindley


Sunday, May 8, 2005
The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) and the World Mission committee (WMC) of the Diocese of Fort Worth invite each of you to join us in honoring your mother or another woman through a donation to La Gran Familia, a home for abandoned children ion Cuauhtémoc, Northern Mexico. In this family every child is nurtured, loved, and educated in the family of God. The names of those honored by your gifts will be published in a future issue of the diocesan Forward in Mission newsletter. Our 2004 Mother’s Day gifts completed the purchase of a new house and furnishings for the girls of La Gran Familia. The building where the boys live was a gift from the people of the Diocese of Fort Worth through the ECW in 2001. Three of the then 14 children are now in high school, and there are now 29 boys and girls in this “great family.” A part of the regular expenses of this growing family is funded by the gifts of individuals and parishes made through the diocese. The 2005 ingathering is in anticipation of replacing the home’s dilapidated ‘80s model 16-passenger van, which has logged over 250,000 miles. Imagine taking so many children on trips to the doctor, shoe store, school events, sports events, and all other excursions. The “new” vehicle is expected to sot about $10,000. Any gifts beyond the cost of the van will be used to meet our commitment to funding regular monthly expenses for the children. Offering envelopes and presentation cards for honorees will be provided in your parish. The size of the donation is up to you; each gift will be a blessing for the youth of La Gran Familia. Please make checks payable to the Diocese of Fort Worth, with “Mother’s Day” in memo line.

BABYSITTERS Laramie Jameson, 702 Chaucer Court, Southlake, Texas 76092, 817-329-5640 INSURANCE
Mark Jameson, Allstate Insurance, 558 SW Wilshire Blvd., Burleson, Texas 76028, 817-447-1139 or 817-4471130, Fax 817-447-2908 (All types of Insurance and Financial Services, Home, Auto, Life, IRA’s, Certificates of Deposit, Annuities)\


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