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					Every beginning is difficult… Every beginning is difficult say many, not however for a small team of students… In the heart of London, in the most cosmopolitan city of Europe where life moves fast and the rhythm is intense, in one of its most central streets, one can find the university of Kings College London. There, certain years a small team of students, full of dreams, ambitions and expectations created the `Kings College London Cypriot Society'. Its initial objective? Bring close, and in any way support the Cypriot and Greek-speaking students of the University. Certain years later, the team grew and our Society has in its history a number of achievements! Yes, every beginning is difficult because everything new needs a struggle, will and perseverance. We made it appear easy because as rainy London has also days of sunlight thus and we overcome our rain showers with a smile that never fades. Basic concern of the Society is our students. The Cypriot Society of Kings College London, gives students all possible help both academically but also on a personal level. The Society welcomes young Cypriot students, offering to them a hand of help, a friendly smile, a familiar person and the experiences and knowledge that we have gained from our student life in London. In the meeting of acquaintance that is carried out each year in the beginning of September, our students have the opportunity to meet each other and to resolve any queries they have with regards to the university and life in London. The Society helps students and members to get to know Cypriot History and culture through the organisation of musical evenings, concerts and dinners or by the simple meetings of students for a cup hot coffee and a game backgammon. Important are also the attendance and our contribution to public events in progress, as the Society participates in events of the National Union of Cypriot Student-UK and collaborates with the Cypriot Societies of the other universities of London for the organisation of various cultural events. And since our Society is made up of students today that are continuously questioning society and have political concerns, not only do we not forget but it fights with its own way. It informs the Cypriot students, but also over students of the University regarding the complex political situation that prevails in our island, because as students we want the truth with sincerity and transparency, but mainly objectivity. Every beginning is difficult but despite our feeble start, the initial objectives have been achieved and a lot of others have been drawn up. The dreams and our expectations are numerous! The Cypriot students linked with their own unique way prove daily that they create but mainly that they seek, they innovate, they fight and at the same time offer. The Cypriot Society of Kings College London from the day of its creation until today, with the correct guidance of its committee and with the essential and important support of the University has continuous and essential action.

Despite its young age, the Society has been treasured. As Kavafis has written, `here that you have reached is not trivial, so much that has been made is a great honour', however the Society places its standards, beyond that of the first step. The Cypriot Society has much to offer in the years to come and it promises to continue with the same ambition it has had all along. It supports the Cypriot students and brings them closer. My friends I wish you a good and productive academic year for 2008-2009. Nicoletta Hadjipavlou

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