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					General Assembly Planning Timeline
Sonoma Oct 10-11
Action Date 12-Jun Days Before/ After GA G– 120 Action/ Responsibility Decision / CC Decision / CC Notice / CC, IT

Description Date, Host committee and Venue decided. GA Planning Committee members solicited Date and location of GA sent to Contacts and Cocos lists, posted on web. Announcement includes candidate recruitment for any elections.

19-Jun 18-Jul to 17-Aug 22-Jul

G– 113 G– 84 to G– 54 G– 80

Notice / GAP Decision / CC Notice / Liaison Notice / SC/WG

GA planning timeline created. Post on web. Notify CC and Cocos. Determine which counties are active. Determined by CC Reg Reps and reported to State Liaison. Allocate 100 delegates to active counties and sends to GAP. Notify GAP of proposals that will be submitted. Proposals must be prepared using the proposal template.

27-Jul 1-Aug 3-Aug 2-Sep

G– 75 G– 70 G– 68 G– 38

Decision / GAP

GA schedule draft submitted to CC and Cocos.

Deadline / SC/WG Submit proposals to GAP. Decision / CC Deadline / GAP / CC / IT CC approves schedule for agenda packet. Submit proposal agenda packet to IT. Prepare announcement for Contacts list. Post agenda packet on web; send announcement. Provide necessary registration information to IT for inclusion on registration page. Submit logistics agenda packet to IT.

3-Sep 10-Sep

G– 37 G– 30

Deadline / Host Deadline / GAP

/ IT 19-Sep 3-Oct 7-Oct G– 21 G– 7 G– 3

Post agenda packet on web; open registration page; send announcement on Contacts list.

Decision / CC, GAP Recruit members for accreditation and election committees. Deadline Deadline / IT Accreditation and election committees prepares all needed materials. Online registration and delegate submission closes, IT sends registration data to host; delegate list to accred comm.

9-Oct 10-Oct 20-Oct 24-Oct

G– 1 0 G+ 10 G+ 14

Decision / CC Decision / GA Deadline

Approve final draft agenda for submission to GA. Approve agenda. Notetaker submits Post-Plenary draft to GAP.

Deadline / GAP, IT Send Post-Plenary report to IT for Contacts list. Notice / SC/WG Committees submit list of new members and cocos to CC. Submit to GAP final version of proposals approved by GA, including modifications and amendments.


G+ 28

Deadline GAP

Notetaker submits final GA minutes to GAP. Send minutes to IT for posting. Send notice to CC and Cocos to review minutes. GAP submits final draft minutes to IT for posting. CC prepares notice for Contacts and Coco lists; sends to IT.


G+ 35

Deadline / GAP / CC / IT

Completed X X

X x x x

x x x


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