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									hda1 hda2 hda3 hda4 hda5 hda6 hda7 hda8 hda9 hda10 hda11 hda12 hda13 hda14 hda15 hda16 hda17 hda18 hda19

1.5GB 4.4GB 5.7GB 1GB 5GB 1.3GB 1.8GB 1.9GB 3.4GB 1.8GB 2.8GB 3.8GB 2.4GB 4.7GB 2.4GB 2.4GB 3.0GB 2.8GB

Windows 2000 Windows XP Linspire 5.1.427 swap Slackware 10.1 Xandros 2.0.1 Ubuntu 5.04 (Hhedgehog) Kubuntu 5.04 Lycoris Kanotix Linspire 5.0.104 PC Linux OS 2005 release Linspire 5.0.347 MEPIS 3.3.1 Zenwalk Vector Linux 5.1.1 Fedora 5

hda20 hda21

2.4GB 2.4GB

Foresight linux Kanotix 2005.5

hda22 hda23 hda24 hda25 hda26 hda27

2.3GB 2.9GB 2.9GB 3.1GB 3.0GB 3.0GB

Knoppix 4.0 SUSE 9 SUSE 10.0 Linux Big Linux Mepis 6 (alpha)

hda28 hda29 hda30 hda31 hda32 hda33

3.0GB 3.0GB 2.9GB 3.0GB 3.0GB 3.0GB

BLAG 30003 Linspire 4.5.499 Red Hat 9 – shrike Mandriva Linux Mandrake 10.1 Mandrake 10.0

Booted mandrake to use the disk drake (driva?) partitioner. Step thr have to specify ersatz mount points for each new partition, /a /b /c e

This HP laptop has an ATI Technlogies SoundMAX integrated digital a FC 5 = Fedora 5

Desktop BSD – screen goes blank a few seconds after loading – noth

Gentoo (official CD)

Slackware 10.1 Puppy Linux Zenwalk

Linux XP Fox linux

Frugalware Beowulf Yoper CcUx Linux alpha

Berry Elatte Xandros Damn small linux N Arch Libranet CentOS-4 i386

Damn Small Linux Puppy Linux FreesBIE 1.1 GoboLinux Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy


Damn Small Linux – Not

Fast install (but don't do upgrade) Extended partition boots boots boots boots fine. fine, fine, fine, Install and accept auto lilo, then choose to install to partition root/nednil1, KDE peter/nednil1, Gnome, has sound peter/nednil1, KDE has sound, has 4-pager applet

comes up with bad graphics - no good; boots ok without X; bought by Mandriva boots fine. Root/root. KDE, has sound Slow to boot, but gets there in the end – and has screen decay problems Boots fine Boots fine boots fine, root/root, kde, doesn't mount all fs found Boots fine. Mini slackware – it screws up in offering you lilo partitions – fiddle around it goes Boots fine. Text based install, root/root, says there's an error configuring X runs in text mode without X. Boots fine. Boot: linux vga=771, root/rootroot; has SELinux Boots fine. Goes blank, try vga=771 – that gets it moving. Clunky text graphics, Anaconda then changes to proper graphics. Forces you to enter partitioning, or use its choices. Can tell it to put boot loader on first sector of partition. Map to choose TZ. 6 char Boots fine. Speaks out loud “Initiating startup sequence!” root/rootroot based on Knoppix ; Boots fine. Speaks out loud “Initiating startup sequence!” sudo knoppix-installer installs ok, on booting, get kernel panic, VFS unable to mount root fs on unknown block(3,22) chose “debian” install instead of “knoppix” - now ok. Doesn't allow root logins. Has excellent installer, YAST2. root/root peter/nednil1 (autologin) Excellent installer. Choose between Gnome and KDE has install option to encrypt filesystem. root/root – nags you at uname and <5chars but lets you Portuguese root/root install icon on desktop, sound works; peter/nednil1 root/root

BLAG is Brixton Linux Action Group which “works to overthrow corporate control of information and technology through community action”. Based on a cut-down, re-app'd Slow to install; slow to boot Boots fine: linux vga=771 root/rootroot Boots fine. Mouse configured badly – won't track properly. has icon on desktop to install; installed, then Boots fine, root/root Boots fine, root/rootroot If you can boot live successfully, but not install, it's the fault/bugs of the distro.

e to use the disk drake (driva?) partitioner. Step thru lang choice, license, level of security to get to " rsatz mount points for each new partition, /a /b /c etc. When done, make sure it writes to disk, then

as an ATI Technlogies SoundMAX integrated digital audio -snd-atiixp Downloaded from Stanford – didn't burn – older one installs ok with vga=791, but fails at end

creen goes blank a few seconds after loading – nothing. Doesn't seem to be a way to enter boot para Review boots live, then 12 lengthy steps to install. Who has time for that? Newer CD - BAD Quirky installer, peter/peter – goes blank – retry as text? Boot: gentoo vga=771 – Better, then got message “INIT: no more processes left BAD 10.2 Lots of pkgs did not install; root/ ; problem installing lilo Trying slackware 10.1 – boots live, gave it hda6 text based install – gets all the way thru to end, then LILO install goes bad. Do it again, and Requires a floppy to install – my laptop doesn't have a floppy. Minislack, fits on one CD “compatible with generic VESA driver” use vga=771 Starts with combined graphic and widget (need screenshot) – Bernard Rosenkranzer –
Russian – illegal/bad license – straight copy of redhat, root/rootroot – failed to open zlib. Permission problem with install script – it hangs.

Some ground rules – no stinky licenses; prefer 1 CD install, but ok if I can download DVD directly (not thru tor Can't find the install disk Can't access hda drive Doesn't let you choose the / partition No scrolling panel for partitions, can only chose hda5 to hda15 – can't turn off creaton of /home. Grub config

Sometimes get the message “50 mounts – forcing check” - lame because no activity on FS. Also is ext3 journa root/root peter/nednil1 Japanese based on RedHat boots live OK, but installer tries to mkfs on a mounted partition (can't do that). If you select Wants to take over entire disk or do manual partitioning in terms of cyls, tracks, heads etc SHIFT, then choose VESA mode Google for install Seems to start install just fine. Char-based graphics – needs grub adjustment to hda1 Just goes blank a few seconds into boot. Vga=771 doesn't help RedHat clone. Boot linux vga=791 (reqd!) Has self-test of media (good) part of anaconda. root/rootroot DVD checks out as good, but it hangs a few minutes into transferring image to drive. Try installing on 4GB partition – or just blow it off – it's a bad distro, not a partition problem Will Shrike install on hda25? If so, put debian on shrike drive Sub distro of Knoppix – boot: install, or choose menu item - “hda24 not a block special device” Boots live ok, Start>Setup>Install to hard drive; requires bootloader on floppy Hangs a few seconds in

Boots live, has “install” icon, which it does while still in live cd (i.e. No reboot - nice). Offers the chance to wri Boot linux vga=771 peter/nednil1 – boot loader install to partition failed both grub and lilo install to MBR failed too

Can run into trouble with upgrade – start with a small /usr, and then they put extra stuff there, you run out of MD5 sum OK but cd checker – says rootfs mismatch. Hangs during install. “/ has been mounted 94 times w/o being checked – check forced”. Would be better if it looked for write access instead. - Ubuntu 5.04 Watch out for CD downloads that are really DVD (690MB, 702MB, 723 MB)

Some install wipe out the MBR.

Some installs are unable to set up MBR

(Hidden) control panel > tools > Frugal install > Grub – wipes out MBR! Linspire reinstall doesn't help

ddle around it goes ok

security to get to "custom disk partitioning" rites to disk, then power off and eject

to enter boot params.

D directly (not thru torrent)

/home. Grub config v poor

FS. Also is ext3 journalled?

fers the chance to write MBR, but not on partition. “Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format” - this means tha

there, you run out of room.

ll doesn't help

format” - this means that stage 2 GRUB not present. Fix it manually, later

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