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November 14-15 in MILTON KEYNES, England This exciting championships will be held in MILTON KEYNES England. Milton Keynes is the fastest growing city in the United Kingdom. Its central location is a hub for major businesses and offers a variety of options including restaurants, shopping and a variety of things to do. Meet Directors Neil Abery & Rick Meldon believe the Hilton hotel our Championships Venue, to be an excellent WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS location. The Hilton is close to major international airports and within an hour of England’s 2 largest cities: London & Birmingham. All airports connect to Milton Keynes via train &/or bus. For those of you who will drive, the Hilton is within 1 mile of the M1 motorway and 4 miles from the train & bus stations. Lifters & guests may choose to book rooms within the competition venue, where they can watch the lifting and return to their room without having to leave the Hilton. Additionally, within 3 miles of the venue is the new HUB opened in 2007 by her majesty the Queen. The HUB, once Europe’s largest shopping area, hosts a variety of major restaurants & bars as well as the Milton Keynes shopping center. All of the above are only minutes walk from The Hilton. A party at The Hilton, is scheduled following Sunday’s competition where the presentation of all awards will take place. We hope everyone will attend this gathering to celebrate a successful competition. Our wish is that you will lift well in this world-class event. We plan to use 1st class equipment and provide outstanding trophies.

The official hotel for the Championships is: The Hilton at Milton Keynes (book online for rooms reserved for World Championships) or phone +44-1908694433 Book online to guarantee your room – Rooms do not have to be paid for until departure. Special rates from £59 per twin or double room for World Championships. The Hilton Hotel (also Championship venue) is located within one mile of the M1 motorway & 4 miles from the train & bus station. TRAVELING OPTIONS to MILTON KEYNES, located in Buckinghamshire, England By Plane Flying to: LUTON AIRPORT is the most convenient option (22miles). Ryanair has flights from all over Europe to Luton. Easyjet also have flights from all over Europe into Luton Other airlines such as BMI baby and Monarch also offer flights. Buses and taxis Taxi (£25-£35) are available from outside the terminal building. LONDON HEATHROW is one of the world’s busiest airports, with domestic, international & transatlantic flights. (55miles) Buses, trains and taxis available from Heathrow. (Taxi approx. £55-£65). LONDON GATWICK is slightly further away than other airports but also offers domestic, international and transatlantic flights. (80miles) The Gatwick express train goes directly into Milton Keynes train station. Bus and taxi service is also available. (Taxi approx. £90.)

Page 2; traveling options continued:

BIRMINGHAM airport also offers domestic, international and transatlantic flights. (70miles) Birmingham airport has a train straight out of the airport into Milton Keynes. (Taxi approx. £70-£80.) By Taxi: From Luton Airport to Milton Keynes: Approx £25-£35. From London Heathrow Airport to Milton Keynes Approx £55-£65. From London Gatwick Airport to Milton Keynes approx £90 From Birmingham Airport to Milton Keynes approx £70-£80 Taxis and minibuses can be booked 24hrs in advance with either Skyline: +44-1908222111 or Raffles: 44-1908 222222. By Car: If driving in England, check out for best route & driving time to Milton Keynes. By Bus: Traveling by bus will take longer. Leave enough time to reach your destination. On public transport (especially trains) it is often cheaper to buy a return ticket from your destination than buying 2 one-way tickets. If you require any advice on transport within England, do not hesitate to contact the organisers: Rick +44-7769705116 or Neil +44-7974178618

2009 WDFPF WORLD POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS & CONGRESS VENUE: Hilton Hotel, Kents Hill, Milton Keynes, MK7 6HL England. This is the CHAMPIONSHIPS Hotel and site of the CONGRESS & COMPETITION. CALANDER SCHEDULE: FRIDAY, November 13th: WDFPF CONGRESS: Registration of Nations 9:00 – 9:45. ` Business Meeting begins at 10:00. SATURDAY, November 14th: WDFPF Unequipped Division POWERLIFRING World Champs. SUNDAY, November 15th: WDFPF EQUIPPED Division POWERLIFTING World Champs. WEIGH-IN & EQUIPMENT CHECK for Saturday & Sunday:: 7:00-8.30am. The weigh-in will take place at the VENUE. Lifters MUST BRING PROOF OF AGE to the WEIGH-IN via passport/birth certificate or photo Driver’s License. EQUIPMENT CHECK will take place during the weigh-in period.
The Weigh-in will take place in the order of weight class as follows: 7.00 – 7.15 a.m.: All Female Lifters 7.15 – 7.30 a.m.: Male lifters up to & including 75 kgs class. 7.30 – 7.45 a.m.: Male Lifters in the 82.5 & 90 kgs classes. 7.45 – 8.00 a.m.: Male Lifters in the 100.0, 110.0, 125.0, 145.0 & +145.0 kgs 8.00 – 8.30 a.m.: Only lifters who did not make weight during their first Weigh-in may return to the scales during this 30 minutes period.

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ENTRY FEES: Entry fees must be paid to the National Federation’s Representative. The entry fees are as follows: £70 (GBP) = $117.00 covers 1 Division (UNEQUIPPED or EQUIPPED) Every one entered will automatically be entered in the OPEN Category. Lifters who qualify for an AGERELATED CATEGORY (TEEN, JUNIOR or MASTERS’) may enter as qualified. Lifters who are currently employed full time as a Police officer/prison guard; as a Fire Fighter or as Military Personnel, may enter the P/F/M Category. £40 (GBP) = $67.00 Per each additional DIVISION &./or CATEGORY. HOW to ENTER: Entries must be made through EACH national representative of each WDFPF affiliated NATION. Entry forms and a team list to be submitted by each nation. Individual entries WILL NOT be accepted. Each nation must insure that no more than 3 lifters from that nation are entered in each Weight Class and age CATEGORY. ALL TEAM MEMBERS MUST have met the WDFPF qualifying standard for their Weight Class & Age related Category. Entries from nations which are NOT WDFPF MEMBERS WILL NOT be accepted! ENTRY DEADLINE: Team Entry Forms must ARRIVE via e-mail no later than Saturday, OCTOBER 24. Team Entry Forms sent by postal services must be POSTMARKED by Saturday, October 17th. Entries received after Oct. 24 may be accepted BUT awards may NOT be available. Entries presented on November 14 or later will NOT BE ACCEPTED under any circumstances. MORE INFORMATION AVAILABLE: By Post: Neil Abery, 9 favell drive, Furzton, Milton Keynes, Bucks, England Mk4 1ag. E-mail: Phone: 0044 7974 178618. Rick Meldon- 0044 7769 705116.

ENTRY FORM for the

Entry & Release forms to be sent with FEES to: The A.D.F.P.F. National Office; 27 Elmo Drive; Macomb, IL; 61455.

National Federation: The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Please TYPE or PRINT all requested information CLEARLY:

(First Name) (Middle Initial) (Last Name)




________________________________________________________________. POSTAL Address: (Street Address & Street Name) ______________________________________________________________ (CITY) (STATE) (ZIP CODE) ______________________________________________________________.

Weight Class in Kilos: ___________. Date of Birth: ___/___/___. day/ mo /yr.

Age on Nov. 14: ______. Age on Nov. 15: ______.
(______)_____________________________________ Phone # with AREA CODE. Email Address: ________________________________________________

Circle DIVISION/s of competition:

CATEGORIES of competition (all lifters will automatically be entered in the OPEN Category). Circle Categories
you wish to enter age is determined by age on the day of COMPETITION:

(14 yrs up)

(14-15 yrs)

(16-17 yrs)

(18-19 yrs)

(20-23 yrs)

(Minimum 40 yrs)

IF you are employed FULL-TIME as a or POLICE OFFICER or PRISON Guard; a FIRE FIGHTER or MILITARY PERSONNEL you may enter the POLICE/FIRE/MILITARY Category. Bring proof of employment. Do you QUALIFY to enter the P/F/M Category? YES. NO. LIST any MEDICATIONS you’ve taken during the past 2 weeks: ___________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________. If you believe your medications may cause a positive drug test check with the DRUG-HOTLIINE: (U.S.: 1-800-2330393). You may need to apply for a T.U.E. (available on website: LIST the DATE & LOCATION of URINE DRUG TESTS: _______________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________. LIST the DATE of FAILED DRUG TESTS: ____________________________________________________________. LIST the SUBSTANCE causing the FAILED TEST: _____________________________________________________. A GIFT T-SHIRT MAY be provided by the Meet Directors; CIRCLE YOUR CHOICE OF T-SHIRT SIZE: SMALL; MEDIUM; LARGE; X LARGE; XX LARGE XXX LARGE.

$117.00 covers 1 Division (UNEQUIPPED or EQUIPPED). $67.00 Per each additional DIVISION &./or CATEGORY. $184.00 To compete in BOTH Divisions. Checks/Money Orders payable to the A.D.F.P.F.

Certification: I hereby give my word of honor as an athlete that I have not used any strength inducing drugs (I.e., any anabolic steroid, natural hormone or synthetic growth hormone) as part of my training during the past sixty months (five years), nor have I used or will I use prescription diuretics or psychomotor stimulants during the seven days prior to this competition. PRINT FULL NAME: ________________________________________. DATE: ___________________________. SIGNATURE: _________________________________________

NOTE: (Please read this release very carefully as when you sign it, you will be giving up important legal rights) In consideration of the acceptance of my entry form for these 2009 POWERLIFTING WORLD Championships, I intend to be legally bound for not only myself, but also my heirs, executors and my administrators. Additionally, I understand that Powerlifting is an inherently hazardous activity and that participation in this sport exposes me to the risk of injury or death. I further understand that NEITHER the A.D.F.P.F. NOR the W.D.F.P.F. will reimburse me for, or coverage of any medical expenses incurred by me as a result of injuries that I might sustain, training for, traveling to or from, or participating in the competition. In signing this release from liability, I waive and release anyone connected with this competition; i.e. the meet directors, the American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation (ADFPF), championships sponsors and staff, the World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation (WDFPF), the contest facilities or any persons associated with the competition from any and all liability, including any results of negligence which may arise from this competition. Moreover, I agree that any testing method selected by W.D.F.P.F. & A.D.F.P.F. recognized testing officers may be applied to detect the presence of drugs, as listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned substances list which SHALL BE CONCLUSIVE. I agree to co-operate fully with all required IOC & WADA sampling and testing procedures. This includes any testing procedures that may be considered necessary prior to or after this event. Should I fail to pass the drug testing procedures, I agree to forfeit any trophy, award, record or placing which I won during the championships and I also forfeit any previous trophy, award, record or placing should the offence be deemed serious enough, according to ADFPF & WDFPF rules, to warrant such an action. I understand and agree that if I fail to pass the drug testing process, my name will appear on a published list of suspended members. If determined that I failed the drug test, I agree to waive any claim for which legal relief is available. I also agree to waive any claim that might arise under state, national or international law for defamation, slander, libel, or any other claim for which legal relief is available. I realize that if I do not attend the 2009 POWERLIFTING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS for any reason, I will forfeit all fees that cannot be exchanged. I agree to pay any attorney fees and litigation expenses incurred by any person real or corporate, whom I may sue in an effort to challenge this release from liability. I understand that my agreement to pay attorney fees and litigation expenses is the SINE QUA NON for acceptance of my entry in this championship. If any provision of this Release From Liability shall be deemed by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the remainder of this Release from Liability shall remain in full force and effect. I also certify with my signature that this release/agreement cannot be modified orally. Signature of athlete:________________________________________ . (If lifter is under 21 years of age, complete the following:) Signature of parent/guardian: ________________________________ . Date: ________________.

Date: _______________.

To be completed by National Championship Secretary: I hereby confirm that this competitor has been selected to compete by the AMERICAN DRUG-FREE POWERLIFTING FEDERATION. This athlete is included on the Nation’s TEAM ENTRY list hereby submitted and will pay entry fee at registration of the 2009 POWERLIFTING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. PRINT NAME: Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ____________________.

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