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March 2009

News &Views
The Auckland Unitarian Church
1A Ponsonby Road Tele: 378-0112 P.O. Box 68967 Newton

Sunday Services begin at 10 a.m., and childcare is provided. March
1 “Living Ultimology” Is it possible to replace theology with a more contemporary and relevant study of what is ultimate? Let’s search together. Rev. G. Woods “In the Beginning” All cultures have a creation story to make sense of our universe. Let us consider what works best for Unitarians. Rev. G. Woods “Who – or What – Is G-d” Following on from the previous Sunday, is there a meaningful way to speak of what is ultimate?” Rev. G. Woods “Original Potential/Human Nature” How do we understand being human in relationship to the rest of life?” Rev. G. Woods Jung Inspired Spirituality –King / Warrior / Magician / Lover. – Craig Wedge This is the last of a series of four on masculine spirituality. Drawn largely on the work of Carl Jung and the Jung Institute of Chicago, the archetype of the Lover will be explored.





Gretchen Woods is holding a number of workshops during her stay in New Zealand. They are all held on a Saturday at the church, starting at 10am and finishing around 2pm. Please bring your own lunch. Coffee, or tea will be provided.
Feb 28 Building Healthy Community. A day to explore what the characteristics are of healthy religious communities and communities in general. Dr. Woods specialized in this for her dissertation. “Living Ultimology” How do you make sense of your own understanding of what is ultimate? Dr. Woods reaches UU theology and systems to UU ministers. Be prepared to dig deep for this one. Opening Spirituality If the idea that spirituality can only be done one way turns you off, This is the workshop for you. Dr. Woods is a trained spiritual mentor in the earth-based work of Suzanne Scurlock-Durana and Karla Mcaren

Mar 21

Apr 18


MARCH 2009


Sunday Services Table of Contents Column from Management Committee Dinner with Gretchen Deadline for Newsletter Submissions Woods Working Lunch Bunch Sunday School Self Evident Truths Rafters Music Cafe Update of Church Directory of Members Appointment of New Child Carer Feldenkrais Classes Sunday Morning Roster Contacts for Church 1 2 2-3 3 3 4 4 5 6 6 6 7 7 8 8

Management Committee Column
March already – we are now well into the year, and our new visiting minister, Gretchen Woods, has given us three stimulating, thought-provoking, well-attended services. If you are reading this before Saturday, 28 February, you still have time to attend her workshop, on “Creating healthy communities”. There are two more workshops scheduled, one for March 21 and another in April. We had a very successful welcome lunch for Gretchen at Christine Whelan’s house; and Willem is organising a dinner this month at the Devonport Yacht Club. Please contact Willem if you plan to attend – details are in this newsletter. We have also welcomed a new child care person, Claire, and as you can see further on in the newsletter, she and the children would very much like to make the most of their time here on Sunday mornings. We hope some of the adults might like to get involved with a project with the children at some time. It adds so much life to our community to have a vibrant children’s programme. Replies to the survey circulated by the Sunday Services committee at the end of last year have now been collated. Twelve people responded, which is a very healthy percentage of regular attendees. Results are at the end of this newsletter; and if you hadn’t replied, but still would like to, please ask Lini for another copy. We have been concerned for some time about security, over time we have lost track of keys and had concerns about the behaviour of some users of the church. New security locks will be installed on both front doors on 27 February, so if you need a key, please contact Sue Radics for a replacement. The new keys are numbered and unable to be copied.


MARCH 2009


If you use the church at times other than Sunday service, or if you have volunteered to do lock up on Sunday, please be sure to check that the outside doors downstairs are securely locked and bolted – we have been told of people illegally gaining entry to the building through these doors. Our administrator, Jill Skeet, is beginning work on updating the Church Directory this month, so please advise her of any corrections, additions or if you have changed address, phone number or email in the last year. Finally, the end of the tax year, March 31st is approaching, and you still have time to make a pledge to the church, if you haven’t yet done so this year. Changes to the allowances for donations took effect from this tax year – you can now claim back a third of all amounts donated. We have donee status recognised by the IRD for pledges. Karen Cleary, Chair, on behalf of the Management Committee

Devonport Yacht Club – Smorgasbord Dinner (about $17) on Friday 20th March at 6.15 pm. Social gathering of Unitarians with Gretchen our visiting Minister. Register your interest with Willem Laman-Trip or at the Church, to allow reservations of tables.”

All submissions to Jill Skeet at We’d really appreciate your assistance in ensuring we get the newsletter out on time

Deadline for April News and Views – Thursday 19 March 2009


MARCH 2009


“Greetings from your not-so-new interim minister” It has been a pleasure getting to know you over the past three weeks since February 1, when I began my service with you here in Auckland. I have found you to be warm and welcoming, as well as intellectually inquisitive and spiritually curious. This resonates with me well. I think we make a good match for the next three months. While the time will be briefer than we could hope for, we can make it worthwhile together. As some of you now know, I view myself as a spiritual midwife with concern for the birthing of healthy, joyous, caring communities, as well as individuals. With this in mind, I heartily invite you to join me on February 28 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. for a workshop called “Creating Healthy Communities.” You might want to bring a bag lunch for the break. This will be an opportunity to examine what makes for healthy communities, how many and what different kinds of leaders are needed for healthy communities, and how each individual brings her or his particular gifts and talents to fruition in such groups. We will also consider how this particular congregation may become more vital within the context of Auckland and environs. Looking forward to continuing a shared search for truth and meaning, Warmly, Gretchen Woods

Lunch Bunch meets again on Tuesday, at 12.30, on 24th March at Point Chevalier Cafe. All welcome, do join us. Dawn (Dawn Elvidge –


MARCH 2009


Sunday School
“What Can We Do”
(brainstorm by the children in the program) On Sunday, February 15, 2009, the children attending the service spent part of their time downstairs (with the helpful guidance of Claire, their caretaker) thinking about what they might be able to do during their time in the program. Our interim minister, Gretchen Woods, will meet after the service on Sunday, March 1, with any adults who would like to help make at least some of this come to fruition. You do not have to be a parent to help out. It is important to the children that they know that the whole congregation cares about them and their education. Here are the children’s ideas: “Things to make other people smile” Decorating cupcakes: - morning tea (upstairs) - take home to give to friends, family, neighbours, charity - eat them - take to rest homes or hospitals Easter: - Easter egg hunt - Wall collage - Easter cards, eggs, make small gifts Home Made Cards: - well wishers - Mothers’ Day - Cards with compliments Make pictures: - paintings - drawings - give to people in congregation Old toys: - bring in to wrap and donate Put on a play Raise $$ for charity - watercolour pictures - balloons Make posters


MARCH 2009


Self-evident truths can be light-hearted or have a more philosophical bent. Here are four of the first kind: I’m very decisive, once I have made up my mind. There is no end of the day in the hotel business. One definition of family is a constant state of adjustment You keep a retail business going by selling. I hope that this will be a part of the newsletter that people can participate in and if you wish to contribute, please send any contributions to me through e-mail ( Lini Nyenkamp

Rafters Music Café
Welcomes musicians, singer/songwriters, poets

Friday March 20 th from 7.30 p.m. on $5.00 entry
Our guest in March is Bryan Christianson one of New Zealand's leading banjo players. He is a member of Wires and Wood and Out to Lunch, two of our leading country/bluegrass groups. As usual, 3rd Friday of the month. Entry $5 Includes Supper. Join in the first half - featured artist on at 9pm Contact Carolyn Sutherland on 482-3817 email:

Update of Church Directory of Members
I am currently updating the Directory of Church Members, which includes addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. Could you please email me any updates or additions by Friday 6 March? I hope to have the new directory available by the end of March. or tel 2761337, or simply leave me a note in the office... Thanks, Jill


MARCH 2009


Appointment of New Child Carer
You may be aware already that we now have the good fortune to have the services of Clare Jennings as our child carer during our church services. Clare is a third year secondary teaching student, preparing to teach in the area of the performing arts, that is, in drama, music and dance. She is an experienced babysitter with a genuine interest in children. As a niece of Chris and Terry, Claire has looked after their family, and has visited UU churches in the US with Chris. She has a church background, having grown up as a Presbyterian, and is interested in using UU materials with our children, which will be good news to parents. Clare’s talents extent to playing the piano, violin and viola, and she also sings, so we can look forward to hearing her perform in the future, I hope. I am sure these abilities will add to her success on Sunday mornings. Thank you for joining us, Clare. We look forward to a very happy ongoing relationship with you. Alexandra Bruce.

Feldenkrais™ Awareness Through Movement classes run by Karn Cleary At the church, Thursday evenings at 6pm. Anyone who is interested in attending, please call Karn Muller-Cleary on 528 4905 The Feldenkrais method is a neuro-muscular reprogramming process. The lessons are an effective, gentle method of improving flexibility, balance, movement & posture, suitable for all ages and abilities.


MARCH 2009


Greeters C.M. M.C. Flowers Tea/coffee Lock-up

Mar 1
Donna Miers Sue Radics Sue Radics

Mar 8
Dawn Elvidge Shirin Caldwell Olga Beckett Donna Miers Henri van Roon

Mar 15
Barbara Holt Christine Whelan Karn Cleary

Mar 22
Henri van Roon Karn Cleary Karn Cleary Marjorie van Roon Henri van Roon

Mar 29
Antonio Silva

Martha Silva Martha Silva

Please contact Karn Cleary on 528 4905 or if you could greet, bring flowers, or do tea/coffee duty.
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