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									This is the Newsletter of SeniorNet (Pakuranga) Inc P.O. Box 82 306 Highland Park MANUKAU CITY 2143 Phone 576 4500

Est. 1995

August 09

Issue 133

CHAIRMAN‟S REPORT by Brian Erikson

Our Next Monthly Meeting is on FRIDAY, 7 August „09 commencing at 10am at ST ANDREWS CHURCH CENTRE cnr Ridge Rd & Vincent St, Howick The main entrance is Vincent St and there is parking (as well as disabled parking) in the grounds and in the basement. All Members and Visitors welcome.
MINI SPEAKER Gay Williams, who is the Tutor for our Genealogy Course, will be speaking on this interesting subject.
There will be a break of approx 15- 20 mins for Tea/Coffee and biscuits to be served – A small donation greatly appreciated.


At a recent Tutors meeting run by Doug Mackay we looked at our “reserves” for tutors. We are running a bit light so that when some one goes on holiday or is away for other reasons there is quite a bit of juggling to keep the courses running on schedule. In fact we have postponed the occasional course that might be light on numbers to keep some of the basic courses going. We would really welcome more Assistant Tutors and Tutors. You really don‟t have to be the top Microsoft Office guru to make a very good contribution. Remember our motto is “learning from our peers at our own pace”. We don‟t insist that you go into the role of a Tutor cold turkey – why not try it out as an Assistant or give Doug Mackay a call to find out more or offer to give it a trial.

PRACTICE & HELP SESSIONS will be held at our Training Room, 12 Ben Lomond Cres. Pakuranga on 24th & 31ST JULY and 14th & 28th August From 9.30am – 11.30am
Please arrive before 11am so that (hopefully) your problems can be solved before we close at 11.30am. We welcome Laptops to these sessions so if you are unsure about using yours, or have a problem, then come along and we will help you NOTE: When parking your car, especially in Ben Lomond Crescent where our Training Room is, make sure you leave a 1 metre space between your car and a driveway as you may be fined $40 by the Traffic Dept. This has, unfortunately, already happened to a member .

David Klassen, Production Manager for the „Times‟ Newspaper, will be speaking on “Communication in the Computer Age”


Photography Tips When to use Delete, Protect & Format Protect: It is advisable to use Protect when taking a lot of photos. When you have taken a photo you want to keep, use the Protect function on your camera. This will stop it from being deleted by mistake Delete: Use this when getting rid of unwanted photos from your camera. This will delete a selected unwanted photo. Format: This is a very important function. It must be carried out AFTER the photos have been downloaded to your computer or photo cd etc. The reason for this and not a delete all is that it will clean up your memory completely. If you don't the memory card could get corrupted as I found out when I started. It was true then as it is true now. This is just summary of these functions. For more details I suggest you read your manual. There will be more next month. If you have any questions you can email me at I will try and answer them. If I can not I will find out and post a link to the information.

Louise Marsh Rod Watts Yvonne Flood-Smith Olwyn Munro Richard & Catherine White Siegi Lippelt Spencer & Jennifer Abbott Rejoins: Nolla Lippelt & Lesley Thomson Your name will be called at the meeting on 7th August Please keep your Name Badge in a safe place and wear it to all meetings and classes for identification.

On the 5th draw, the lucky winner present to receive a Flash Drive was Tony Jacobs, Member No 1185 Congratulations to you.

COURSE NOTES by Doug Mackay
Ph 576 4500 or email Postal address - SeniorNet Pakuranga, P.O. Box 82 306, Highland Park 2143
PLEASE NOTE – Only financial members from the 1st August who have been issued with a green Name Badge may participate in courses. Please check to make sure you are financial before doing a course. There are vacancies in the following courses for this term. Course Dates Time 9.30am 1pm 1pm 10am 1pm 1pm 1pm 1pm 1pm. 9.30am 10am Vacancies 7 8 5 7 7 4 4 6 5 5 4

A Review of the July Speaker who was Bob
McDavitt from the Meteorological Service. Bob gave an excellent presentation of how this service functions such as predicting that there would be a tornado in Northland, which did happen, sadly, killing a teenager who was sleeping in a caravan when a tree fell on it. His ability to explain the different facets on a Powerpoint display helped us all to understand the complexities of what is involved at the weather station. Why not log on to to

Word 1, 2003 – 26Aug 2 & 3 Sept Windows 6 & 23 Sept Internet 24 & 31 August Spreadsheets 10 & 17 August Genealogy 8 & 15 Sept Greeting Cards 10 & 17 Aug Website 13 & 20 Aug Movie Maker 11 & 18 Aug CD/DVD Burning 27 August Basic Kybd & Typ 8, 15,22 Sept Power Point 13,20Aug & 3 Sept


For booking into courses, please use the Booking Slip which was included in the July Newsletter, or obtain one at the meeting on 7th August or from the Training Room when you are there for Practice & Help or doing a course. No bookings will be taken by email or phone, but I welcome enquiries.

REMINDER Have you yet to renew your subscription from the 1st August 09 to 31st July 2010 ? Our subscription of $30 per person or $50 a couple remains the same as it has done since our SeniorNet Club was first formed in 1995. Early payment would be greatly appreciated .
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August 09 Resume for
GREETINGS CARDS - USING WORD 2003 This course is a FUN course aimed at people who have completed the four „Core‟ subjects. Participants will learn  how to search for pictures in the „Clip Art‟ files, photos stored on one‟s own computer, Google Images and sources too numerous to mention.  How to use the „drawing‟ tool-bar to nudge, push, drag, crop and rotate these pictures to suit the purpose.  How to use Word Art, Auto Shapes, Insert a frame and change the line texture of the frame, change line and fill colours and more. With a little practice the whole process is really quite simple and enjoyable After completing the course it is possible to make cards for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Mother‟s day, Get Well, Congratulations, and any other occasion . Do I hear you say? “I can go down to the $2 shop and buy a card.” Well that is not nearly as much fun as making a personalised card for someone special. There are many other uses to which knowledge derived from this course can be put to use i.e. Posters for upcoming events, Programmes, Invitations, Information bulletins etc. The next course is 1pm - 3pm on August 10 and 17 at 12 Ben Lomond Crescent. Course notes are $5 and well worth purchasing for future use.


This column is free for you to use. If you have anything at all that you want to advertise, whether it be an item for sale, to buy, or just keeping us all informed of some information, then let the Editor know before the 15th August to enable your item to go into our next Newsletter. Feedback on your item is also appreciated. Editor’s contact details on last page of this newsletter.

Something you may be interested in
Auckland East Parent Centre is looking for Volunteers. They are a local centre that runs Antenatal classes, Parent Education courses and a Toy Library. They are looking for Volunteers - even if you can give as little as 4 hours each month. It could be that Seniornet members have the experience to help. For further details please call Tanya on 5366-297 or 02755-33-570 or e-mail

************************* A Little Giggle for this Month **************************

It is with sadness that we notify you of the death last May of a long standing member Murray Ings, Member No 75, also more recently Margaret Ross, member No 396.

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August 09

and their Responsibilities
Chairman Dep.Chrmn Secretary Brian Erikson

HAVING A PROBLEM? Who to contact:

534 4798
MS Office

Patricia James John Reece

533 5983 576 9239

Sid Jordan

274 1300

Gay Williams Phil Collins

524 7221
534 6701

Treasurer - Kevin Browne 534 4499 Course Co-ord. - Doug Mackay 274 7083 Webmaster Lance Marr

Outlook Express Jim Hine Digital Photos Brian Erikson Basics (TTP) Gay Williams Jim Hine Tony Priestley

534 4259 534 4798

576 9183
524 7221

Tech. Advisor Jim Hine

534 4259

534 4259
535 1601

Membership Sec Shirley Mackay 274 7083
Word 1 - 2003


Patricia James
Brian Erikson

533 5983

Guest Spkr

5324 4798

Word 1 - 2007 Shirley Mackay 274 7083 Word 2 Maureen Keys 534 8012
Sid Jordan

274 1300 533 5983 274 3645 576 9239
Patricia James
John Griffiths

Linux & Alt. Programmes Gordon Williams

533 1147
Spreadsheets John Bate 570 5468 John Reece

Newsletter Edtr Shirley Mackay 274 7083 Assistant Betty Hoddle 534 4277 Email Newsetter Rona Heywood 534 2539

Windows & MS Products

Dick Harris 576 9483
Don Molloy 576 7256

Works 4.5

WAIVER: From time to time some of our members voluntarily and willingly give help and advice to other members on matters relating to computers, associated equipment and software. This includes information contained in the columns of this newsletter and other publications including our SeniorNet Website. This help or advice is taken solely at the recipient’s risk and imposes no responsibility or liability of a ny kind, either on those providing such help or advice, or the newsletter Editors or SeniorNet (Pakauranga) Inc.

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