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Aled hits high notes at Ely Cathedral
May Day at Ely Cathedral this year will endowment fund of £10 million. And be like a bouquet of spring flowers Aled is no stranger to the choristers at when, at the annual concert in aid of Ely the Cathedral because in 2006 he was the Cathedral Music Appeal on Monday 7th ‘manager’ of the choral boy-band known May, singer and Songs of Praise presenter, as The Choirboys, two of whom (Patrick Aled Jones, will be performing alongside and C-J) came from Ely Cathedral! the Cathedral Choristers and the Ely Imps. In 2006, when the Cathedral wished The nation remembers Aled with great to increase its musical outreach, a affection from his time as the Bangor voluntary children’s choir was formed Cathedral chorister with the unique from the children from local schools in treble voice who later went on to pop the Cambridgeshire area. Known as the stardom with Walking in the Air. The Ely Imps the children made their debut treble voice has now matured into a lyriat the Cathedral on May Day 2006 where cal baritone and is in as much demand they performed Carnival of the Animals as ever, with Aled releasing albums each conducted by John Rutter. year and touring the country whenever Both choirs are eagerly anticipating the his hectic schedule as a BBC radio and opportunity to perform alongside Aled TV presenter allows. Aled can be heard who, as a chorister himself, has great every Sunday morning on BBC Radio 2’s affinity with choral groups around the Good Morning Sunday, he also presents country. It promises to be a spectacular Friday Night is Music Night and The Choir for evening with something for everyone the BBC. Additionally he records around to enjoy. 20 programmes for Songs of Praise each year and will be taking part in a new Additionally, the Cathedral is delighted weekly quiz programme for BBC2 in the that the Cambridge Evening News and summer called What are you Like? Waitrose have kindly agreed to be sponsors of the event on 7th May. Aled’s first love is, of course, music and he is delighted to be returning to Ely Tickets and information about the Cathedral to help with the Appeal which concert are available from the Cathedral was set up in 2005 to raise funds to ensure Box Office on 01353 660349 or via online the long-term sustainability of both the booking from the website music and the choristers at the Cathedral. www.cathedral.ely.anglican.org The Music Appeal aims to raise an

April 2007 Highlights

THE BLES SING OF THE OILS Thursday 5 April – 10.30 am The annual service at which the clergy renew their ordination vows GOOD FRIDAY Friday 6 April Procession of Witness – 10.30 am Liturgy of the Passion – 12.00 noon The Way of the Cross – 7.30 pm EASTER DAY Sunday 8 April Dawn Vigil & Eucharist – 5.15 am Orchestral Sung Eucharist – 10.30 am Evensong & Procession – 4.00 pm PARAC HUTE REGIMENT BAND CONCERT Saturday 21 April – 7.30 pm BENEDICTINE SPIRITUALITY Friday 4 – Sunday 6 May Ely Experience Weekend Details on page 2 ALED JONES IN CONCERT Monday 7 May – 7.00 pm Concert with the Ely Imps Details on this page

Annual Meeting
The Annual Congregational Meeting will be held on Tuesday 22nd May at 7.30 pm in the Cathedral.

Regular services
Sundays: 8.15 am: Holy Communion (BCP) 10.30 am: Sung Eucharist 4.00 pm: Evensong Daily Services: 7.40 am: Morning Prayer 8.00 am: Holy Communion 12 noon: Midday Prayers – Quiet Hour 5.30 pm: Evensong


Thought for April
Easter dominates our thoughts in April, and so it should. Indeed, for Christian believers, Easter should have a prominent place in our thoughts all the time. We should never tire of giving thanks to God for what Easter represents, for it is the summit of all that the faith is for us. Each year we are given a fresh reminder of the meaning and significance of God’s concern and love for his creation. So great is this that, in order to re-establish the closeness that he longed for between himself and the created order, God risked coming among us and living a fully human life in order to call us back to himself. The horrific events of Good Friday were an inevitable human consequence, but the wonder of Easter Day was an absolute contrast – a divine response in resurrection: the most surprising initiative that God could take. Of course that event should dominate our thoughts and not only in April. Michael Chandler

Music Notes
Late April and early May is going to be a particularly demanding time for our boy choristers. Having recovered from the rigours of Holy week and Easter they will return to prepare for two major projects on top of their normal workload. (The latter, which comprises the daily service routine, must always be the priority)! Firstly, the boys will have a major role to play in the Aled Jones celebrity concert on Monday, 7th May. They will sing music by Wayne Marshall (his jazzy Magnificat), Geoffrey Burgon (the “Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy” Nunc Dimittis), two of the “Mystical Songs” by Vaughan Williams and the whole of Kenneth Leighton’s demanding “Easter sequence” (scored for boys’ voices, organ and trumpet) in this concert - as well as helping out the Ely Imps and singing along with Aled. Secondly, the boys will prepare for an imminent recording of music written for upper voices by Arthur Wills to be recorded a couple of days before the Mayday concert. It is a relief to have the girls’ choir and the Ely Cathedral Octagon Singers around these days, when things get so busy! They will be helping us out with the daily services during the period in question. Furthermore, on Monday, 30th April evensong will be sung for us by chorister parents for a change! It just goes to show that we are all one big happy family!

The Lady Chapel becomes the site of the Crucifixion, outside the city walls. We are very still. The statue in the South Transept becomes the scene of the Resurrection. We share chocolate eggs and light a candle. It is not easy to capture the drama of the Easter story in the classroom. The Cathedral’s beauty and atmosphere provide a context that allows the children to become part of the events, lifting them from spectators to participants, sharing in the joy and the sorrow, the doubts and the fears. We who have heard the story so often can learn so much from them. Jan Munt, Cathedral Education Officer

Accepted for Training
Congratulations to Jenny Gage, a member of the Cathedral congregation, who has recently been accepted for ordination training. Jenny is a maths teacher working in a schools outreach project at Cambridge University. When asked what led her to think about God’s call to ordination Jenny said: ‘Knowing that he is calling me personally by name and that I have to follow that call to become the person I want to be’. Do keep Jenny in your prayers as she begins her training in September with the Eastern Region Ministry Course.

Ely Experience Weekend 4th – 6th May led by Fr. Oliver Holt OSB & Canon Peter Sills
Ely Experience weekends combine spiritual teaching and good company with something of a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Cathedral life. This one will appeal particularly to those who are seeking a spirituality that enables them to recapture a sense of balance in their lives. The programme includes a Son et Lumière presentation with the Cathedral Choir, and an opportunity to visit Ely’s renowned Stained Glass Museum. Details from Sallyann Ford, 01353 660361, s.ford@cathedral.ely.anglican.org

Easter Triptych
Over the fortnight either side of Easter three paintings by Shamus Williams, a priest in the Ely Diocese, are being displayed in the Lady Chapel. They provide a meditation on the paschal mystery, from life, through death to new life.

From History to my story...
Over the past few weeks, you may have heard the rustle of palm branches and the shouts of ‘Hoorah for the King!’ as over three hundred children have visited the Cathedral to tell the story of Easter. On these days, the nave becomes the street leading into Jerusalem, lined by cheering crowds waving palm branches as Jesus passes by on a donkey. The presbytery becomes the Upper Room, where Jesus shared a last meal with his friends. We sit on the altar steps and eat bread rolls.

Setting the Captives Free
The year is 1780. A sailing ship is ploughing through heavy seas across the Atlantic, loaded almost to the gunwales with a cargo of human beings. They are chained together on narrow shelves, soaked in sweat, blood, vomit and excrement. In a smart London club, an elegant young graduate fresh from Cambridge is seated at the gambling table, delighting his friends with his wit and charm. From a business family and already an MP, he has a fortune behind him and a promising career ahead. Who would imagine that these two worlds could have anything in common? Yet that young man was to become the principle instrument in the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade, the bicentenary of which we celebrate this weekend. The current media focus on that amazing achievement is more than welcome. What is overlooked, however, is that William Wilberforce’s vision for a better world was grounded in the transformative potential of faith and business. For him and his allies, legitimate commerce, coupled with the gospel, would cut off the slave trade at its source in Africa. Because all human beings share a common humanity, they argued, they enjoy equal rights to liberty. In fact, because liberty is God-given, it is wrong to deprive people of it through slavery.

And because Christianity and legitimate commerce alike have human liberty at their core, they are destined to work together to transform society. We can learn two things in particular from that great campaign. First, advocating liberty may involve defying majority opinion. In Wilberforce’s time, most Christians accepted slavery as a fact of life. Today, the consensus in the churches is that global commercial enterprise inevitably impoverishes both rich and poor – the former spiritually, the latter materially. Wilberforce offers us a more positive assessment of the spiritual and material potential of faith-full business in the cause of freedom. Second, when a commitment to freedom is propelled by religious belief, the effect can be dramatic. In the last 50 years, churches have made a crucial contribution to the US civil rights movement, the decline of communism, the end of apartheid, the cancellation of international debt and the promotion of fair terms for trade. Now, they are mobilising to tackle contemporary forms of slavery. As in Wilberforce’s day, rationalist scepticism is on the rise. But history reminds us that when faith awakens to the call of liberty, it can transform culture – on a global scale. Peter Helam Dr Peter Heslam is associate faculty at LICC and director of Transforming Business at Cambridge University.

Ely Cathed ra l Shop Lt d
Visit our shops for a wide selection of Easter Gifts: Easter Cards Easter Eggs (Fairtrade) Easter Books Activity Books for Children Selection of soft toys, bunnies etc Decorative napkins and tissues

You are invited to the Private View

An exhibition of paintings and drawings by Alexandra Drysdale The Lady Chapel, Ely Cathedral Friday 11 May, 6.30 pm – 8.00 pm
Exhibition continues until 30 May, 7.00 am – 7.00 pm Contact: Sallyann Ford at Ely Cathedral tel: 01353 660361 Alexandra Drysdale tel: 07787 827793 alex.drysdale@ntlworld.com

Amazing Grace
A new film based on the life of antislavery pioneer William Wilberforce. The film’s release co-incides with the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade act, and a host of anti slavery events all over the country. Amazing Grace is being shown at the Maltings, Ship Lane, Ely at the following times:Sunday 22nd April 3.00 pm & 7.30 pm; and Wednesday 25th April 11.15 am & 7.30 pm. 24-hour cinema information line 01353 666388.

Sunday 1st – Palm Sunday 10.30 Procession and Sung Eucharist Monday 2nd 19.30 Holy Week Pilgrimage Service Tuesday 3rd 16.00 Organ Recital – Jonathan Lilley 19.30 Holy Week Pilgrimage Service Wednesday 4th 19.30 Holy Week Pilgrimage Service Thursday 5th – Maundy Thursday 10.30 Eucharist for the Blessing of the Oils 19.30 Maundy Thursday Eucharist – St Mary’s Church 21.00 Tenebrae and Watch Friday 6th – Good Friday 10.30 Procession of Witness 12.00 Good Friday Liturgy 16.00 Children’s Service 17.30 Evensong 19.30 The Way of the Cross Saturday 7th – Easter Eve 17.30 Evensong & Address 19.30 Confirmation Service Sunday 8th – Easter Day 05.15 Dawn Vigil & Sung Eucharist Followed by Breakfast Tickets from the Chapter House 08.15 Holy Communion BCP 10.30 Sung Orchestral Eucharist 16.00 Festal Evensong & Procession Thursday 12th 13.10 Lunchtime Concert – The Hunter Singers Saturday 14th 12.30 Walsingham Cell Mass Saturday 21st 19.30 Parachute Regiment Band Concert Sunday 22nd 14.00 Scouts Service Saturday 28th 19.30 RSCM Evensong

Monday 7th 19.00 Aled Jones in Concert with the Ely Imps Tuesday 8th Art Exhibition in Lady Chapel – until May 30th Thursday 10th 13.10 Lunchtime Concert – Framlingham College 18.30 New Friends of the Cathedral Evening Saturday 12th 10.20 Mass for the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre 12.30 Walsingham Cell Mass Sunday 13th 14.00 Addenbrookes Hospital Transplant Service Friday 18th 13.10 Lunchtime Concert – Brewton Parker College 18.30 Gener8 Diocesan Children’s Event Saturday 19th 17.30 RSCM Diocesan Choirs Festival Sunday 20th 18.00 Christian Aid Service for Churches Together in Ely Tuesday 22nd 19.30 Annual Meeting of the Cathedral Congregation Sunday 27th 18.00 European Community Chamber Orchestra Concert Thursday 31st 10.30 Retired Clergy Service 13.10 Lunchtime Concert – Noel Singers

Friday 15th 19.00 Confirmation Service Saturday 16th 19.30 Cambridge Philharmonic Concert: The Dream of Gerontius Sunday 17th 10.30 Sung Eucharist followed by Ecumenical Service on Palace Green Wednesday 20th 13.10 Lunchtime Concert – Glen Ellyn-Wheaten Chorale Thursday 21st 13.10 Lunchtime Concert – Stanford University Saturday 23rd 10.00 St Etheldreda Day Diocesan Pilgrimage 17.30 St Etheldreda Day Festal Evensong 18.30 Order of St Etheldreda Annual Gathering Thursday 28th 13.10 Lunchtime Concert – St Catherine’s Choir Saturday 30th 15.00 Ordination of Deacons & Priests These details were correct when printed. The calendar is updated on the Cathedral website www.cathedral.ely.anglican.org. Tickets for concerts and other events may be bought from the Cathedral Box Office on 01353 660349 or directly from the desk at the South Door.

Saturday 2nd Open University Graduation Day and Etheldreda Fair Sunday 3rd – Trinity Sunday Cathedral Patronal Festival 10.30 Festival Sung Eucharist followed by – 12.30 Congregational Lunch Monday 4th 13.10 Lunchtime Concert – Stamford University Friday 8th 19.00 USAF Lakenheath Graduation Ceremony Saturday 9th 12.30 Walsingham Cell Mass 19.00 Performance by Lantern Dance Theatre Company Tela Brides Exhibition – for one week Sunday 10th 14.00 Cambridgeshire Regiment Service Wednesday 13th 16.00 RSCM Festival Service Thursday 14th/15th Ely Business Ethics Forum Summer Seminar – Ethical Management & Moral Leadership

In Brief
Helene and the family of the late Revd. Hugh Reid wish to express their sincere thanks to the clergy and all those who took part in the funeral service on February 23rd, especially to Canon David Pritchard for his invaluable help and support. Also to all those who attended the service, gave flowers, sent cards and letters and made donations to the Addenbrooke’s Kidney Patient Association. Thanks also for your prayers, which were a great comfort to the family at this very sad time.

Tuesday 1st 13.10 Lunchtime Concert – Newark Boys Choir, New Jersey USA Thursday 3rd 13.10 Piano Recital – Robin Briars In aid of the Music Appeal Friday 4th until Sunday 6th Ely Experience Weekend – Benedictine Spirituality Details from the Chapter House Sunday 6th 13.30 Blessing of Animals Service – In association with the Wood Green Animal Shelter

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