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Thanks for the Ceremonies Easter is over the busy regimen of everyday life has returned. It’s almost as though it never happened! And that’s the way many live their life – as though it ―never happened‖. Well it did – in this Catholic Parish and there are a lot of people that we should thank for the wonderful ceremonies. Of course there are the priests and the parish staff, pastoral associates, receptionists and sacristans. I would like to thank so many who played a role in the liturgical events. I do this with a little trepidation as always a name or two is left out. NORTH SYDNEY Danielle Joosse; Katie Simmons, Greg Joosse, Tony Biviano, Mary Morris, Tilly Wong, Sarah Tang, Carmel Kelleher, James D’Arcy); Feet washers at Last Supper; Eucharistic Ministers; Acolytes and priest assistants; Readers; Welcomers; Commentators; young parishioners involved in the Passion dramatisation (Christopher Chan, Ciaran Gill, Daniel Lynch, Geri McMahon, James Molloy, James Ng, Beth Riordan, Clare Riordan, Tom Riordan, Portia Westall, Jessica Wood & Nicole Yeo; Ray Paxton; Anne Somers; Kerrie Bristow, Graham Pike & family; 9am Mass Family Liturgy Group; St Mary’s Church Children’s Choir & Musicians; Fran Boyle & Jim Russell (led singing for Street Walk); Brian D’Arcy (made cross for street walk); Rhonda Carew-Smith; Ron Lewis (helps with everything) & Dorothy McSweeny (decorating Easter candle) KIRRIBILLI The liturgists and organisers: Maggie and Tony Borger; Sue Pearce; Denys and Margaret Goggin; John Pearson; Michelle Pedersen; Alex Paterson; Annette Benaud; Gary Russell and the readers and participants Margaret Barry (Sr); Jenny & Michael Boland; Tom & Jake Borger; Matthew Gardiner; Helen Hoe; Alan Hogan; Anna Koeneman (Sr); Evyonne Lamerand (Sr); Therese Leonard; Keely McNamara; Chris McManus; Noni Mitchell (Sr); The Pelletire Boys; Frances Rolse; Frances Russell; Celeste Ryan LAVENDER BAY Tim Smyth,Andy Maher, Jennifer Kos, John Parker, Margaret Doherty, Peter Doherty, Robyn Wunder, Deirdre Arnold, Michael Gray, John Kidney, Mary Diggins' Musicians & Singers, Ray Paxton's Musicians & Singers, Gabrielle Toner, Karen Ryder, Elizabeth Crombie, Elizabeth Pender, Claire Loneragan, Mark Wong, Des Giffney, Nathan Horsfield. A special thanks from a grateful parish. A Eucharistic Card The office of Bishop Porteous has printed a card to unite the Easter Period with the Year of the Eucharist. These cards will be found as an insert in the Parish Bulletin this weekend. If you do not wish to use the card then you might return it. Though we

have two boxes of the cards, they could be left in the back of each of our churches. MATTERS OF THE PARISH Women’s Night of Spirituality Musicians th It is being held on Tuesday 7 June in St Mary’s Church at 7.30pm. It is a very special annual event held each year, where women share their spiritual journey and what nourishes them. Do you have any ideas about women who would be suitable – in another year – to speak about their spirituality. Do you personally know some inspirational figure whom you could introduce to me? Danielle Joosse is seeking any female musicians/singers in the parish who are interested in being involved in the Women’s Night of Spirituality. Please contact Danielle 9955 9006. Home Rosary on Friday 8 April will be held at 27 Milray Avenue, Wollstonecraft.. For any enquiries, please contact Cecilia on 9967-2601. The Manresa Group May

A History Proposal Monday May 2. The Church’s Own Tsunami— Vatican Council II John XXIII changes the Church. Pedro Arrupe changes the Jesuits. Or do they? The graces, costs, and challenges of Vatican Council II. Monday May 30. Faith of Our Fathers? The theology—dogmatic, scriptural, moral—behind the changes. How do we educate ourselves to our adult faith? How do we educate our children religiously? Monday June 27 The Parish in 2005. Where have we been? Where are we going? The priestliness of the People of God—men/women, young/old, poor/rich, black/white/brown. Monday July 25. Is Silence Always Golden? Authority/freedom/power/reform in the Church. Managing crises over the years. The laity, ministers, priests, religious, bishops, popes as the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church. OUR PARISH CALENDAR April Sun 3 Tue 5

Time Star of the Sea Pastoral Team meeting St Vincent De Paul, Lavender Bay St Vincent de Paul (North Sydney)


Tue 12



Thr 14 Sat 16



8.00 am 4.00pm 4.00pm 7.30pm 10.30am

Sun 17 Sun 17



Mon 18


Wed 20 Thr 21 nd Fri 22




Sun 27



PIFA Board Meeting, (Lavender Bay) Lavender Bay Pastoral Team Meeting Catechists meeting, St. Mary’s Toddler’s Mass (Amy Sobb Room) Finance Committee Meeting Manresa Group meet (St Mary’s) Amy Sobb Room St. Mary’s Pastoral Team meeting Catholic Women’s League, (St Mary’s) Amy Sobb room Healing Mass at Marist Monastery

devotions invoking God’s mercy. Enquiries – Mary on 9412 2978 or Michael on 9967 2601. The Legion of Mary Annual Acies The Legion of Mary, Northern Suburbs Curia, will be holding its annual Acies at Our Lady of Dolours Church, Chatswood on Saturday 16 April at 2.00pm. Afternoon tea will be served following the ceremony. Enquiries 9967-2601. Volunteer Services The Mater Private Hospital is currently seeking members of the community willing to contribute their time as a volunteer on a regular basis to assist us in servicing the patients and staff of the hospital with newspapers and magazines. We are requiring 2 volunteers to take the newspapers and magazines around the patients each morning. Volunteers usually commit themselves to a weekly or fortnightly basis and enjoy working in a warm and friendly environment. For any information, or interest in this position, please contact Margaret Dunlop, Volunteer Coordinator, on 9900 7300. For Adults in their 20’s & 30’s – ―Branches‖ starts soon an excellent 10 week course in the basics of Catholic Christianity – offers young adults an opportunity to re-visit key issues of faith. Course starts 6.30pm, Tuesday April 12 in the Crypt at St Patrick’s, cnr Grosvenor and Harrington Streets, Sydney. Each session begins with a meal. Donation $10. For information or to register please contact Fr. Tony Reilly on 9247 3525 or register on Celebrate the day of the unborn child We invite you to join us on Monday, 4th April 2005 in a huge celebration of the annual ―Day of the Unborn Child‖ in Sydney, where we will begin with Benediction at St. Mary's Cathedral at 11.15 am and Rosary procession through the City, followed by prayers at the Parliament House before returning to the Cathedral for Holy Mass for the feast of the Annunciation. ALL WELCOME. For more information please contact Gail on: 9519 9111 or Marilyn on 0416-280 876. Seeking and Finding God In All Things Six Wednesday evenings exploring Ignatian spirituality will be offered at St Francis Xavier Parish Hall Mackenzie Street Lavender Bay, 7.30pm 9pm. These evenings are sponsored by Christian Life Community. Donation welcome. Information: Marlene Beck (02) 9798 0103 or Ruth Morgan (02) 9924 2247. 6 April The Story of St Ignatius Loyola (Tom O’Hara SJ) 13 April Following Jesus (Phillip Kurts SJ, Ruth Morgan) 20 April Spiritual Freedom and Decision-Making (Andy Bullen SJ, Robyn Wunder) 27 April Integrity and Justice (Joseph Sobb SJ, Margaret Armstrong IBVM) 4 May Living Ignatian Spirituality (Sacha Bermudez Goldman SJ, Joanne Hopwood)

Star of the Sea, Kirribilli Seeking someone to maintain Star of the Sea To ensure that the community of Star of the Sea continues to grow. I am seeking a coordinator of Parish affairs at Star of the Sea. This person would carry out many of the duties for which Michael Paxton was responsible. Preparing the Church, coordinating the liturgy, accepting responsibility for the stores and other things. I might ask that the person would coordinate the Ministry to the sick and shutins. The position would be for two days a weeks [including Saturday and at least half of Sunday]. Applications in the first instance to me at St Francis Xavier, Lavender Bay Lavender Bay Liturgy Group wants your ideas The Liturgy Group of the Lavender Bay Pastoral Team is developing a workplan and calendar for the next 12 months. We are interested in ideas from the 930 and 6pm regulars, as well as those who drop in to Lavender Bay from time to time. What would you like to see on our workplan? We are also interested in expanding our group. Are you interested in working with us to enhance our Lavender Bay liturgy? The Group members are Christine Tighe (930 mass) and Andy Maher and Tim Smyth (6pm mass). Please say hello and give us your ideas. Email thoughts are welcome, please email them to

Divine Mercy Sunday 3 April Special devotions to mark Divine Mercy Sunday will be held at Our Lady of Dolours Church, Archer Street, Chatswood on 3 April commencing at 2.45pm. All are invited to participate in these


11 May Ignatian Spirituality: Seeking and Finding God In All Things (Patrick O’Sullivan SJ, Kay Hooper A Fair Go in an Age of Terror edited by Patty Fawkner SGS. This is the latest publication from Uniya – Jesuit Social Justice Centre, and brings together papers from the 2003 and 2004 Jesuit Lenten Seminars. There is a shared recognition in the book that terrorism cannot be destroyed by armaments and force. All contributors recognise that genuine and disciplined dialogue is one way forward. RRP $18.95 plus $6 postage. To place an order please write to Uniya PO Box 522, Kings Cross, NSW 1340 or phone (02) 9356 3888. Marist College North Shore is looking for a Handyman/Groundsman/Cleaner to work Monday to Friday from 2.00pm to 6.00pm. For details please contact Mrs Joyce Kelly on 9957 5000. Intensive Journal Workshop Life Context Workshop A program of exploration and integration through Journal writing. Based on the work and writings of Ira Progoff. 9-10 April Led by Kate Scholl to be held in the lovely grounds of Mary MacKillop Place (MMP), 80 William St, North Sydney Sat 9:30 am -5 pm and Sun 9:30 am - 4 pm. Discover the wisdom deep within you and the beauty of your life in the company of others by engaging in Journal writing and meditation methods developed by Ira Progoff. Explore in an open, quiet and relaxed atmosphere your life, in its many aspects: life history, relationships, work, groups, organisations, deeper wisdom, etc…. The Intensive Journal ® is tool you take with you for ongoing exploration of new projects, old wounds, current engagements. Continuing to use the methods will enlarge your capacity to lead a more integrated, creative and authentic life. Cost: $190 or $165 for Eremos members and MMP staff. Includes lunch and breaks both days. Concession further $10 off. Register for the workshop with Eremos tel 9683 5096 or email: Limited Accommodation at Mary MacKillop Place is available at $60 per night private room with shared bath or $90 per night private room with ensuite. Please telephone 8912 4800 and mention the event. Experience the Power of Friendship simply by being there COMPEER is once again looking for volunteers to help to improve the quality of life for adults receiving mental health care. Our goal is to help people living with a mental illness to live happier, more productive lives. Friendly and accepting women aged 25-60 are warmly invited to contact Tricia Meers at our Chatswood office on 9413 3091 for further information. Free training and

ongoing support is offered to all volunteers. Next Training day is Saturday 16 April 2005. Seeking and Finding God In All Things will be offered at Lavender Bay Parish Hall weekly from Wednesday 6th April to Wednesday 11th May, 7.30pm to 9pm. Jesuits and colleagues will present input on topics such as spiritual freedom and decision-making from an Ignatian perspective. These evenings are sponsored by Christian Life Community. All welcome. Details: Marlene Beck (02) 9798 0103 or Ruth Morgan (02) 9924 2247 Email: Parish Youth Minister The Parish Communities of Sacred Heart, Mosman and St Joseph’s Neutral Bay is currently seeking applications for the position of Parish Youth Minister. For further details please contact Fr. Terry Brady, PO Box 113, Mosman, 2088 or 8969 3209. Mary Mackillop Place Museum, 7 Mount Street, North Sydney 18 March – 31 May 2005 ―Passion and Parables‖ an exhibition of historic Bibles and photographs from the making of the film ―The Passion of the Christ‖. Open daily 10am – 4pm (closed Good Friday) Enquiries 02 8912-4878 or website: THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK Doubts and Trials of Faith Again, let us return to the apostles. Christ foretold his death AND resurrection – but how incredulous were his own apostles to believe, and Thomas especially. So we, 2000 years after the event, can surely expect periods of doubt and trials of faith. St Teresa of Lisieux, dying at the age of twenty-four in a Carmelite monastery, agonised with the trials of atheism, her ―dark night of the soul‖ – and so it was with countless other saints. A few years ago, Pope John Paul commented: ―Is it hard to believe? Yes, it is HARD to believe – but PRAY in order to believe.‖ Like the man in the gospel to Christ: ―Lord, I do believe but help my UNBELIEF.‖ Faith is a special, personal gift from God but we must all work at faith, through prayer and love. St John is emphatic that ―the man who does not love cannot know God because God IS LOVE.‖ Today there is some concern about the ―creeping infallibility‖ of the Pope. Cardinal Suenens, a former Primate of Belgium and one of the most powerful forces at the Second Vatican Council, clarified the issue thus: ―I believe in the infallibility of the CHURCH. I believe in the infallibility of the Pope WITHIN the church.‖
Emmet P. Costello, sj

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