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					World War I Research Assignment Project Menu Final Research Essay and Presentation Product due: Monday, April 21st and Tuesday, 22nd Directions: Alone or with a partner, choose one of the following project assignments. Follow the research steps outlined in class. These steps will require you to complete a Research Essay and a Presentation Product which you will present to the class. 1. Three Battles of WWI (Standard 10.5.2) ( A B C F H I M) Writing prompt – Describe 3 of the major battles in World War I and their significance. Choose three of the major battles of WWI. Your essay must include the key summary information of who, what, where, when and why this battle was significant to the war. Presentation Product – A detailed, hand-made map of one of the battles that includes position of troops, dates, troop movements and the total number of soldiers killed on each side in an artistic manner. The map must be created by you, not printed or photocopied.

2. Strategy, Science and Weaponry (Standard 10.5.4) (A B C D H I M) Writing prompt – Explain the impact the new weapons had on World War I. Choose 3 of the following weapons (poison gas, submarines, airplanes, tanks and artillery shells) and how the weapon changed the strategy of warfare. Presentation Product – Create a general’s field guide or log that explains how his strategic use of the weapons. Booklet must include the terrain of the battle, diagrams of the troops’ locations and a sequenced description of how the battle will play out.

3. Trench Warfare ( Standard 10.5.2, 10.5.4) (B C D H I M) Writing prompt – Describe life in the trenches for soldiers during World War I. Your Write-up of findings should address the central question: How did trench warfare shape soldiers’ experiences on the Western Front? Presentation Product - Create a 3D cross section of a trench (or website) displaying the following items: mess hall, living quarters, dispensary, common area and the parts important to a frontline soldier – parapet, fire step, “over the top” – no man’s land etc.

4. WWI Music (Standard 10.5.1) (N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U) Writing prompt – Compare music from the beginning, middle and end of the war. Or Evaluate if music served as propaganda for World War I. Your Write-up of findings must analyze at least four World War I songs from different points in the war. Presentation Product - A CD of WWI music and a poster that displays your conclusions about the significance of the songs in relation to the question.

5. Women in the War (Standard 10.5.1, 10.5.4) (A, G, H, J, M) Writing prompt – Describe the role of women in World War I. Discuss women’s career options, voluntary war activities, and difficulties trying to survive the war. You might also choose to highlight certain famous women. Presentation Product – Create a scrapbook that might have been kept by one woman during the war. Using your research, create a fictional story about this person’s experiences. Scrapbook should include drawings as well as primary source visuals, letters written and received by the woman and the story of her life during the war.

6. U.S. Congress Speech (Standard 10.5.1, 10.5.3) (B, F, M) Writing prompt – Evaluate if the US should become involved in World War I. Your essay should address the facts as they were known to the US when it was deciding to joint the war. You will write your essay as a persuasive speech that would have been delivered to the US Congress. Presentation Product - Your Presentation Product will either be a recording of the speech –on a video recorder, CD or tape – or a life, and rehearsed, performance of the speech to the class.

7. Psychology of WWI Collage (Standard 10.5.1, 10.6.4) (A, C, H, I, J, M) Writing prompt – Explain the psychological effect fighting had on soldiers in World War I. Research and explain the psychological explanations of post-traumatic stress disorder. Presentation Product – Create a large collage that portrays these findings. This will be a visual representation that communicates emotions to the viewer using archival images to create a below the surface graphic.

8. The Armenian Genocide (Standard 10.5.5) (A, F, M) Writing prompt –Compare the Armenian genocide to another genocide. Or Evaluate if war creates conditions that make genocide more likely to happen. Either research the Armenian genocide and another genocide from the last hundred years (Holocaust, Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda, East Timor or Darfur) for a compare essay; or, establish criteria of why genocide happens and then evaluate if war makes it more likely to occur. Presentation Product – A diary that details the experiences of someone in the Armenian genocide. The diary must have entries from before and during the evacuation with at least 4 diary entries. It may also include drawings.

9. Oral History Enactment (Standard 10.5.1, 10.5.4) ((A, F, H, I, M) Writing prompt – Compare the personal experiences of different people from the war. Find four primary sources either from the Western or Eastern fronts OR from one of the home fronts. Compare the impact of the war on the different individuals. Presentation Product – Record or perform a dramatic reading of a monologue you write that is consistent with your analysis about the impact of war on the individuals.

10. Logical Fallacies in the Arguments for War (Standard 10.5.1) (A, J, M) Writing prompt – Evaluate if the reasons given for entering the war conform to the standards of logic. Research the arguments for the war that were given by the combatants at the time of World War I. Using the rules of logic, identify fallacies in their argumentation to evaluate if their reasoning was sound. Presentation Product – Create a poster that shows the relationship between their arguments and the rules of logic. 15. Create your own (Standard ?)

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