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									Series Additions And Deletions 2009 - 0807
August 07, 2009

The following new option series will begin trading at the Open Of Business, Monday, August 10, 2009

Issues and Strikes

Issues and Strikes

Issues and Strikes

Issues and Strikes

**Eff. Immed - 8/7/2009 Brookdale Senior Living Inc (BKD) Other Exchanges - P Post-69 BKD HW/TW AUG 17.5 BKD HD/TD AUG 20 BKD IW/UW SEP 17.5 BKD ID/UD SEP 20 BKD JW/VW OCT 17.5 BKD JD/VD OCT 20 BKD AW/MW JAN 17.5 BKD AD/MD JAN 20

Allegheny Technologies Inc (ATI) Other Exchanges - QAXIBP Post-19 AAS HQ/TQ AUG 34 (Wrap) AAS IQ/UQ SEP 34 (Wrap) AAS JQ/VQ OCT 34 (Wrap) AAS AQ/MQ JAN 34 (Wrap)

American Intl Group Inc (AIG) Other Exchanges - QAXIBP Post-210 IKG HB/TB AUG 28 (Wrap) IKG HC/TC AUG 29 (Wrap) IKG HE/TE AUG 31 (Wrap) IKG IB/UB SEP 28 (Wrap) IKG IC/UC SEP 29 (Wrap) IKG IE/UE SEP 31 (Wrap) IKG KB/WB NOV 28 (Wrap) IKG KC/WC NOV 29 (Wrap) IKG KE/WE NOV 31 (Wrap) IKG AB/MB JAN 28 (Wrap) IKG AC/MC JAN 29 (Wrap) IKG AE/ME JAN 31 (Wrap) IKG BB/NB FEB 28 (Wrap) IKG BC/NC FEB 29 (Wrap) IKG BE/NE FEB 31 (Wrap)

Ubs Ag New (UBS) Other Exchanges - QAXIBP Post-210 UBS CU/OU MAR 7.5 UBS CX/OX MAR 22.5

Fuqiinternational, Inc. (FUQI) Other Exchanges - AXIP Post-24 QXF HI/TI AUG 31 QXF II/UI SEP 31 QXF LI/XI DEC 31 QXF AI/MI JAN 31 QXF CI/OI MAR 31

Genworth Financial Inc (GNW) Other Exchanges - AXIBP Post-25 GNW HL/TL AUG 12 GNW HM/TM AUG 13 GNW CL/OL MAR 12 GNW CM/OM MAR 13

Nordstrom Inc (JWN) Other Exchanges - QAXIBP Post-310 JDI HG/TG AUG 33 (Wrap) JDI IG/UG SEP 33 (Wrap) JDI JG/VG OCT 33 (Wrap) JDI AG/MG JAN 33 (Wrap)

Weyerhaeuser Co (WY) Other Exchanges - QAXIBP Post-37 WY HE/TE AUG 42 WY IE/UE SEP 42 WY JE/VE OCT 42

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Urban Outfitters Inc (URBN) Other Exchanges - QAXIBP Post-39 HXW HE/TE AUG 31 (Wrap) HXW IE/UE SEP 31 (Wrap) HXW LE/XE DEC 31 (Wrap) HXW AE/ME JAN 31 (Wrap) HXW CE/OE MAR 31 (Wrap)

Macy's Inc. (M) Other Exchanges - QAXIBP Post-42 M IW/UW SEP 19 M AW/MW JAN 19 M BW/NW FEB 19

Capital One Finl Corp (COF) Other Exchanges - QAXIBP Post-57 COF HW/TW AUG 38 COF HY/TY AUG 39 COF HH/TH AUG 40 COF HI/TI AUG 45 COF CW/OW MAR 38 COF CY/OY MAR 39 COF CI/OI MAR 45 COF CJ/OJ MAR 50

Staples Inc (SPLS) Other Exchanges - QAXIBP Post-57 PLQ HS/TS AUG 27 PLQ IS/US SEP 27 PLQ LS/XS DEC 27 PLQ AS/MS JAN 27 PLQ CS/OS MAR 27

Joy Global Inc (JOYG) Other Exchanges - QAXIBP Post-61 JQY HX/TX AUG 44 JQY HA/TA AUG 46 JQY IX/UX SEP 44 JQY IA/UA SEP 46 JQY AX/MX JAN 44 JQY AA/MA JAN 46

Ishares Dj Us Real Estate (IYR) Other Exchanges - QAXIBP Post-64 BHW HT/TT AUG 46 (Wrap) BHW HU/TU AUG 47 (Wrap) BHW HV/TV AUG 48 (Wrap) BHW HW/TW AUG 49 (Wrap) BHW HX/TX AUG 50 (Wrap) BHW LD/XD DEC 56 (Wrap) BHW LE/XE DEC 57 (Wrap) BHW LF/XF DEC 58 (Wrap) BHW LG/XG DEC 59 (Wrap) BHW LH/XH DEC 60 (Wrap)

Ultrashort Real Estate Proshares (SRS) American Express Co (AXP) Other Exchanges - QAXIBP Post-65 SKW HE/TE AUG 5 (Wrap) SKW HF/TF AUG 6 (Wrap) SKW HG/TG AUG 7 (Wrap) SKW HH/TH AUG 8 (Wrap) SKW HI/TI AUG 9 (Wrap) Other Exchanges - QAXIBP Post-66 ABZ HD/TD AUG 36 (Wrap) ABZ HH/TH AUG 40 (Wrap) ABZ ID/UD SEP 36 (Wrap) ABZ IH/UH SEP 40 (Wrap) ABZ II/UI SEP 45 (Wrap) ABZ JD/VD OCT 36 (Wrap) ABZ AD/MD JAN 36 (Wrap)

Sonic Corp (SONC) Other Exchanges - AXIBP Post-68 ZSQ CW/OW MAR 17.5

Wet Seal Inc (WTSLA) Other Exchanges - I Post-69 WQS LU/XU DEC 7.5

S&p 500 Index (SPX) Other Exchanges - Post-88 SPT HL/TL AUG 1160 (Wrap) SPT HN/TN AUG 1170 (Wrap) SPT HP/TP AUG 1180 (Wrap) SPT HR/TR AUG 1190 (Wrap) SPT IG/UG SEP 1135 (Wrap) SPT II/UI SEP 1145 (Wrap) SPT IK/UK SEP 1155 (Wrap) SPT IL/UL SEP 1160 (Wrap) SPT IM/UM SEP 1165 (Wrap) SPT IN/UN SEP 1170 (Wrap) SPT IP/UP SEP 1180 (Wrap) SPT IQ/UQ SEP 1185 (Wrap) SPT IR/UR SEP 1190 (Wrap) SPT IS/US SEP 1195 (Wrap)

End of Daily Strike Price Changes - Friday, August 07, 2009

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