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									Comment Social Justice requirement. Annual health survey (HR). Safe space training. Assist NECC with childhood obesity prevention program. Bio offers Science and Religion course. Advising students in math which calls out their fullest potential. Learning students names in class - I think most professors do this and it matters. Assist NECC center with hypertension management program for elders and middle agers. Better mentorship of new faculty. Some Jesuit teachers are chaplans in residence halls. Some are live-in, others not. These situations offer many opportunities for CURA PERSONALIS, FINDING GOD, MAGIS, and MEN & WOMEN FOR OTHERS. Pro Bono consultation done by faculty to low income families. Accounting tutoring provided by accounting majors for students in accounting classes. Seek greater celebration of the multi-ethnic or multi-racial individual, or those non-ethnically aligned adopted students; breaking down the traditional categorization constructs such as white heterosexual male and GLBT. Grad School chats (evening with pizza); prepare students for future grad school careers and FAQ. More interdisciplinary teaching; let us share our riches and knowledge (and learning from others) in front of our students. They benefit and so do we. Childcare centers on campus for children of students, faculty, and staff - allowing parents to be mare 'present' here and fostering the family emphasis. Let's have doggy daycare too. Early warning system for at risk students. Relay for life. Different language movies with sub-titles. ABC picnic open to all biology and chemistry students, held off-campus in Fall of each year - promotes interactions of staff, faculty, and students. Held off-campus. Department of critical thinking skills needed for scientific endeavors and life AND compassion and understanding for human subjects, fellow students community members. Nurse Practitioner students could offer physical exams to student or faculty. Promotion of candidates to doctoral program - grant individual effort made on behalf of this leadership extension in the future pay it forward. English department - literary London study abroad program. Intercultural immersion experiences in Italy and Ireland with media convergence. English 099 - Developmental Writing. Taught service learning courses. The teachers who teach in the summer STEP (Summer Transitional Experience Program) program dedicate lots of extra time to helping students successfully make the transition from high school to college. Leadership and imagination reflective seminar. Call students on use of derogatory language (i.e. "that's so gay") - in my lab, I immediately indicate it is not acceptable. All professors should immediately call students on it. Mentoring junior faculty. Good advising. Hearing care given to students (treated as individuals). Health Fair. Having students to faculty homes for a meal. ABC Fall picnic. Excellent advising. Junior faculty mentoring older faculty - fresh ideas! ESL tutorial for writing courses. Gay/Lesbian Alliance Club. "Mock Trial Summer Camp" for high schools - and the funding for release time (equal to summer class pay for what they normally teach) to recruit potential. Mock trailers and showcase Gonzaga. DREAM.

Acceptance of all levels of students in dance classes. Every faculty member spends time with every student. ZagFit programs promoting health and wellness. ZagFit. Department offers "Fivesides" several times a tear to discuss topics relevant to the students and surrounding community. Support for students with disabilities. Jesuit Community Mass for GU staff and faculty. Advising academy - great idea. Advising should be a priority, particularly to give faculty tools to engage with and support students who don't feel included. Student and faculty collaboration in theater productions. Both growing from each other. My CRIM 499 senior seminar (Criminal Theory and Measurement) produces a potentially publishable work from each senior, as they graduate as a senior thesis is required - and at least 2 are being published with me (and one is already in print from before). Catholicism for the New Millenium. Speakers program focused on wellness for students. Mentoring between graduate and undergraduate students - teaching assistantships perhaps - to increase presence of graduate students on campus and affirm their status and accomplishment. The special education program develops the whole person who serves others. Community provides service to the institution while developing personal and individual goals. Academic services helps lots of students through tough time. Unity House open at odd hours for students to just hand out, feel at home. CTA workshop on facilitating discussions that don't alienate GLBTQ or AHANA students. Academic services. Promote relationships (sustained advising, mentoring) by ensuring reasonable faculty:student ratio. Reflect on group to unite with ROTC and their increased demands. In the junior year, when nursing students are asked to show in much increased commitments to learning and to set up a foundation for future professional and practice life. Linda Tredennick volunteers to represent students, esp. regarding Women's Studies. Courses in Jesuit History which identify efforts in Lay-Jesuit collaboration. Provide opportunities for heterosexual students to learn and interact with the GLBT community. Center for Teaching and Advising - workshops, and speakers promoting and advancing good teaching and advising practices. Summer outdoor film festival. ZagFit Program. Taking students from Gonzaga and Whitworth to the National College Dance Conference annually. Recognizing that all of us are stretched sometimes too far - promoting well balanced load. Student/faculty mixers: ABC picnic, cheesecake contest, Darwin B-Day party, biology senior party softball. Sibling loss groups could be started in conjunction with University Ministries perhaps using faculty facilitators. Teach-in led by student groups - especially AHANA and GLBTQ groups - where students educate faculty about campus climate. Equal funding across disciplines/colleges at the University; building plan accentuates the (usually) unspoken lack of resources for Arts & Sciences. 340 - goal setting project for the semester can be any goal they desire and is tracked, written about. CLP's Zambia Summer Program which offers students an opportunity to study leadership within the international context of a developing nation. Incorporating class/students with theater performance and discussion of ideas from theater. Search retreats. ZagFit. Career advising - with an eye toward ethics integrity in Law School and eventual legal practice. Training ethical future attorneys is my aim and goal. Collaboration (research and educational), e.g. student and faculty exchange, guest lectures with foreign

Fitness Center. More time (and money) for one-on-one research (to publish) with students. Summer writing Institute for high school creative writing students. Safe space training. We have some students that ran out of money for food - faculty donated food and grocery cards. Faculty and/or staff retreats at a monastery - national or international location. Health Sciences Committee - help students figure out career goals and philosophy of life. Creative encounter in Ignatian meaning. Opportunities to express cura personalis through the arts - products and examples include poetry, drama, music, and visual arts. Mentoring new faculty. Social gathering - having adjunct instructors. More family friendly policies/environment such as: parental leave and child care on-campus. Mentoring research student. We do a behavior change project in our health and wellness class that has to do with a students overall health. We help them design it, track it, and reflect on it. We constantly discern about our skill, craft, program to better meet the needs of our students and their studies. Comprehensive advising and career advising that takes better account of student needs/wishes rather than their majors only. Study Abroad - enhance the language and culture experience. McDonald dinner for students and Rob and Claire McDonald at faculty home each spring. Working to facilitate class discussions that don't alienate GLBTQ or AHANA students. Transform student wellness center to student health center . Use of significant school resources. Advising student clubs - providing a new venue. E.g. sailing. We NEED themed freshman seminars that integrate critical thinking, composition, and justice/cura personalis concerns. Service learning in Zambia, get to know the people, see who they are. ZagFit program. Faculty mentor student researchers without receiving credit. Professors making personal connections with students which can encourage students' academic engagement. Ignatian colleagues dinners. We accept and work with our graduate students based on who they are and where they are emotionally and intellectually and academically. Orientation or training for adjuncts; we do this for some, but they should encourage all. Debbie Hanna, our secretary, sends every student in all 4 programs a birthday greeting and acknowledges other special days. We help our students focus on their personal and professional goals - via our ethics course. Undergraduate research - could do more. Provided eye exams for children in need within private Catholic school. Communicating to students that they are valued whether or not they excel in our discipline. Infusion of Ignatian ideologies intentionally into all curricula. Dream services. Ethics across the curriculum initiatives to help students see the impact of their profession in the world. Take back the night. Find ways to make the campus more kid-friendly (like on-site childcare for faculty, staff, and students). Not just family-friendly, but give KIDS something to do. Ethnic cuisine night with buffets from different countries. Teach the great eagles (?) at lay and collaboration in the Jesuit mission. An atmosphere (ethos) of collaboration and support - attitude: "How could help (God)?" We advise hundreds of graduate students and through our modeling and our program help them humanize the K12 school system. New Parents Reception. Unity House: support for diversity, support for students.

Fall Faculty Conference. Lines of students out our doors. Kids/moms group for alumni; should have it for staff/faculty. Student advising. Safe space program for GLBT students. A think-tank for social scientists - involving faculty and students coming up with cutting edge research and teaching projects. We need seed money for this. We work off camps with first nations and developing faculty to their fullest potential. Better role mentoring of self care by faculty for students. Balancing the vigor of life with those things that nourish Students in Zambia class spend many hours getting to know the local people; interacting with children, playing games, dancing, singing, learning about issues related to life in Zambia. See the positive attitude of Zambia. GAMP. Extra effort in advising process to help students in employment experience after graduation. Student tutoring. Workshops discussing religion in the 21st century. Mechanical design of rehabilitative devices for recovery and physical therapy after debilitative injuries. Orientations and supporting adjunct faculty in mission tenets as they translate to adjunct faculty of Education. Development of faculty through international engagement opportunities. Health and Wellness program for students similar to what is done for staff/faculty. IMPACT. A substantial foreign language requirement. Develop a systematic way to continually inform, support, and communicate what is Jesuit education and support the personnel professional growth. We go off campus with our graduate program to serve the under served. Small group discussions. Daily mass. Wellness committee presentations. Mass of the Holy Spirit Self-defense training. New faculty lounge. Computer science students and computer engineering students creating networked electronic pillbox for 1/2 way house for mentally ill poor in Spokane. "Running Mate" program - pair an incoming freshman with junior or senior the first week of school to act as their "running mate" (mentor) their first year. The program is designed to meet individuals where they are and guide them toward their goals. All students are outside the country. Dept picnic.

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