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Winter grows w/each session New section day and time format.




It is something we have kicked around for some time. A few faculty are pushing for this right now, but I believe that it won't go anywhere. Our administration isn't interested in it, and neither are a sizable number of faculty who think it would not be good for our students. At College of the Sequoias we are discussing and investigating this same issue with the Academic Senate. Please share your feedback. The objective we sought was no winter intersession (we had no market/demand for it) but instead to start and end Spring sooner 16/16/14 calendar will begin in 05-06 so we could extend our summer term. Although summer is scheduled over 14 weeks, we expect most departments to schedule two back to back 6 week sessions-the first session for continuing students since it starts so early in may, the second for reverse transfers and high school graduates. Let me know if you want the actual calendar.

Orange Coast 16 wk. calendar for FA & SP We have all but ceased offering intersession classes because of budget reductions and the feeling College Cuesta College Lake Tahoe College Could I please get a copy of your results? Well, we do the traditional calendar. We start our six-week summer school in June after the high schools adjourn. Fall opens before MLK day and ends before Xmas; then we start up again in January to conclude on Memorial Day weekend for 176 days including commencement. We take our spring break after 8 wk. for Summer that we would be serving our students better by offering more classes for them in the spring or fall. We have been studying this question too. I have lots of materials and calendar templates that may be useful to you if you proceed to evaluate in detail the implications of a change. I would be happy to share everything that I have put together.

Julie Hatoff

Mira Costa College

8 weeks, good for most students in 8-week courses, but less good for a segment of the community that likes to go out on either side of Easter. This year, Palomar and we are together on that vacation, and not one of the local school districts has the same holiday. We can't please all people all the time, but if I have to serve one group it would be the students. Like all other respondents, I'm anxious to see your results. If you have anything about spring vacation to share, I'd be especially grateful. I was at LA Trade Tech College when the change was originally made & there was some resistance but everyone seems to have adjusted and there are some


LA Southwest great caveats to the compressed calendar. At LA Southwest College, retention is one of the positive factors of the new compressed calendar. It was a bear to initiate but seems to be alive and well in the LACCD. I believe all of the campuses in our district (9) may have compressed but one, which may be doing so this semester. I, too, am interested in your responses. Thank you Bob. That will be very useful We have talked about it for a number of years but it didn't go anywhere because of non-support by some of the areas. We stopped pursuing it. Our winter intersession The primary resistance 2we encountered in planning the conversion was from the usual areas Math, Science, occupational areas (Nursing, Cosmetology). A year after the change (which occurred in 1991), it was clear that even the faculty from the areas of greatest resistance would not have supported going back to the traditional calendar. has been very successful producing as much as 1900 FTES

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Santa Monica 16/6/16/6 (day) College Canyon College 8 (evening)

There seems to be no interest in it at COC. Although we teach a lot of 4-wk & 6-wk sections in the summer school for the past 3 yrs.

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Calendar Survey


The first year I was here we converted from 18 wks. To 16 wks., going from 50 min "hour" to a 62 min. hour. We included 3 flex days and a number of Saturdays in our 175 day academic calendar. We have a term length multiplier of 16.3. It took our faculty several years over massive objections from a small Ken Meir Bakersfield College minority to vote it in. A few still insist on MWF classes but 95% have converted to block schedules with a mostly TU/TH-M/W paradigm. A big problem the first two yrs. Were some conflicting end and start times as Faculty got used to the new model but that's sorted out now. We now have a 6 wk. break over Christmas which most faculty like and we slipped Summer back into June to catch high school grads and returning college students. We are in a position to do a Winter intersession but with annual FTES growth of 6-8% and too many unfunded FTES--there's no point right now. At Siskiyous the Senate is investigating the possibility of a compressed calendar. We are looking at a 16 week model but are no where near ready to recommend adoption or not. For us it would help many of our students who are employed in the fire service for the summer and can't always get back in mid August. We will appreciate any results you can share with us. ELAC is compressed. 15 plus 1, 5 week intercession, 15 plus and two 5-week summer sessions. Winter. If planned well all classes fill. We focus on basic skills when possible. There is concern about whether it is effective for under prepared students. Faculty like the shortened calendar and extra opportunities to teach. You will get a 6 or 7% bump on wsch. If you are already over cap and can't benefit then the bump is wasted. Pierce College was one of the early adapters of the compressed calendar. Our calendar consists of a spring & fall 15 wk. (plus 1 wk. for finals) semester. Usually we start right after Labor Day, and end right before Christmas. We then have a 5-wk. intersession that starts the first week of January, and the Spring semester starts on the second wk. of February. This gives up the option of having two five-wk. summer sessions and a small window for everyone to go on vacation. This has been a real boon for students who want to move quickly through their programs. When we first contemplated the change, the major resistance came from faculty who were 1) disinclined to change the way they had been teaching for years. 2) were concerned that they (or their Dorothy Rupert Pierce College students) would get tired from the additional class time. 3) were concerned that student learning would be compromised. We have found no evidence that students learn less in the compressed format, and after a period of adjustment, our faculty are quite happy with their time off. One of the unanticipated aspects of the compressed calendar is a marked increase in retention, which I assume is because with fewer weeks, there is less time for "life" to encroach on our students' ability to go to class. Our uniform enthusiasm for the compressed semester does not necessarily extend to the 5-week intersession. Some faculty still favor the more traditional 6-week format, believing that it is better for students. This year we experienced with a five-week four-day summer session. Sometime next week I will be looking at our retention data to see if this format made any difference in student success. Let me know if you want to know my findings. I believe you know most of the situation here at MJC. The academic senate is still discussing the matter, but I don't sense any huge Bill Scroggins Yosemite College uprising in the wind. As you know, our major challenge in the conversion was to appropriately schedule classes in block format so that we met educational needs while protecting (and in some cases expanding) generation of FTES. I'd be glad to chat more with you about this at your earliest convenience! 16/6/16/5-5 Back to back short Steven White Jim Williams Glendale College Citrus College summer sessions with lab classes overlapping both sessions. 90 % of students love it as well as a majority of the faculty & staff; compression is a success, big gain in FTES growth The devil is in the details; FTES multipliers, minutes per hour, to block schedule or not, four day FT work weeks, student activity hours, pay incentives for inter-session (Summer/Winter). We adopted a compressed calendar and winter inter-session 2 years ago.

Peggy Moore

Siskiyous College

Richard Moyer


Citrus College investigated Compressed calendar 2 years ago. Dropped idea because of Faculty contract issues and the potential loss of FTE…

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