Genocide Unit Project World History Honors Introduction As global citizens we have the moral obligation to study genocides that have occurred in the 20th and 21st century so that we may create awaren by fionan


									Genocide Unit Project World History Honors Introduction: As global citizens we have the moral obligation to study genocides that have occurred in the 20th and 21st century so that we may create awareness and help prevent future genocides from breaking out. You will be assigned one of the genocides that have occurred in the 20th and 21st century. You will be researching responses to the following questions. Once you have completed your research, you will be responsible for a written response, a visual element, and a collaborative effort with your peers. Key Questions I. What is the historical context within which the genocide occurred? II. Who were the targets and what reasoning was given for them to be the targets? III. How was the genocide executed? IV. How does this genocide fit the 8 stages of genocide we studied in class? V. What was the international community’s response to the genocide? VI. How did the genocide end? VII. Who is culpable and responsible for this genocide? What are the different key individuals and parties involved? VIII. Have there been attempts made to bring those responsible to justice? How successful have these attempts been? What have been some road blocks? IX. How is the society dealing with the events today? Have there been attempts at national healing made? Do strong sentiments still exist that could potentially break out into violence again? X. How does your assigned genocide compare with other genocides? Similarities? Differences? What does this say about genocide itself? Checklist of requirements during the Research Process _______ Need at least 5 secondary resources (have to be valid resources- NO WIKIPEDIA) _______ Need at least 2 primary resources _______ Organize your research based on the source you are getting it from _______ Have full citation for all your sources (including page numbers) Questions about how to cite? Go to the library website and use the citation tools (MLA Format): You want to make sure your resources are CREDIBLE. Your argument is only as strong as your research/ support. Be careful about where you get your information from. Credible resources to begin with: Library website/databases- Proquest (current events) & ABC-CLIO (awesome awesome awesome database!!!) Human rights watch: Documentation of Cambodia- University of Minnesota- Authentic History – Yale U- International Criminal Tribunal- Darfur- National Council for the Social Studies-

Written Component/Paper Requirements: You are to construct a research paper for your assigned genocide. This part of the assignment will require you to write a 3-5 page paper, centered/structured argued around a central argument (what happened, why, and what are the significant lessons of your researched genocide). This paper should be based on research, contain examples, and be properly cited. Visual Component: You will create a visual representation of the information you have collected on. Your visual component is an artistic expression of what you have learned and experienced in your process of researching and comprehending the ideas. Some possibilities include  a collage  sculpture  collection of significant artifacts/objects that symbolize the events and experiences  Biographical depiction of someone involved in the genocide  photo story (collection of photographs and its significance) Collaborative Effort/Oral Presentation You will be placed into a group with other members of the class that have research different genocides. Your assignment as a group is going to be to create a comprehensive list of explanations as to why genocides occur and what can be done to prevent genocides from occurring. Also in this portion you should include what you think should be done if genocide does break out (if it isn’t prevented). Once you have collaborated on your ideas and come up with comprehensive lists for both topics you are going to decide on a medium through which you want to create awareness. This can include a campaign of writing letters to political representatives and family/friends. You can also create a public service announcement (video clip that is documentary style) that contains information. You can create visuals that could be displayed around school that would achieve the same ends as well. These are just ideas! Use your creativity to get across the main points of what you learned!! This project is worth: 150 Points Paper 75 Points Visual Component 25 points Representation of the Religion 50 Points

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