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									IBS Benchrest Scoring Program –Ver 5 06/07/09 Some Detailed Instructions:
This Scoring Program has been designed to help Match Directors with recording and reporting the results of IBS matches. This Program will perform all the calculations including adding scores, determining the aggregate, and Grand aggregate, final ranking of competitors, as well as determine the winner of aggregate ties. After all scores have been entered and calculations performed, Match Directors will be able to produce an Excel file that can be e-mailed to the IBS. In the future this Excel file can then be imported directly into a database resulting in timelier updating of the IBS website.

Print out AND READ these Instructions before beginning. When done entering data press ENTER, TAB, or click in an empty cell to complete the transaction. After you have entered all match information it is always a good idea to click in any empty cell before saving and closing your file. Excel remembers where the curser was and in the wrong place could cause problems if a formula is accidentally deleted. (I always click on the A1 cell on the Main page before saving.) If at anytime you need to exit the program, be sure to save any changes. Any information that you have already entered will still be in the Scores page. DO NOT click on “New Match”! "New Match" clears ALL entered data from the Scores & Equipment page unless the box next to it is checked! Putting a check in this box saves Names and Equipment and then "New Match" only erases scores and resets the program! On the Scores Page – DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES CAL (Column E) or any Agg Columns! Doing so may cause problems in generating the Results Calculations! Be very cautious using Cut, Copy, or Paste in this program! Do not Delete or Clear any Rows or Columns! Check to make sure that you have entered information correctly. Always have a Bench or Competitor Number next to Shooters on the Scores page. (Remove any Numbers for non shooters.) If the Print Buttons do not work with your computer just select the area to be printed and print 'Selection'. (Do not use set 'Print Area') Excel 2002 SP3 has a known bug. You might have to get a Hot Fix from Microsoft for the program to work.

Go to the "Main" page and select your range from the drop down box under "Range". Go to the "LkupTables" page and identify the competitors who regularly attend your matches. This process will put your regular competitors at the top of the list so that you do not have to scroll through the entire list every time. Existing competitors: In the Sort Column (column "C") type in the letter "a" for each of the competitors who attend regularly. (You can also identify those who only attend once in awhile by using the letter "b" or "c" etc) Adding new competitors (from the "LkupTable" page): Click on 'Go to End of List' in the “Shooter Master List” In column „D‟ put the shooters First name. In column „E‟ put the shooters Last name. Columns „F‟ & 'G' are for in the future. Don't forget to identify your regular shooters with an "a" or "b" in column 'C'. Sorting by competitor names: Once you have all your shooters selected like you want - put a check mark in the 'First' or 'Last' name box. Then just click on the "Sort Participants:" button. All your shooters will be sorted to the top of the list by First or Last name. The rest of the list will sort in alphabetical order after your shooters. Filling in the Equipment List: Go to the "Scores" page and enter the Names of your Competitors (Drop Down boxes) Now click on the "Enter Equipment" button to enter the Equipment information next to the Competitors name. Now you only have to update the equipment information if it changes. Return to the Main page. If you took the time to put your regular shooters & equipment in the program? -

put a check in the box next to the "New Match" button! This will save you the time of entering them for every match. From now on you just assign bench or competitor numbers maybe update equipment and click “Sort”. After you have customized the program to fit your range and competitors be sure to save the changes!

Open the "Main" page and clear old data by selecting "New Match". (Remember that this deletes ALL previously entered data!)
NOTE: Put a Check Mark next to "New Match" before clicking on "New Match" to save Names and Equipment previously entered.

Put a Check next to the Discipline for this match. If Meters Match check that Box (Only Scores works at this time ) Enter the DATE of the match. Check that Your 'Range Name' is correct and be sure the Correct 'Event' is selected! In the 'Targets' Dropdown Box select the Distance or Distances you are shooting for this match. Click on "Go to Score Entry" this will take you to the Scores page. (It is important to use the buttons to move around the program) Enter data for the match: Name & Class using drop down boxes. (Class must be entered for program to work correctly.) Bench Number (**You must fill in this column to have Places & to Print Scores or Equip using the “Print” button.) Hint: Use this column as a Competitor Number to keep track of relays and rotation. Ie. 104 would be Relay 1 Bench 4 etc. For a match with rotation a Shooter would keep the same Competitor for the whole match. Equipment - Click on the "Enter Equipment" button, enter the equipment information (drop down boxes) and then click on "Enter Scores" to return to the "Scores" page. Be sure to enter Caliber because this goes on the Scores page. Verify that the correct Discipline and Yardage is displayed Enter scores. When the Match is completed, click on "Calculate ..." and the Program will calculate the aggregate for each competitor, The Program will also break aggregate ties starting with Target 1 then 2 thru 5. If you have shot 100/200 or 200/300 or 100/200/300 Click on Grand Agg to get all the Aggs. (Ties are broken using the 1st 5 Targets.) Adding new competitors: Just follow the instructions under 'Create A Working Copy…' above. To Separate classes with a blank line just give a Class & a Bench (ie 999) to an empty Competitor. NOTE: The Bench # column determines who is Scored and Printed. Remember to Remove any Bench/Competitor Number if a Competitor is not shooting in this Match. For a print out of the Match Report, click on the "Print" button. (About 30 competitors per page.) New: There is a 'Print Award' add-in that will let you print Award Certificates for winners or Custom for special Awards. New Feature 2008: After you Calculate Results you will see an Award Print Button to print a Shooter Certificate. The Shooter and Match details are automatically filled in - Just Click & Print. You can also Customize the Event. Email File: Click on the "Create an E-mail File" to generate an Excel file. Choose "File" and "Save As" Following is an example: Palmetto100-200Scores20Oct07.xls – Would be a 100/200 Scores from Palmetto on October 20, 2007. Sheet 1 'DB' is the Database - Sheet 2 'Scores' is the Results Formatted - Sheet 3 'Equipment' is the Equipment E-mail this file to the IBS. DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THE E-MAIL FILE. Hint: You could use this file to Print the Match Results. Sorry the instructions are so long but there are so many things to cover. Match Directors play a valuable role in testing this Scoring Program. We need your input! If you have any questions or corrections concerning the Scoring Program, please notify Doug Weeter. If something does not work as you expect, it would help me a lot if you emailed a copy of the program with an explanation of what did not work. Doug's e-mail:

IBS Benchrest Scoring Program

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