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									VA Release 3 EDI Initiative - Overview of Latest Release of WebFile Claims Management System April 9, 2009 Webcast Consolidated Questions and Responses

Questions Covered During the April 9, 2009 Webcast Question Response
How do I become the Site Administrator? Send an email with this request to webfilesupport@vwc.state.va.us and provide required new information Send an email to the webfilesupport@vwc.state.va.us email requesting a change of Site Administrator. Note: There can be only one Site Administrator per organization. Yes. A Site Administrator can be a claim Administrator user, a claim manager, as well as a Site Administrator. There is only one Site Administrator per organization. No. Each organization can have only one Site Administrator. However, you can have as many managers and adjustors as necessary to support your organization's needs. No. If a claimant attorney needs to file a claim on behalf of their client they still need to submit a paper filing. Yes. As long as the adjuster was assigned to a claim, his manager can see and act upon that claim. If the adjuster leaves the company, the manager can re-assign the claim either to himself or to another adjuster. No. Only one claim Administrator user can be assigned to a claim, although a claim Administrator user's manager can view and access the claim. If you are transferring within the same organization then the Claim Manager simply reassigns the claim. The claim can also be transferred within the same organization through the submission of a SROI transaction. [If you are changing organization then the new organization will file an AQ transaction.]

How can we change a Site Administrator?

Can a Site Administrator also be an adjuster?

Can an organization with multiple locations have more than one Site Administrator? Can a claimant's attorney use WebFile on a claimant's behalf? Can managers also see assigned claims even if the adjuster has left the company?

Can more than one adjuster be assigned to a claim?

What do we need to file when we transfer a claim from one adjuster to another?

Yes. If you currently have an active EDI file, submitting a SROI filing will result in the claim being reflected in WebFile. Note: In May, the Commission will be backfilling all EDI-filed claims from October 2008 forward into WebFile. If we are using a vendor to submit FROI and SROI Yes. Your vendor will transmit your email identifying you as the transactions can we still use WebFile? person responsible for the claim. If you are using a third party Administrator (TPA) to manage your claims then the TPA will have the ability to access WebFile and view the claim. If a TPA uses a vendor to report FROI/SROI transactions Yes. When a TPA uses a reporting vendor to submit FROI and SROI will they have access to the claim through WebFile? transactions the TPA is still assigned to the claim in WebFile, as long as the email address has been submitted with a SROI transaction. Otherwise you can contact your sight Administrator to gain access to the claim. As a Sub-100 filer, is WebFile use mandatory or is it If you are a sub 100 filer, and you have agreed to file FROI and SROI optional? reports via WebFile, then it required for you to satisfy your EDI filing requirements. WebFile is also available for all claim Administrator organizations to view claim information - the use of this feature is optional. Does WebFile support TIF documents being uploaded? No. WebFile only supports uploading of documents in PDF format. You will also need Adobe Reader to view documents filed in WebFile. Note: Please do not encrypt the PDF. You will not be able to load an encrypted PDF file. Until Attorneys have their own access, do terms and Yes. Currently Site Administrators cannot share access outside of conditions prevent them from using our viewing their organization. Future phases of WebFile will address the needs capability? of attorneys. What documents are considered sealed and what Most documents filed on a claim will not be sealed and are therefore documents are not sealed? viewable by all parties to the claim. However, certain document types are considered confidential and will be treated as a sealed document. Sealed documents cannot be viewed through WebFile. The WebFile Claimant PIN Letter is one example of a sealed document. This document will be listed under the Documents & Filings tab, but it will not be viewable. Can we tell if a claimant has accessed a claim record in No. However, you will be able to determine if claimants have WebFile? asserted their rights by reviewing the "Documents and Filings" tab under the claim summary. May employers file videos electronically in support of an No. WebFile currently can only accept non-encrypted PDF files. If application? you have a picture, you may scan it, convert it to PDF format, and upload via WebFile. If an employee files a Claim for Benefit before the insurer No. At this time, Claimant-filed Claim for Benefit Forms are not notifies the carrier, can we use this to search for and visible through WebFile. The EDI filing is what associates the Claim assign the JCN from the Claim for Benefits? Administrator with the claim - please use the JCN from the paper notification sent to you, generated from the Claimant's filing. WebFile will not operate with IE 6 (or earlier). You will need to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 or 8. You can also download Firefox v3 which is also a free internet browser. Will we receive a hard copy of claim documents or do we You will still receive the documents through the mail as you have in have to go to WebFile to print? the past. In future months we will offer the option to turn off mail receipt and view these documents on line. What do we need to do if we have Internet Explorer 6.0?

When you say we will be able to view claim with a new SROI you mean post 4/2/09?

Are there plans to accept medical reports through web file. If so what is the time line?

How can a user verify receipt of a document/filing?

If we upload a file through WebFile is the information secure? What if a sub 100 filer realizes that they are now submitting more than 100 files per year?

Will law firms be required to have a Site Administrator and managers?

Yes. By October 2009 we will have a product which will allow the filling of medical documents online. If your medical records are supporting an application or claim, then you can attach them to your filing. You will be able to verify receipt by viewing the documents listing under the "Documents and Filings" tab. The date filed is noted for each document listed. You may also print the submitted document as proof of receipt. Absolutely. WebFile was designed in accordance with the Commonwealth's current security standards. Only authorized users can view/access files. The Commission has established an annual review process. If you submit more than 100 files during a given year, you will be required to move from using WebFile to file FROI/SROI reports to an EDI system. The Commission is still determining which law firm roles will be established, although it is likely that a Site Administrator role will be needed.

VA Release 3 EDI Initiative - Overview of Latest Release of WebFile Cla April 9, 2009 Webcast Consolidated Questions and Responses

Questions Not Covered During the April 9, 2009 W Question
How does WebFile capture EDI versus paper submissions? Will a claimant be able to send/receive agreement forms via email, and sign them electronically, and have this submitted? If our EDI is managed by a vendor would they be the Site Administrator and would we then be managers?

Will a Site Administrator be assigned a Commission contact person or will all inquiries go thru the email address? Which Adobe version is required? Can you identify the DN for email address in the FROI/SROI? May employers file videos electronically in support of an application? How can we find out if an Injured Worker has multiple claims? I am in the system as the Site Administrator and trying to see my adjusters claims filed. Do I have to have the JCN number - why doesn't it show all claims under my adjuster? Can we delete something we filed in error? If documents are mistakenly uploaded to the wrong file can the adjuster move it or must it be resubmitted?

When will attorney training begin? Does the FROI have to be completed via EDI as well as on the VWCC site (form #3)?

Will a Site Administrator, as well as a manager, be able to change an adjuster assignment?

ew of Latest Release of WebFile Claims Management System April 9, 2009 Webcast

lidated Questions and Responses

overed During the April 9, 2009 Webcast Response
Both EDI submissions and other document types will be available as PDF images listed under the Documents & Filings tab. This feature is not currently supported. However, signed agreement forms can be scanned and uploaded to a claim via the Make New Submission tab. The organization that is listed as the Claim Administrator on the EDI transaction is the organization that should be setup in WebFile. Within your organization, you can decide who should be the Site Admin, Managers, etc. All inquiries should go through the webfilesupport@vwc.state.va.us email address. Please summarize your issue in an email and someone from the Commission will respond. Adobe 5.0 or higher is recommended. The Claim Admin Email Address is DN0138. No, these videos must be mailed to the commission. You can search for claims by the Claimant's First and Last Name. Initially you won't be able to see any claims until a FROI or SROI transaction is submitted for that claim via EDI. In May, we plan to load all EDI claims back to 10/1/08. No, you must contact the commission if a document is uploaded in error. You must resubmit the document for the correct claim. And then contact the commission regarding the document filed in error.

Attorneys will be invited to a separate Webcast on 4/30, followed by a formal, face-to-face kick off meeting in late May. The employer should complete Form #3 and submit it to their claim administrator when an employee is injured. The claim administrator will then submit the appropriate FROI/SROI transactions to the Commission via EDI. Only managers can change claim assignment. However, the Site Administrator can also be setup as a manager which would allow them to perform this same function.

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