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Yourself theSpanish Roads on
Haveyou ever been stopped a BritishBobby? Well imagine by beingstopped a Spanish by Guardia Civil. The language barrier makea difficult can situation, worse. Knowing about law, the knowing whatdocumentation carryand knowing whatyourinsurance you for is a good to covers startto living peaceful a existence Spain. Failing do so canend in a fine,yourvehicle in to being impounded a criminal record. and

t. Knowledge Key is
Knowthe Law

{ lt is compulsory havecar insurance Spainwiththe minimum to in legalrequirement being thirdpartyliability cover. police { Thereare 3 different forcesin Spain, Guardia Civil,Policia Nacional the Policia and yourvehicles can levya heftyfineor impound Local eachof thesecan inspect your and car if notadequately covered. * The Lawsaysthatfdreign registered in Spaincanonlybe driven Spanish cars on roads for year. lf driving UK plated six months a calendar in a car,try to carryproofthatyou have notbeenin Spain morethan6 months for (e.9.airline tickets, ferrytickets etc) You mustcarryrelevant documentation you in yourcar.The documents, should with you have include driving licence, ficha tecnica (log book), passport or residencia card/certificate, ( MOTor ITV),car registration certificate roadworthiness of details(permiso de circulaci6n). should You policy alsohavea copyof yourinsurance and it is imperative

Most Spanishinsurance to carry a copy of the last receiptpaid as a proof of payment. each companies not issuenewdocumentation yearso youractualpolicymay carrya do yearsprior. The only way that police can check that it is still current is dateof several by checkingthat the policy has been paid for.

2. Know the Differenees

policywouldcover favour,I offeredto drivethemaroundin theircar. I assumedthat my insurance me to do so as it does in the UK. It wasn'tuntil the GuardiaCivil stoppedme and fined us that I realizedthatyou mustnever assume.

I In Spainit is the vehicle that is insured and not the person most motorinsurances in Spainwill coverthe maindriverand anydriverovera certain 25/30yearsold). age (usually You cannot You needto be covered driveanyone else'scar underyourown insurance. policy. under theirvehicle * ThirdPartycoverin the UK is usually associated fire and theft. Be careful! Don't with automatically assume that yourthird partycoverin Spainincludes and theft. lf you do fire you wantfire and theftto be covered, will haveto ask your agentto eitheradd it on to the basic thirdpartycoveror youmayneedto electa fullycomprehensive instead. cover

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3" Knowthe Definitions
Third Party& Fully Comprehensive
meiit init ontytiira piiiei ioin-be covered. wasnT io tt i-i wii ais{raignt findout that 'tercerost for : till I was involvedin a car crashthat I realizedthat I wouldnot receiveany compensation
i,damageto my own car. This mistakecostme thousands Euros. of
i___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

* Third PartyCover (terceros) the minimum is legalrequirement will suitthosewith a and lowvaluecar or'old banger'.lt willcoveranydamage thirdpartycarsthathavebeenin to an accidentand any personalinjuriessufferedby third parties. lt will not cover the property personal familyinjuries. insured's Theremay be some additional or or extras offeredwhichmay differaccording the companyyou select(eg some may coverroad to othersmay coverglassetc). Check out what is covered when comparing assistance, quotesto ensureyou are comparinglike with like. $ Fully Comprehensive will Cover (todoriesgo) covermosteventualities including material damage injuries boththirdparties or to and the will usually alsocoverprotection fire against and theftand malicious damage.As in the caseof thirdpartycover,the exact detailmay differfromcompany company checkout whatis covered to so whencomparing quotes. lf selecting coverand the car you are insuring not brandnew from a car this is showroom, perito(lossadjustor) be sent out to inspect vehicleand valueit; apart will a the fromthe car, the peritowill lookat the 'extras'suchas audioequipment gadgets. The and time lapse between the peritobeing summoned and the policybeing issuedcan be frustrating, our adviceis to start the ball rollinga few weeksbeforeyour insurance so is due. * Don't forget to Ask- whetheryou are entitledto use the consorcio(explained later). * Some basicthird party coverswill not includea payment the consorcio it is in your to interest payextrafor this. Remember is illegalto in Spainso it is advisable sign to it tow to up for roadassistance ask youragenUbrokerit is included yourpolicyor whether you if in needto payextrafor this.
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4. Don'tbe PennyWise,PaundFoolish
Choosing Provider a
i 'l was chuffed.I had really shoppedaround to bring down the price of my insurance. I settled for :,, one basedsolely online. Howeverwhen I neededto make a claim, they wouldnot pick up the i phone and most of the websitewas in Spanish. I endedup spendingmore moneyon phone i calls and my claim took ages to be logged, let alone settled. I could really have done with whol could relate in English'. to i someone

{ Compare coversnot just prices- for instance third partycoverin one company a may be cheaper because does not include it roadside whereas othermay already assistance the policy. haveit included theirstandard in Understand what you want- priorto gettinga quote,createa list of what is important to you- e.g.are you looking cheapandcheerful do youwantsomething willcover for or that youfor business etc. use lf you don'tspeakSpanish, ensure that youragentcan just makeslife at easier the timeof a claim. lt can be frustrating explain to technical termsin Spanish youwillsaveyourselves lotof timeandmoney the future. in a UK vehicles can be insured British by insurance companies in operating Spain,although will the overall choice be limited. Talkto otherexpatriates yourarea* youcanlearn lot in a through otherpeople's experiences. your choiceof provider. Some Choiceof paymentterms - this can also influence payments companies in per allowyouto payyourpremium staged either monthly, trimester or bi-annually,

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5. Be Prepared
Whatdocumentsneedto present I whentaking car insurance out
{. Drivers Licence (showing *. FichaTecnica technical details the car)or log bookif UK registered of * Passport Spanish Residencia or card (Permiso circulacion) {- Registration details de I Proofof no claimsbonusfromprevious existing insurers /

6.Tricksof the trade
Keeping premium my down
Although insurance be expensive car can thereare a few tips to adhereto in orderto keepyour premiums a minimum. to * Keepa cleandriving licence drivesafely- insurance and companies low riskdrivers like witha gooddriving record.lf you are changing insurance companies, makesureto take proofof a no claimscertificate fromyourold insurance company. *. lf you have more than one car, try and insureboth cars with the same insurance company obtaina multi-car and discount. you * Payannually, will saveif you can affordto paythe premium one go. lf youdo pay in monthly, makesurethatyou do not default yourpremiums. on # Otherdiscounts be gainedif alarmsand immobilisers fitted. can are

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quote, lf you are moremature age-i.e.over50- shoparound a morefavourable in for lookoutfor campaigns companies specifically targeting and thesegroups. Named Bonus- evenif the quoteis slightly moreexpensive drivers earnNo Claims so to for withit is morebeneficial namea driver subsequent to insurance renewals. begin the Somecompanies allowyou to restrict driverjust to yourself and this can helpto bring downthe costof a premium. (franquicia)somecompanies specify excess, initial Excess will an the amount you that you can have to pay of any claim. Somecompanies whereby offer 'flexifranquicia' yourexcess you choose amount.ln thiscase,the greater amount excess choose the of yourexcess, your to haveon a policy, cheaper premium.Similarly reducing the the by premium increase. will

7. Don'tstress
with an accident Dealing and Making claim a
I recentlyhad an accidentand was caught off guard. I was sfressedand neruous. driverwascompletely unhelpful.lwish I had takensomephotos.

yourself { Familiarise with your policyand the European Accident Formas soon as you your policydocuments.Keep a copy of emergency receive numbers with your policy document and on your mobilephone. Ensurethat you are well-acquainted your with procedure e.g.canyouuseanygarage do youneedto go to a specific company's or one named yourinsurance by company. * In caseof an accident, the police call andget themto writea formal report the accident. on Youwillneedthisreport makea claim.lf thereis a lifethreatening to situation if medical or

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is on attention needed, call the ambulance 061 or 112. lf no one is injuredphonethe Guardia Civilon 062 or the LocalPolice 092. lf a member Helicopteros on of Sanitarios, youcanalsocallthemon 95281 18 18. Accident Form (comeswith your policy)in as much detailas Complete European the possible. Take down the phonenumbers the other partiesinvolved the accident. of in lnformation key. is Wherepossible, to get photographic try evidence and makea note of the eventsas and whentheyoccur. Call your insurance company immediately. Most policydocuments have a 24 hour will number them. Callandlogyourclaimat the firstpossible claims on chance. As soonas a claimis made,speakto the company findout whenthe lossadjuster to can comeandinspect vehicle. the process relatively ln generalthe claims is simple involves: and (lossadjuster) 1. The "perito" comingout to estimate cost to fix the damage(many the perito'swill not speak Englishso it is usefulto have a friendwho can help with the nearby!) translation 2. The insurance company agreeing footthe costs. to Claimsnot covered yourinsurance maybe referred the Spanish by company to Consorcio. In the majority policies, smallpercentage yourinsurance premium (check thisis of a of that the casewithyourbroker), it for a house car policy(Spanish plated be or vehicles only)is (Consorcio Compensaci6n Seguros) attributed the "Consorcio". Consorcio, to The de is de a Spanishpublic body set up to cover freak events- such as extraordinary weather conditions and national disasters. lf this is the case,you will need to go throughthe procedure. www.cosequros.commoreinformation. Consorcio's complaints See for

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