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									TRANSITION TIMELINE Put in your Date-of-Separation (DOS) in A4 and the date you start terminal leave in B4 (put DOS in B4 if not taking terminal leave)
DOS Start Terminal Leave/PTDY 1-May-07 1-Mar-07

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REQUIRED DEADLINES These are either required appointments or issues that should be completed by a certain date. More information on these items is given during the Preseparation Briefing (you can place X in box below "Completed" to show task is finished)
Completed Preseparation Briefing Attend TAP Seminar - USMC personnel must complete prior to separation. Attend VA Benefits Briefing Attend DTAP (If necessary) VA Pre-Discharge Appt VA Vocational Testing VGLI transfer (voluntary program) Survivor Benefit Plan Briefing Survivor Benefit Plan Selection Enrollment in Tricare Prime Earliest 1-May-05 1-May-05 1-May-05 1-May-05 2-Nov-06 2-Nov-06 1-May-07 2-Nov-06 2-Mar-07 (See Comment Box) Latest 31-Jan-07 28-Oct-07 31-Jan-07 31-Jan-07 15-Jan-07 30-Apr-08 29-Aug-07 1-Jan-07 17-Mar-07

RECOMMENDED DEADLINES The following deadlines may not have a firm date for completion, but they are suggested for a smooth transition; you can also alter the formula to fit your specific plans (as you complete each section, you can hide it by highlighting the rows, click 'Format'-'Row'-'Hide')


24 Months Prior to Anticipated Separation 1-Mar-05 Develop a comprehensive Individual Transition Plan Establish a financial plan to be prepared for transition to civilian life Assess job skills and interests to determine how they relate to job market (take vocational interest inventory) 180 Days Prior to Separation Review Preseparation Counseling Checklist (DD Form 2648) Research job market, start making a list of possible employers Review and make a copy of personnel records Discuss with family possible options about career and where to live next 2-Sep-06





150 Days Prior to Separation 2-Oct-06 Seek help if stress of transition to civilian life becomes too much to handle Start networking: Contact friends/key contacts in private sector who can help in finding a job Begin attending job fairs Develop a fall-back plan in case first career plan falls through Research specific job possibilities, job markets, and the economic condition in the geographic areas of choice



120 Days Prior to Separation 1-Nov-06 1-Jan-07 Download Verification of Military Experience and Training (DD Form 2586) Seek assistance from transition office after completing first draft of resume Schedule mock interview with transition office If seeking Federal employment, check job listing at USAJOBS, explore hiring opportunities for veterans, and complete Federal resume Continue to network Visit the Relocation Assistance Program Office to learn about relocation options, entitlements and assistance If you live in government housing, arrange for a pre-inspection and obtain termination information Review educational benefits you are eligible for under MGIB and other VA education programs and application procedures If planning to go back to school, check with school about academic entry exams or college admission test that may be required; get information from Education Office on how to schedule exam Obtain copy of SMART or CCAF transcript Schedule separation physical examination Explore health and life insurance options Contact VA to obtain details on VA medical benefits/enrollment procedures 90 Days Prior to Separation Start subscription to major newspaper in the area you are moving to and start replying to want ads You and spouse (if applicable) should start utilizing automated job search resources: 1-Dec-06 31-Jan-07


Transition Bulletin Board DoD Transportal DoD Job Search Begin assembling a wardrobe for interviewing and continue to network If you know where you are moving, arrange for transportation counseling and learn about options for shipment and storage of household goods Seek free legal advice for preparing a will or other legal questions (ensure you have received post-government service restriction counseling) Schedule final Dental Exam through military clinic Completed 60 Days Prior to Separation Begin planning a visit to the area you plan to move to Continue to send out resume; include in your cover letter the date you plan to move to the area Continue to network 31-Dec-06 2-Mar-07


30 Days Prior to Separation 30-Jan-07 Visit area to which you plan to move, attend job interviews, visit Local Veterans Employment Rep at state employment agency, and a private employment agency if interested Continue to network Check with State Department of Veterans Affairs for benefits/programs available to veterans living in that state Review and get a certified true copy of medical and dental records Complete Veteran's Affairs Disability Application (VA Form 21-526) - if you did not participate in the VA Pre-Discharge Program - and turn it in to Separations section in Personnel


ederal resume

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