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					Band/Choir Tour Information Packet for 2009:

Chicago, Illinois
Included in this packet: 1. TOUR ITINERARY 2 copies - the student must take one on tour, and leave the other at home 2. FORMS: “Permission to Travel” AND “Medical Information Form” Both forms must be turned in before the student may travel. Due Thursday, April 2nd 3. RULES, PROCEDURES, AND GENERAL INFORMATION Please read carefully and ask if you have any questions. 4. WHAT TO BRING Read and follow these guidelines! 5. ROOM ASSIGNMENTS These are final. No switching. ===========================================================

All students/parents are required to attend an informational meeting on April 2, the evening before our departure. 6:00 Luggage checks 7:00 Meeting
(We will finish luggage checks after the meeting if necessary.)
(Please label everything with your name, especially your luggage/instrument case)

1. INSTRUMENT (and accessories – extra reeds, etc.) 2. MUSIC FOLDER: You are responsible for getting your folder into the folder bins on Thursday night. 3. CHOIR/BAND T-SHIRT (This is your concert uniform. It is required!) 4. CLOTHES a. Comfortable, school-appropriate attire is acceptable b. Swim Suit c. Choir: attire for under robes (black shoes, black dress pants/skirt), Band/Choir: T-shirts d. Chicago can still be cold in early April. Please bring a jacket and warm clothes. 5. MONEY: Students do NOT need to bring any money. All activities and meals are pre-paid. Students may bring some extra spending money if they would like extra snacks or souvenirs. 6. SNACKS: Again, this is not required, as all meals are included, but it is suggested that students bring snacks for the bus or to have in hotel rooms in the evenings. All drinks must be sealed and in original containers. It is understood that all trash, wrappers, etc. will be disposed of and not left lying around the bus/ hotel/etc. 7. LUGGAGE: Each student will only be allowed… a. Instrument b. One small suitcase (approximately 9”x 16” x 26” or smaller) To save on space, please bring travel-size shampoo, etc. Remember, you can share hair dryers, etc. with your roommates. c. One small carry-on (a backpack or smaller) d. A pillow/small blanket for the bus 8. ELECTRONIC DEVICES: a. Cell phones, I-pods, mp3 players, etc. may be brought on the trip for use on the bus and in hotel rooms. b. Students are strongly discouraged from bringing these items along for our daily sightseeing adventures. We cannot be responsible for lost/stolen items. c. These devices MUST NOT be used during performances/presentations of any kind. d. Headphones must be removed (not just turned off) during all announcements. e. The director or chaperones may confiscate these items if they are not being used according to these guidelines. The items will be returned to the student upon completion of the trip. f. Cameras – Bring them! Just make sure to not use them anywhere they are prohibited (shows, etc)


1. Chaperones: These adults are to be treated with respect at all times. They speak for the directors. a. Mrs. Chilson b. Mrs. Larson c. Mr. Phil Simonson d. Mr. Brad Etherington e. Mr. Craig Piepkorn f. Mr. Greg Walsh g. Mrs. Lynne Peterson h. Mrs. Cindy Alness i. Mrs. Sue Olsen j. Mrs. Shari Erickson 2. Room Captain a. Each student room will have a designated “Room Captain” b. It is the responsibility of the room captain to see that everyone in the room shares the responsibilities of the room rules, hotel rules, and the trip schedule c. Room Captains are designated by an asterisk (*) on the rooming list 3. Chaperone/Student Assignments a. All students will be assigned a personal chaperone. This is for organization, communication and security. If any problems, questions or suggestions arise, please see your assigned chaperone or the director. b. Each student will be introduced to his/her chaperone at the meeting Thursday evening. 4. Supervision a. Students must be with the group at all times. b. Chaperones must know where each student is at all times. c. For example: While the group is spending time in the hotel pool area, individuals/groups of students may NOT go back to hotel rooms. If you choose not to be in the water, you still must be in the areas of the hotel that have been pre-determined as supervised during this time. You will not be allowed to return to hotel rooms without a chaperone. 5. Hotel Room Rules a. At no time will male and female students be allowed into each other’s rooms for any reason. b. Each evening, a room check time will be assigned. This is the time when all students must be in assigned rooms. Once a room check has been taken by a chaperone, curfew is in effect. Curfew remains in effect until 30 minutes prior to breakfast. c. Please respect your roommates and other hotel guests. Keep your voice down and do not make any noise that is audible from the hallway or the next room. Never play an instrument in your hotel room. d. Upon check-out time Tuesday morning, chaperones will be doing room checks to ensure that rooms are being left in good condition. All roommates must be present for this check. e. No phone calls on hotel phones. No room service. No roll-away beds (sleep in the bed or on the floor). Upon check-out, there must be no charges to your room. f. If room behavior guidelines are not followed, the student will lose the privilege of staying with roommates, and will be reassigned to a room with chaperones.

6. Bus Rules a. It’s simple. Treat everyone and everything with respect. Having fun should not intrude on another’s rights. b. Abide by all chaperone requests c. Listen to all announcements, and ensure that everyone around you can hear them, too. d. Be patient during bus loading and unloading times. Be responsible for your luggage. Never “drop and run.” e. Keep buses orderly and clean f. Please treat bus drivers with respect at all times 7. Emergency Telephone a. If an EMERGENCY arises and a parent/guardian needs to contact a band member while on tour: i. On school days, call MWHS at 952-491-8100. Administrators know how to reach us. ii. Call Group Travel Planners at 952-898-3478 and they will contact our escort. iii. Call chaperone cell phone 952-913-6927 8. CONSEQUENCES: a. READ THIS SECTION TWICE!!! b. We wish we didn’t have to include this, but everyone needs to be aware of the possibility. In the event of a serious deviation from the rules and/or expectations of student behavior, the student will be sent home. The parent/guardian will be notified of the situation, and the student will be sent home on the next available flight at the expense of the student/family. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to discuss this with the student prior to departure. In addition, this policy has already been made clear to the students during rehearsals, and it will be brought up again for clarification. 9. SCHOOL and HOMEWORK: a. It is the understanding of MWHS Administration, staff and students that all band/choir members will be present for school at 7:41 AM the day following tour. b. Students are responsible to be current with their class assignments. As we are only missing the first day of the quarter, every student must have all assignments turned in before we leave. 10. SECURITY: a. All parents / guardians are responsible for seeing that only appropriate items make the trip. b. Parents, please carefully check the contents of student luggage before leaving home. c. Any and all rooms/luggage/items are subject to search in the best interest of a safe and enjoyable trip for all concerned. d. A luggage check will be administered by a same-gender chaperone beginning at 6:00 pm on Thursday, April 2. If a student/family is uncomfortable with this, a parent may check the student’s luggage at the school during this time. Checked luggage will be locked at the school until our departure the next day. e. No luggage (including carry-ons) will be put on the bus until it has been approved.

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