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					Preface Seems I'm going to be pulling a George Lucas here... that is, this part of my character's history is not the origin tale. Consider it the middle part of the story I have been working on for quite a while. This story concentrates on Jayke and Cynner, where the technical first story will be about Jai'k Riano's origin and then Jayke's origin. Thanks! Part One - The Past A chilled wind blew across the sands the encircled the large palace of Jabba the Hutt. From the outside, the palace resembled more of a tomb than a place that housed the largest crime lord of the galaxy. Off in the distance, a lone figure draped in a dark cloak stands watching the over-sized, heavy metal door that marks the entrance to the palace. The figure was Jayke Riano and he was quite frustrated. Frustration was not a common trait among Jedi, but Jayke was not a common Jedi. Even the term Jedi made him uneasy. Jayke was still getting used to the idea of being a part of ancient order of protectors. For you see, it was not long before this moment that he did not exist. With a shake of the head, he pushed those thoughts aside and concentrated on the task at hand. His eyes narrowed to focus his thoughts on reading what was going on deep inside the palace. In Jabba's illustrious throne room. The great Jabba the Hutt sat on his dias, surrounded by a throng of various aliens and droids. An overly large, slug-like creature, Jabba had become known for living a life of excess. Of course, as the most powerful Hutt, this was a given. Jabba let out a line of speech in Huttese. The bass in his voice clearly showing his displeasure with the person he spoke to. After a slight pause... the crime lord swung his large tail at the protocol droid to his side. “Oh... oh my word. Forgive me, your exilency! I have not had the time to recharge myself recently and I... oh nevermind...” the droid begged. “The great Jabba the Hutt inquires why do you have the... gaul... to request an audience with him after what you did?“ Jai'k Riano smiled. His stance shifted a bit as his hands came up to rest on the holsters on each side of his hips. The black jacket he wore crinkled a bit at the Corellian leather clad shoulders. “You know, Jabba... I would like to think that you're a fair businessman. I mean, you would rather hear from me here... live and in person rather than nothing at all, right?“ Jabba's bulbous eyes looked over the rather short figure. Another string of Huttese flowed through the throne room. “The almighty Jabba has decided to give you the opporitunity to explain your actions. He demands to know why part of the special crystal shipment you accquired for him was not with the rest,“ the crimson plated droid said calmly. “For that, I offer you my deepest appologies,” Jai'k said with a slight bow of the head. “But I'm afraid I had to keep part of that shipment for myself. I have a special need for the crystals and it was a matter of life and death.“ Jabba threw his arms around in a fit, violently spewing Huttese. The Hutt knocked over his translation protocol droid in the fit. Jai'k lowered into a more combat ready stance as he saw the various guards Jabba keeps around him draw their weapons. The droid sat up crookedly. “Oh my... Jabba wishes to inform you that no one is to ever break a deal they make with Jabba the Hutt. When the contract is for a certain number of items, he expects everything to be in order. Let alone, Jabba the Hutt is not one to steal from...“ Jai'k quickly cut off the droid. “Jabba, I did not mean to steal from you, but it was urgent that I kept a few of the crystals. I planned to pay you for them when I came tonight.“ Jabba was still quite angry. The next lines of Huttese he spoke contained a word on which almost every being in the throne room took a deep breath. “Solo.” Outside, Jayke's eyes widened slightly and he started a quick run to the palace. He slid

his lightsaber into his hand as he neared that large metal door. With a quick swipe of his hand, he disabled the droid in the door and activated the mechanism to raise it. “The glorious Jabba the Hutt says that it is far too late for payment of any type for the crystals. He will not allow the smugglers that work for him to get the idea that not fullfilling their contracts is acceptable. He says that it was very foolish for you to come here unprepared following the large bounty he placed on the last smuggler to break a contract... Han Solo. His excellency decrees that you will make a quicker example to those who wish to double cross Jabba the Hutt. Your death shall be payment in full Jai'k...“ Before the droid could finish what he was saying, the unmistakeable snap-hiss that marks the ignition of a lightsaber cut the droid off. Jayke ran into the throne room past a few Gamorean guards who were now slumped over in the hallway behind him. Taking that moment of distraction, Jai'k darted to one side and kicked the wrist of a bounty hunter who drew his pistol, knocking it in the air for him to catch. As he caught the gun, he spun around and pistol whipped the guard to the floor then began to fire suppression on the other guards while moving for cover. Jayke pushed a lumbering human guard into an oncoming group of guards using the Force. With quick swipes of his saber, he blocked a flurry of blaster fire that was coming at him. He made his way past the center of the throne room, where he noticed Jabba had already been taken away from the fight. Jayke stopped beside Jai'k to provide him with some extra cover. “You know,” Jayke started, “we really have to work on your negotiation skills.” Jayke pulled a table out of the floor near them with the Force and hurled it across the room at more guards. Jai'k fired a few blasts dropping a Gamorean who was rushing them with a long axe.“Hey it isn't my fault the truth didn't work. It just goes to show that Jabba's the overly sensitive type. Good thing I didn't say anything about the stretch marks.“ The banter quickly died due to the overwhelming blaster fire which crisscrossed the large room like speeders over Coronet during rush hour. Eventually, Jayke knew that either he would miss a blaster bolt or Jai'k would miss a guard at the wrong time. Quickly, Jayke spotted a power conduit on the wall across from them. He threw his lightsaber at the conduit and in a shower of sparks and pops the main lights went out in the throne room. With a swift tug on his lightsaber with the Force, he brought his saber back to him and pull a hand on Jai'k's arm to get him to stop firing. There were still dozens of red and green bolts whizzing around the room providing tiny bursts of colored light. In the confusion, both Jayke and Jai'k made their way down a twisting hallway behind the blaster fire tattered table they used as cover. The hallway lead out to Jabba's personal speeder garage. Jai'k stopped a mechanic from lowering the sliding gate by throwing a heavy hydrospanner at him. “Not as effective as throwing a table... but it works,“ Jai'k quipped as the mechanic slumped to the floor. The two jumped into a speeder and started off out of Jabba's palace. Before getting too far from the garage, Jai'k turned around and threw a grenade back into the garage and then quickly resumed on their escape. The resulting explosion caved in the garage on top of a fleet of speeders. It was doubtful that anyone from the palace would chase after them this quickly. The speeder hovered slightly over the sand, zooming towards a small outpost town a few thousand meters from Jabba's palace. Jayke felt the crystal that hung around his neck. The deep green crystal provides a focus for his raw Force talents. A way to direct the power since he can't on his own yet. “All of this was a bad idea,” Jayke said over the hum of the speeder. “I feel I have already caused too many problems in your life. This shouldn't have happened, you will be hunted by anyone who picks up a holonet disc and has delusions of grandeur.“ Jai'k laughed. “These types of troubles are nothing new. The type of bounty hunters that pick up contracts from Jabba are for the most part are easy to dodge. Honestly, the best of them are probably after Solo anyways. But you're right, tonight might've caused some some long lasting

problems.“ “Well, Jabba doesn't seem to want credits. Although, I sense you have a plan forming and I suspect I won't like it,“ Jayke sighed. “Oh come on, after what we've been through, this will seem like finding a place to swim on Naboo. Actually, I was thinking that only more of those crystals will cancel Jabba's bounty on me. After all, he wants the contract filled right?“ Jai'k lead the speeder over a large dune. “True, but you know as well as I do that these crystals were only found in one mine on an abandoned planet. Plus... we destroyed that mine.“ “Yeah, and we were lead to believe that all Jedi were destroyed but here you are and there's Commander Skywalker. So all it will take is some time to find more of those crystals... but the downside is that I need to be where Jabba can think he is keeping his eye on me.“ Jayke let out a long breath. “So, because you and I look alike, I must distract Jabba and his thugs being you while you search the Outter Rim? Cynner won't like that. And of everyone's wrath,“ he chuckles, ”you don't want to emplore hers.“ “You're right, but hopefully, this set up won't be for long. At least, it shouldn't be. Your wife is a great friend of mine too, but if you are seen as me with her... you will put her in too much danger. Anyone who is close to us will be put in that danger. That can't be risked... I'm sorry Jayke.“ Jai'k's eyes kept forward, concentrating on keeping the speeder zipping along the dunes. He knew Jayke was turning all of the recent events over in his mind. Jai'k did not want to put Jayke in this situation but he knew neither him nor Jayke would be content to just keep running and hiding. It wasn't as if they could just assault the palace and kill Jabba. It would take more than they could do for that, but Jai'k knew that the evils Jabba has commited would get Jabba just what he deserved sooner or later. Jayke, on the hand, couldn't keep his eyes off the band around his wrist that was a symbol of the marrage between he and Cynner Maige. His eyes glassed over. He felt so fortunate to find someone in the galaxy who he felt was the perfect compliment to himself, even if he has only had a short time to define who he was. His love for her ran deep in the short time they have been married but he decided that he couldn't risk getting her hurt like this although he knew that he would probably end up hurting her himself. He blinked back some of the tears that glossed his eyes. “All of this is just too much, too quick...” he started, “but I know it must be done if things are to ever calm down. My main concern is Cynner. I won't put her life in jeopardy over this.“ With a final sigh to stern himself, he turned slightly to Jai'k. “When do we start?” “Tonight, as soon as we get back to Mos Quito.” -Jayke gathered a few things from the house he and Cynner shared. He was already wearing Jai'k's clothes which were much different that the garb he wore usually. The same black jacket with leather shoulders, crushed endorian silk shirt, and fine slacks with a stripe down the outside of each leg. As Jayke pulled a pair of black gloves on before he left, he stopped. With a heavy sigh, he took off the bracelet that served as his wedding band and placed it on Cynner's night stand with a note: “I'm sorry. Someday I hope you'll understand that I had to do this for us...“

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