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					OSR Form No. 43 FED

OSR FEDERAL AWARD CLOSEOUT CHECKLIST Closeout Accountant: Sponsor: Accountant Checklist * Award End Date: Award/Fund/SPO No.:

Reviewer Checklist * E-mail authorization from department to close out Review award agreement/documents from the sponsor Verify total funded amount, start and end date, restrictions, and approved budgets. Financial forms: Cover Letter Financial report (SF-269, SF-272, agency specific form, standard financial report) Final invoice (Public Voucher 1034, SF-270, agency specific form, standard form) Contractor/Subcontractor Release and Assignment Contract Briefing Card (For DCAA closeout only) Expenditure Reconciliation - Reportmart/SUFIN Reports SUFIN Project-to-date report as of Aug. 2003 SUFIN Fiscal Year Expense reports prior to FY04 Reportmart OSR-EXP-AWARD report (with PTA information) (Report 179) Reportmart Expense Transaction Detail 279 or Bus. Obj. to review out-of-period charges for both pre and post periods Review administrative charges (if not a major project, expenses must be transferred off) Review unallowable expenses according to A-21, sponsor's agreement (i.e: restriction on foreign travel), & Stanford policy Verify PI's effort charged to the project (Budgeted Salary vs. Actual Salary) Review human subject and animal care charges (check SU-42 for approval) Prepaid tuition has been cleared to "tuition allowance" Review stipends. Per RPH 3.2 "Stipends may not be charged to federal research projects without prior authorization of the awarding agency." Has the Outstanding Commitment on Rpt 179 been cleared? If not, contact department IDC and FB reconciliation OSR Cumulative Claim Report to verify IDC and FB charges (Report 240) Reconciliation backup and adjustment journal if the above report shows variance Funding - Billing/Payment verification SUFIN AR History report & SUFIN Fund statement (if applicable) Reportmart Fund Statement report for current fiscal year Reportmart ARHistory (For LOC awards: if needed, contact Joyce in AR to adjust billing & payment after all costs posted) Reportmart Payment Register report (Report 115) Email verification billing/payment with AR (if necessary) Equipment (ET 531XX and 550XX), $5,000 capital threshold effective FY04 Run PMO CEET report for fiscal years on or after FY04 (Report 196) Review equipment allowability Has equipment been purchased and received during the last 90 days of the award? If Yes, need PI justification how equipment benefits the award. Attached email justification. Committed Cost Sharing reconciliation Run SUFIN Project-to-date report as of 8/03 (if applicable) & Reportmart OSR-EXP-AWARD for cost-sharing PTA Calculate F&A costs on direct charges Has cost sharing commitment been met? (Refer to SU-42, budget, sponsor agreement) Report cost sharing amount on financial report form (if required) Sub-award (Exp. Type 54710 and 54720) Verify sub-recipient has not been paid more than the awarded amount in the agreement A copy of invoice marked "Final" is required Write-up or Write-off journal and other adjustment journals (if applicable) Fixed-price award: prepare journal to charge F&A costs If Revenue Distribution Rule = Cost, set up a 2nd award & prepare fund transfer journal to recognize Revenue If full payment received, prepare journal to transfer direct cost to an income PTA If payment not fully received, follow-up in CWA Final Invoice: Have all costs been posted in the system? Or Have the overdrafts been cleared? If YES: Contact AR to generate a Final Invoice from the system If NO: Prepare a Manual Final Invoice. When all costs posted/cleared, Contact AR to generate the final billing in the system to match the Manual Final Invoice If a Manual Final Invoice prepared, attach a copy of Final Invoice to Award in Grants Accounting (Oracle) Record Close Amount, Manual Final Invoice & Date Issued in COFR Refund Check (if applicable). Update COFR fields to record refund amount & transaction number Update Oracle Award Descriptive Flexfield and COFR (status & date completed) OK to mark complete (Y/N): COMPLETE WITH ACTIONS (CWA): For OSR Accountant to follow-up Closeout prepared by: Closeout reviewed by: Oracle Award Status: change Oracle award status and check the appropriate box ON-HOLD: if no pending expenses, only open for billing/payment activities Date of close: CLOSED: only if Expenses = Billing = Payment = Revenue Deobligation: Has the Award Budget been reduced? Have the Project Funding and Installment been reduced? Remaining balance of fixed-price award: Has payment received in full? If Yes, transfer direct cost to an income PTA

*Managers/Sr. Accountants/Authorized Accountants can be both the Accountant/Reviewer so only one column would be filled out.

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